SYS (Novel) Chapter 326

C326 - What Punishment (2)

Jin thought he had misheard.

"What...? No external access for three years? Are you sure?"

"Yes, Young Master. The conversation is already circulating among the stewards and servants."

"No... what's the basis for this?"

"Well, it's because of the recent business you've started, Young Master..."

"They must be joking. Is the Elder Council suggesting such a ridiculous punishment of three years' prohibition just because I did some advertising?"

"It seems so."

"Have they all gone mad? Are they treating Runcandel's Flagbearer with such absurd disciplinary measures? Do they think he's a wayward soul in adolescence? No external access?! No external access?! It's ridiculous. I'll gather the Elder Council. I'm willing to give them a good lesson..."

"Wait, Lord Murakan. There are many ears here."

"They're supposed to hear! Strawberry Pie, I can't believe the Elder Council is considering such a ridiculous punishment."

Jin felt the same frustration as Murakan but couldn't express his anger.

'It's Joshua. It's not the Elder Council; it's an idea that came out of that guy's head. It seems he plans to offer a deal using the lifting of the exit prohibition as an excuse.'

Detention or disciplinary unit.

Jin hadn't expected any other disciplinary action. So, he hadn't thought of a plan to deal with it yet.


Jin clenched his teeth thinking about that dirty and despicable situation.

On the other hand, that disgusting and despicable situation was the best way to deal with Jin.

'It's a bit unsettling, but if you thought you could get something from me this way, you're mistaken. Joshua.'

Jin softened his expression.

"Petro, when is the disciplinary meeting?"

"The Council President said he would hold it as soon as you returned, Young Master. As it has already been reported from the gate of your return, I'm sure the Council members have already been summoned by the Council President."

"I should change clothes before I go."

Jin quickly headed to his room.

"Young Master, I'll prepare a clean Flagbearer uniform. Shall I cut your hair before you go?"

"No, that's not necessary. Prepare the most dazzling clothes. Bring out the cosmetics from the Peng Clan and the hair dye."


"It seems the Council members don't like our products very much, so I have to show them how good they are."

Jin washed his face and applied makeup, leaving his face radiant and gleaming from the golden dye.

Gilly couldn't find the right words, while Murakan held his belly, seemingly about to burst into laughter.

"Hahaha, the Council members will be baffled! That's right, kid. That's how Runcandel should always be, defiant. Right?"

After a while, when the makeup was finished, Gilly gave an awkward smile.

"Young Master, are you really going like this?"

"Yes. Just make sure Murakan doesn't cause any trouble. Oh, should I take some product samples?"

"It might be better if you just go out. Young Master, may I ask what you're thinking...?"

"Strawberry Pie, why are you asking such a difficult question? Eh, kid. What you're going to do seems fun, but are you okay with it?"

"It's fine. In my opinion, this punishment is just for show. Joshua only wants to strike a deal with me using this as an excuse. He'll bypass the punishment and ask for the stolen items back."

Gilly nodded as if he understood.

"Phew, what a relief. I thought you were just being rebellious, Young Master."

"No way, I'm not that childish. I'll be back. Don't worry too much."

Of course, there was also a part of him that wanted to infuriate the old men in the back rooms.

Shortly after leaving the room, Jin encountered his brothers in the hallway.

The first one was Joshua. He had been waiting in the hallway as soon as he heard the news of Jin's return.

He had something to say to him before heading to the disciplinary meeting.

"Jin, let's talk for a moment... Wait, you. Aren't you going to see the Council President to receive your punishment?"

"That's correct."

"But what the heck is that appearance?"

"What's wrong with my appearance?"

Joshua couldn't help but feel like he was the one who looked strange in the face of Jin's confident demeanor.

"What's wrong? The light reflecting off your hair is blinding, and that heavy makeup... it looks like it's from a circus! And are you going to the disciplinary meeting like that?"

"The Runcandel Law doesn't say anything about Flagbearers not being allowed to wear makeup or dye their hair, does it? As far as I know, there's no such rule."

Joshua touched his forehead.

"Haha, you're right. There's no such rule. But there is one about maintaining dignity. The reason you're being punished is because you failed to maintain it."

"The reason for the punishment isn't that. It's because the Second Flagbearer influenced the Elder Council."

A sly smile crept onto Joshua's lips.

"Yes, that's true. I personally suggested to the council members that they impose a punishment on you. But it wasn't because you attacked my villa. It was a matter of dignity, just like now."

"Is that so? It's the first time I've heard that I attacked the Second Flagbearer's villa."

"It's a wild guess. Since I have no intention of asking for the stolen items back anyway."

This response was unexpected.

Without responding, Jin remained silent, goading Joshua to continue.

"Anyway, this is just part of the power struggle. This time, you're the one who has come out victorious, so you have the right to claim the spoils."

"I'm glad it doesn't involve harming anyone."

He replied calmly, but Joshua's attitude made him more cautious.

The stolen Shadow Energy Pearl must not be that important to him.

Or maybe it wasn't Joshua's to begin with but belonged to the deceased demon?

No, that doesn't seem right.

There's something more at play.

Jin could only think of one possibility.

'Joshua still doesn't know that the Shadow Energy Pearl is a recording device. And both Joshua and Mother... probably think they can take everything away from me whenever they want. They're using me until the perfect moment to take everything.'

If that's the case, Joshua's lack of obsession with the Shadow Energy Pearl might be because...

Perhaps Joshua expected Jin, the official contractor of Solderet, to 'discover its purpose.'

Or he might secretly want to figure out how Jin uses the Shadow Energy Pearl by planting someone to observe him.

"Besides, the condition of having no external access wasn't my idea. It's the disciplinary measure set by the Council. It's quite severe for failing in dignity, but it's your fault for earning the Council's contempt."

"So, what do you want me to do?"

"It means you choose wisely. I can't control the Council completely. If they feel like it, they can even confine me to the house for three years."

"I appreciate the advice, but I'll handle it myself. Oh, and Second Flagbearer."


"It would be wise not to directly harm my comrades from now on. I can understand up to a point as long as you don't endanger their lives."

"I understand, huh? Doesn't seem like something you should be telling me. Do you think I spared your comrades because I couldn't kill them?"

Joshua's words hinted at animosity, causing Jin to shake his head.

"What I meant was for you to consider who stands to lose more. Think carefully."

Upon hearing that, Joshua smiled satisfactorily.

"I hope you handle the upcoming disciplinary matter well."

Jin and Joshua crossed paths and began walking in opposite directions.

'It wasn't just a scheme by Joshua to make a deal with me.'

If that were the case, Joshua wouldn't have merely mentioned the attack on his villa and let it slide.

'Regardless, Joshua wasn't the one responsible for the disciplinary decision... I'll find out the true purpose of the Council once I meet with the Council President.'

As he headed to the disciplinary meeting, Jin's second encounter was with the Tona Brothers.

As always, they seemed concerned when they saw Jin, but there was something slightly different.

There was no trace of tension in their demeanor.

"Younger one, are you okay? Everything will probably be fine."

"Yeah, yeah. It will pass without a hitch, right?"

The Tona Brothers no longer worried about their younger brother. Whatever happens, as long as he's the "younger one," if he's the younger one, then he'll figure things out on his own...

That perception had taken root in their minds.

"But still, that flashy outfit is a bit... No, maybe it's just your style."

"You've got this, younger one. See you later."

Jin felt a strange tenderness as he watched his two brothers clenching their fists tightly.

The next encounter was with Dyfus and Mary.

"Ugh, those old farts. As if the disciplinary measures mean anything. Hey, kiddo. Nothing will happen to you. They wouldn't confine a talented guy like you for three years, right? Considering how many pending missions there are."

"They'll just restrict personal outings, but they'll still send you on missions. Probably under surveillance. Younger one, this case could be quite taxing."

"Dyfus oraboni, you talk as if you really want the younger one to end up like this. Huh?"

"When did I say that?"

"But more importantly, younger one."

"Yes, big sister Mary."

"Well, are you really going to go dressed like that? It's provocative and pretty, but... I don't know, it seems out of place for the occasion and the place."

"It would be better to change if possible."

Everyone he crossed paths with pointed out his attire without fail.

Jin was certain he had chosen his clothes very well.

'The Council will lose the justification for this disciplinary action once they see how profitable the products of the Golden Snow Tribe become. And if that's not enough, I can bring up the matter of improving the decisive killing move. After all, they were a force that had to be assimilated and controlled someday.'

The reason Jin felt so confident as he headed to meet with the Council President was the strong conviction that the business he had started with the Golden Snow Tribe would never fail and that the Council members would never give up their desire for the Final Moves.


In Jin's opinion, the current Runcandel didn't have time to seek that.

Perhaps true dignity in its real sense, but expanding the Family's business was an essential task.

Just like Zipple covertly used magical products to turn people into his slaves, the Runcandels also needed such items.

Otherwise, they would inevitably decline.

No, they were already in decline.

"If I were a Council member, I would have supported someone from the Flagbearer who started a business like this. Even if that person had a hostile relationship with me. Or I would have somehow taken it over and tried to grow the business myself."

Jin was frustrated that neither the Council nor anyone in the Family understood this simple and clear phenomenon.

As he passed through the Flagbearer's hallway, he saw the Council President's office.


He took a deep breath, just as he was about to enter...


A Council member came out of the conference room.

Unconsciously, Jin slightly bowed in front of him, inadvertently blocking his path.

"Chief of Civil Guards, Tellot Runcandel."

Tellot stared at Jin for a while without responding.

"Twelfth Flagbearer, Jin Runcandel."


"No need to go in. Your disciplinary meeting is over."

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