IBAWWMB (Novel) Chapter 110



"Who the hell got rejected?"

Philap muttered incessantly, drunk, and then clenched his teeth with a contorted face.

He couldn't shake off the miserable feeling of being in a gutter even after drinking alcohol.

On the contrary, the more intoxicated he was, the stronger the feeling of filth.

Rumors about being rejected and abandoned spread day by day, petty people mocked him, and his father treated him as if he were worthless.

What angers him the most is that Deborah, who made him look so ridiculous, was dating Isidor.

"Ha! Isidor?"

Deborah, is that what you chose to reject me?

As he imagined the two of them chatting happily, his nerves sharpened.

If the union between Seymour and Visconti were to be successful, he would be even more upset because he knew there would be a great commotion in the social world.

"And you pretended not to be interested in women. Hypocritical bastard."

Like Deborah, everyone was deceived by Isidor's plausible appearance and pretentious attitude.

"That bastard always ignored me."

He had disliked Isidor since he was a child.

He could instinctively see that Isidor looked at him with disdain and contempt.

Philap was born with a bad temper and couldn't control his anger when something displeased him.

Isidor, who skillfully handled the situation as expected without revealing his emotions, opposed Philap as if they were oil and water.

"Damn bastard."

A feeling of inferiority lurked deep within him.

Every time Isidor appeared, Philap's presence disappeared in an instant.

No matter how fiercely the flames burned, there was nothing to see under the scorching sun.

People sought Isidor, who rarely showed himself, and he appeared, pretending to be elegant, and naturally stole all the attention and ruled the social world.

Furthermore, it was Isidor who assumed the leadership position of <Epsilon> after being chosen by the Crown Prince.

Epsilon was what he wanted.

Not <Omicron>.

Philap violently shook the empty bottle in the glass and then tossed it aside.


A loud explosive sound struck his eardrums, and suddenly, his heart began to beat as if it were going to explode.

Suddenly, anger surged because he, the sole heir of Montes, was reflecting on that feeling of inferiority.

"I am a chosen one by the great spirits."

He was fundamentally different from Visconti, who was characterized by his Gold.

"Gold?! Which of the Empire's ducal families doesn't have a gold mine?"

A subject not belonging to any great lineage.

He smiled as he rubbed his bloodshot eyes while grinding his teeth to the point that his molars almost cracked.

"Yes. I am better."

Deborah must have made a stupid decision because she didn't know how great he was.

"I told you that you would definitely regret it, didn't I?"

If she thought he would simply give up because she had rejected the marriage, she was completely mistaken.

"...She will get angry immediately."

Still, he was sure that Deborah would thank him later.


The response regarding the formula lesson was not bad, so after that, Bert organized a large conference that even small students from other departments could attend.


If I hadn't skipped classes, I wouldn't have known anything about my uncle.

I left the classroom after subtly threatening them to enroll in the newly launched formula service.

As I walked down the hallway, I heard someone calling my name and stopped.

"Sir Philap is embarrassed about what happened with Princess Deborah and has gone into hiding..."

"It is said that Princess Deborah turns you into a eunuch if you are not respectful."


Vicious rumors seemed to be spreading, but the atmosphere that connected Philap and me had disappeared, so I felt much better.

But I'm not such a hot-tempered person with men.

How long has that misunderstanding been spreading?

I walked toward the carriage with light steps.

I was excited to go back home.


Until I saw the Seymour escort knights and the coachman lying unconscious in front of the carriage.

I underestimated the madness of Philap Montes, one of the supporting characters in the impoverished novel.

"Crazy. How are you going to handle the consequences?"

I thought he wouldn't move because he had too much to lose if he clashed with me.


The scorching heat in front of me made my skin tingle.

Last time, Seleana, a bird-shaped fire spirit that hid behind Isidor and others, turned so red to the point where her eyes hurt.

The Purple tattoo on my arm vibrated, but I held my arm as a sign for it never to come out.

"If you fight against higher spirits, Purple will disappear in less than ten seconds."

He can't lose his precious child.

"I should resolve this through dialogue as much as possible."

My hands started to sweat.

I calmly opened my mouth, trying to calm my internal tremor.

"Sir Philap. If you use force recklessly against a student at the academy, you will be disciplined. It will be taken as a challenge against the imperial family.

"I don't intend to use force against you. I just realized that I like you, how can I do that?

"You liked me? That's called an obsession.

He continued calmly, pretending not to hear.

"Oh, for your information, this is not part of the Academy. I only knocked them unconscious for a moment because they dared to touch me.


"We're the same. Deborah, you also did many crazy things for me.

"If you cling too much to the past, it's unattractive.

"Just a little more..."

I slowly started to break a magical parchment in my bag while pretending to talk to him.

At that moment, the things in my hand disappeared.

Philap burned all my belongings as if they were made of plastic.

"Do you think I've dealt with magicians one or two times?

"I'm going crazy."

When my only hope disappeared, my heart sank.

"What is the purpose of this?

"I'm here to convince you, Deborah, because you don't seem to have any common sense.

"It seems the focus is there."

Philap's eyes gleamed with anger and madness.

"Are you threatening to persuade me like this?

"I'm sorry if you felt threatened. Deborah, you liked the way I dealt with the spirits because they were mysterious. I'm just kindly showing you what you like.

"Haha, I'm really going crazy."

"I saw the spirits, and you are strong. You're amazing.

"I can't bear my anger when you're being so sarcastic. But I'll be patient. Seeing the true power of the Montes lineage will make you change your mind soon.

Suddenly, he took a hexagonal object from his pocket.

"I will kindly convince you, you just need to be persuaded. It's simple.

"What is that?

"It's a fantastic place.

Biting his thumb forcefully, he dropped blood onto the suspicious object and infused mana.

On the strange hexagonal object with a different color on each side, a pattern similar to the one he had seen on the sword he obtained last time began to be engraved.

Is it an ancient artifact?

Suddenly, the surrounding landscape started to distort strangely.

It was then that.


Dozens of golden swords flew in front of his eyes, and the artifact in Philap's hands flew up and then rolled to the ground.

"Damn it, swords? Where the hell did they come from? There were no signs of intrusion in the water barrier!

Philap was astonished.

"You, damn bastard!

"Teleportation magic... Isidor, are you a magic swordsman?!

As if he were using space shift magic, Isidor suddenly appeared in front of me, cursing wildly and hastily held me tightly.

"Now, stop!

"Thank God!

The relief was short-lived because the artifact that had fallen to the ground trembled as if it were about to explode at any moment, and soon the surrounding space distorted.

Shortly after, he felt like his body was being absorbed by something like a black hole.


He felt an intense dizziness to the point of wanting to vomit. He lost consciousness as he writhed in Isidor's warm arms.


"Due to the large wave of mana, she passed out."

Princess Deborah isn't good at receiving mana, so it seems she fainted when the ancient artifact went rampant.

"Nevertheless, she is not injured."

Isidor meticulously examined Princess Deborah, who had lost consciousness, then stood up and looked around slowly.

A heterogenous space artificially constructed.

Except for the blue stone slab where Isidor and Deborah were seated, the entire surrounding area appeared to be surrounded by a blue water wall.

Seeing that the surroundings were filled with mana and the power of nature, it seemed they had entered the spiritual world.

"That hexagonal artifact is likely the door to this space."

He heard that the Montes family has a unique method of closed-door training, but he didn't expect Philap to use that artifact to kidnap Princess Deborah.

He quickly broke the artifact that Philap had brought with his sword.

Due to this, he and Princess Deborah were pushed into this subspace alone.

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