IBAWWMB (Novel) Chapter 111



Barefoot feet tanned by the sun were buried in the white sand.

I intuitively knew this was a dream.

Because my body moved regardless of my will.

"You must first fix that temperament!"

Breathless, but her mouth moved as soon as she saw a red-haired man sitting in a desolate desert.

The man jumped up, angry. However, it was hard to hear exactly what he was saying due to the noise around him.

"What is he saying?"

"...Why?! You-!"

Just when I was about to hear, a strong sandstorm blew, blurring all directions, and I quickly plunged into a piercing heat.

"It's painful."

Even though it's a dream, it feels like someone is suffocating her.

A sensation of cold slowly wrapped around her forehead as the fear of suffocation arose due to the grains of sand sinking into her mouth.

When a friendly touch touched her head, the pounding of her heart, which had been beating wildly as if it had exploded from a nightmare, gradually subsided.

"It's nice."

As if reading her mind, someone stroked her forehead and gently wiped it.

Quickly regaining her composure, she slipped into the deep and dark unconsciousness.

After a while, she felt her body rising, and she opened her eyelids.

"Are you alright?"

She heard a familiar voice.

She blinked with a feeling of dizziness, and then her eyes met Isidor, who was looking at her.

"What, what?!"

Her optic nerve complained of a greater shock than the surprise flash of a camera.

"...Is it that surprising?"

Isidor muttered with a look of bewilderment on his face.

"But what is this position?"

By analogy to her visual angle, she immediately realized that the object supporting her was Isidor's thigh and jumped up.

"You'll get dizzy if you get up so suddenly."

Isidor said worriedly.


As he said, her head spun as if she had been arguing for three days.

At the same time, as soon as she saw the blue water flowing all around, she felt a distant fear and a headache.

"What. Am I still dreaming?"

Isidor gently pulled her down as she stumbled.

"Lie down for now. But there's nothing to rest your head on, so..."

And he patted his thigh with a slight hesitation.

Isidor's long coat was already being used as a blanket.

Finally, she ended up using his thighs again as a pillow.

Apart from being afraid of this situation, she closed her eyes in embarrassment, and he placed a damp cloth on her forehead.

"Get up when you're a little more stable. I'm sure you're still suffering from the mana wave."

"Mana wave?"

"I suppose the Montes relic was destroyed, and we were absorbed into the subspace connected to the relic."

Philap, you bastard!

He said he would show the true power of Montes, and he must have intended to drag her into such a strange space.

"Philap, trash..."

Even in the midst of a lack of energy, a wave of anger and outrage surged.

"It doesn't matter how much the Montes successor is, I can't let it pass."

Isidor said with a sharp voice.

"I won't let it pass."

There are too many charges, attacking my escort and involving the direct line of Seymour and Visconti. The question was how to get out of this strange space surrounded by water on all sides.

"...Is there a way out?"

"I'll make one even if there isn't."


"Don't worry, just recover."

It was such a soft voice that the tip of her nose wrinkled.

"I'll owe you again. Thank you."

"...Well. If I had come earlier, there would have been no reason to be in this disgusting space."

Unconsciously, she opened her eyes to the voice that seemed to be suppressed.

Isidor, who had a cold expression on his face that would freeze anyone who saw it, covered her eyes with his hand when their gazes met.


Her stomach churned as she looked at his vivid emotions. Seeing him sympathize with her, the corners of her eyes warmed.

"...Don't get angry."

It was uncomfortable that the atmosphere was becoming heavier, so I spoke without realizing it.

He removed his hand and turned the handkerchief once. Then, he gently wiped my forehead.


The question came to the tip of his throat, but at the same time, another question came to his mind, so he paused and closed his lips.

What do I want to hear from Isidor?

Time passed in a state of confusion.

"Are you feeling better?"

The weight of her head must be uncomfortable, but Isidor asked kindly without showing any signs of difficulty.

"The headache seems to have calmed down."

"Get up slowly."

With his help, I slowly straightened the upper part of my body.

As I did so, I looked around.

"It's a really simple space."

The water and the floor on which Isidor and I sat consisted of only those two things. I tilted my head, looking at the blue slab floating like an island in the middle of the vast sea.

In fact, it was square in shape.

"The cube that Philap was holding, at first glance, the colors of each side looked different."

Isidor listened to me attentively.

"I thought this slab might be connected to the blue one in the cube's cross-section."

I continued to look at the smooth slate.

"And if my assumptions are correct, wouldn't there be something wrong with the one-sided slab that Sir Isidor destroyed with his sword?"

"That ancient artifact is not a door, but it could be a miniature subspace."

"Yes. If it were a simple door, there would be no reason for the floor to have this shape."

He nodded.

"Once again, we were the only ones absorbed into this strange space, and Philap is not among us."

I spoke quickly.

"If each side plays an important role, like a die, we might have a problem with the section in the direction we were standing."

"That's a brilliant hypothesis. I thought it was just a door malfunction, but Princess's reasoning is much more convincing."

"And since it's a hexahedron, there's a high probability that the spaces are interconnected like a development map."

I sighed as I looked at the vast ocean.

"But, I can't swim this way and move somewhere else..."

"I can use teleportation magic."

"Really... you're a magic swordsman?"

At first glance, it seemed like he used teleportation magic, but I couldn't believe it.

A magic swordsman was such a rare existence that only appeared once every hundred years.

Aura and mana. It's almost impossible to deal with both at the same time.

"Why are you hiding something so great?"

"Because it's annoying."

Yes, that's unfortunate.

"Why did such a fraudulent Munchkin never appear in the novel?"

And the Master didn't even know he was a magic swordsman.

"It's a very mysterious existence."

As I looked at him with narrowed eyes, Isidor smiled.

"Look. How annoying it would be if everyone knew."

"Somehow, I think personality is more of an issue."

"You're being too kind, Princess Deborah. Come on, hop on my back."

He smiled gently and knelt in front of me.

I lowered my gaze to his pretty head, and then down to his broad back and moved my hands.

It was very hard for someone to carry her.

In my whole life, except when I was very young, I've never been carried on someone's back.

It's impossible for a fool like Kim Han-jun to carry me. When that boy got drunk, I had to carry him...

Well, let's not think about that. Because it makes me angry in a different way than Philap does.

"Is there something wrong with my back?"

"Because I've never been carried..."

I mumbled awkwardly, and he rolled his eyes.

"In fact, I've never carried anyone. It's the first time for both of us, so no one will know, even if we walk in a strange position."

"Well, if that's the case..."

I awkwardly hugged his neck, and Isidor stopped for a moment.

"Am I too heavy?"

"Oh no."

"Why don't you use magic to lighten my weight?"

She was stabbed, and I made a strange suggestion, and Isidor moved his arms for a moment before lifting my body.

His movements were also awkward, so I relaxed a little. Then Isidor slowly lifted his body into the air.

Their bodies were so close that his shiny golden hair looked like it would touch her cheek at any moment.


After a while, a dark blue wave spread below her view.

I got scared and hugged Isidor's neck more tightly without realizing it, and for a moment, Isidor's body shivered slightly.

"What's going on?"

In fact, she was very nervous, but her voice was cold.


His voice was much deeper than usual.

And a moment later, I found Isidor's neck red.

His neck was as red as a persimmon, and it looked like it was going to explode at any moment, and without realizing it, I quickly looked away.

It was because I had the strange feeling of witnessing a show that I shouldn't have seen.

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