IBAWWMB (Novel) Chapter 109



"Can't be.

Philap tried to catch his subordinate's attention with bloodshot eyes.

He couldn't believe this at all.

In fact, he vaguely thought that positive news would come back.

Even if Deborah pretended not to like it, he believed that if he proposed marriage to her, she would finally give in.

He had the condition that anyone who desired him as a son-in-law. Deborah liked extravagant and glamorous things.

He calculated that it wouldn't be easy for her to reject the title of duchess, as well as his background and wealth.

But things were taking a disappointing turn.

Deborah walked along the crowded streets with Isidor, acting as if she didn't care about the marriage issue.

It was a clear rejection.

The back of his head tingled as if someone had hit him hard with a blunt instrument.

While denying this humiliating reality, he shouted wildly as if he was going to strangle his vassal at any moment.

"Father said we shouldn't talk about marriage anymore? Are you joking now?"

The vassal shuddered as he saw Philap erupt in anger with a furious face.

"This guy is starting again!"

When Philap raised his fist, Duke Montes appeared with an expression of indignation.

"Oh, father."

"Is he joking? Duke Seymour is privately joking, saying he won't respond to the letter for six years. He's playing a joke!"

"Duke Seymour is a man of great pride, but if you take the time to persuade him..."

"That bastard is making fun of me, so why should I please that snake?"

"If you step back like this, it will only get worse."

"Seymour is spreading rumors that he prefers modest men and dislikes your many female friendships! It clearly seems quite strange."

"... I've already finished my business with Mia."

"And what? Although we have Seymour's official letter on our side, because you gave that excuse, everything is blurred."

"But wasn't it my father who mentioned the marriage story first?"

Duke Montes' expression wrinkled. In fact, he didn't know that Duke Seymour would come out so decisively.

There is no father who can beat his children; he thought he would lose to Deborah.

But he turned back in the same way. He was humiliated by his error in judgment.

"You made a mistake and dare to blame your father? How do you become more pathetic every day? Control yourself!"

Duke Montes got angry and left, and Philap, who was left alone, disobeyed the order to stay calm and went to the academy the next day.

"... So, does that mean Sir Philap was rejected by Princess Deborah this time?"

"I suppose so. Like at the dance..."

"Kugh. He pretended to be so fatal. But he lost to Sir Isidor?"

"He was kicked and rejected, he... Khuh."

"Why? Hyup!"

Knowing that Philap was confined, some executive members who were smiling eagerly in the Fraternity House closed their mouths when he appeared.

"Shut your mouth! Damn it, who was rejected?!"

While insulting his subordinates, the members of the major families frowned.

"Control yourself."

"I'm sorry we spoke lightly, but there's nothing good in overreacting."

Public opinion had completely reversed.

Now it seems that Philap is clinging to Deborah.

Just as Deborah used to do before.

"Damn it!"

Kicking the chair fiercely, Philap waited a long time where the Seymour carriage was, for her to come out.


Philap hurriedly approached her as she walked indifferently, but was blocked by her escort.

Standing behind her escort, his red eyes were completely expressionless.

Those obsessive red eyes were once repugnant and creepy, but now those indifferent eyes drove Philap crazy.

He could understand it more deeply now that the situation had become so extreme.

Deborah was no longer interested in him.

And Philap was worried because she didn't like him.

He stared at Deborah stiffly.

"Deborah, do you know what you did?"


"You've given up all the wealth and honor that I was going to give you. You will surely regret your immature choice later. But it's not too late now. If you say you're wrong..."

Princess Deborah smiled and tilted her head severely.

"I can get all that with my own hands, so why should I take your hand?"


"Go home and continue with your delusions."

Deborah didn't deal with him at all. She spoke dryly as if she saw a trivial insect and got into the carriage.


Philap looked at the back of the departing carriage like a dog chasing a chicken, then muttered curses.

He thought of the childhood proverb of the Empire that said he would regret it after the carriage left, but he denied it.

A regretful feeling, like regret, was not suitable for him.

"You will regret it..."

But his wicked mutterings shattered in the air.


Philap is the type of person who is obsessed with what he can't have. Like Deborah Seymour."

He thought that Deborah and Philap from the original story were very similar.

The difference between the two is that Deborah was attracted to the same Philap as herself, and he hated her, but now?

"Well, I don't know."

There were rumors that I didn't like marriage, and if she continues to cling, it will only damage her reputation in the social world.

Deborah had no reputation to lose, but Philap had a lot to protect, so the nobles would notice.

By the way, have I ever said that I would never be with anyone who is not a magician?

I felt a bit strange, thinking that the rumors circulating recently reflected my father's tastes a lot.

Isidor is a knight, so he can't use magic... Eh? What was I thinking?

I held my head against the silly accident.

"Oh come on, why am I doing this?!"

All of this is because of Isidor's shy smile.

"With that beauty... If he smiles, I'll obviously be dazzled, what should I do?"

As I sighed, I carefully toyed with the white ceramic turtle-shaped ornament on the study table.

Like Isidor, it was a turtle with emerald eyes.

It puzzled me once again before we parted that day.

"What if you only drink in front of me from now on?"

"Eh? What? Why?"

"If you're curious, do you want me to teach you?"

He raised his long eyebrows and smiled gently.

"Oh, no."

"Now that I think about it, I don't think it's a bad thing that only I know."

In fact, I know.

Isidor has large, delicate, manly hands, and he practices the piano, which he can't play, to death with those hands.

"I'm going crazy."

I tilted my head and muttered.


Isidor leaned on the desk and looked at the porcelain cat-shaped ornament.

The sharp-eyed ceramic, like Princess Deborah, had bright red eyes like rubies.

He gently stroked the cat, which was in a pose that looked like it would scratch him if he touched it.

He felt the soft, cold sensation of the porcelain in his pale, bare hands.

Strangely, a sweet sensation washed over him as if he had bitten into a pile of candies.

"Obviously, this isn't the first time I've felt like this."

The moment Princess Deborah took his hand, he was surprised as if something had seized his senses.

He felt like his head was on fire.

The more he looked back, the moment they touched became more and more beautiful, so he was happy that the princess was somewhat aware of the memories of that moment.

To the point where he laughed out loud while looking at the cat-shaped ceramic.

Whenever he has free time, he sits in front of a piano that doesn't sound right.

Moreover, the fact that Philap was not on the princess's mind brought him a little joy.

I wish you were a little more aware of me.

Even if it's not as much as I am.


Cookie jumped onto the table, as if to break his thoughts, and tried to steal the cat-shaped ceramic.

Because it was the only thing that seemed interesting in the silent, empty room.

"You can't do that."

Isidor lightly tapped Cookie's nose.


Cookie showed his tiny, defiant teeth, but Isidor stood his ground.

It's the only thing he brought to this place.

It was so precious.

"At first, I was obviously curious."

He was curious and wanted to delve into it, but rather, she approached him without hesitation.

It felt strange and sweet, as if he were floating.

On the other hand, the identity of this feeling seems to have fallen into the abyss due to the marriage issue.

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