IBAWWMB (Novel) Chapter 113



Rosad said he was going to organize the ranks. It was for a good cause, and Seymour's pride was also at stake.

"Father. This is an incident caused by an ancient artifact, so I will start the investigation myself."

"I will provide you with all the manpower you need."

Belreck formed a research team and returned to the scene.

His expression was cold.

Seymour was literally stunned by Deborah's sudden disappearance when someone touched his sister, even though they were not close siblings.

Upon learning the news of the disappearance and the circumstances of the incident, Duke Seymour, shocked to the point of staggering, immediately gathered all the family vassals and ordered them.

"Find Deborah right now. By any means or form, by tomorrow morning, before dawn."

"The Montes family, which inflicted harm on the direct line of Seymour, cannot be overlooked either."

It feels strange.

Family love had long disappeared since he knew he had to crush his brother even before losing his baby teeth.

"Just because Deborah is a great artifact designer... I like competent people."

"Mr. Belreck, I can see traces of spatial distortion."

Feeling a cautious voice, he suddenly regained his senses and carefully observed his surroundings.

"It seems that the artifacts linked to subspace have gone out of control."

While investigating the accident site, he realized that the situation was serious.

This is because the distortion field had already closed over time, and the artifact, the only key to the subspace, had not been found.

"How long can Deborah last? If it's the Montes family, there's a high probability it's related to the world of spirits."

Fortunately, given the circumstances, Isidor was also involved.

He should have averted the crisis by properly threatening Sir Isidor.

While Belreck was worried in an oddly mixed mood, Enrique noticed that the atmosphere in the house was unusual.

"Sister, where are you?"

Enrique bit his lip hard enough to crease his chin and held back tears desperately.

"Young master, calm down. The Duke will surely resolve this..."


Enrique, who understood the situation after carefully questioning the servant, was terrified as he searched the library.

Seymour mobilized all his power to find Deborah while suppressing the Montes family.

"Get Philap out of the Montes mansion right now. When my daughter returns, she will get on her knees."

Duke Seymour was determined to seize Philap and push him to the maximum.

Thanks to the unique wave and various testimonies triggered by the destruction of the ancient artifact, it was immediately revealed that Philap was responsible for this disappearance.


 Currently, Philap was detained in a dungeon inside the Montes mansion.

"Philap, do you know what the hell you did?"

As soon as Duke Montes appeared with a displeased face, Philap, wearing the restraining device, jumped up.

Surprised by the fact that Isidor is a magic swordsman, he did not realize the seriousness of the external situation.

"Father! For now, please listen to me."

"What did you do to lose your mind? I can't stand your daily stupidity anymore."

If we don't find an exit from subspace within half a day, Seymour said he will declare war.

Visconti's always silent movement was also unusual.

"I was just trying to talk to Deborah. Strictly speaking, this is Isidor's fault for breaking the Artifact."

"Stop talking nonsense! Who the hell talks to a relic?"

While on parole, he gave permission to access the relic so he could train hard, but he went and used it for the wrong purpose.

"I wanted to show Deborah the power of Montes, who refused to marry."

"Philap, you've turned two founding families into enemies, and you've taught family secrets. The biggest enemy is inside..."


"That ancient artifact has an irreplaceable value that you can't pay for with your life. Do you know that?"

"I'm the only heir, how can you say such a thing?"

Duke Montes clenched his teeth.

The artifact was the only thing that could enhance spiritual power.

From birth, the classes of lower, intermediate, and upper spirits were determined, and the amount of time they could stay in the human world was limited.

That's why it was impossible to make the contracted spirit grow.

However, the Montes family could use the relic that embodies the world of spirits to make even a spirit of the same class superior to the spirits possessed by others.

That was the real reason they were called the Montes of the Spirits.

Of all things, it had to be that!

The venerable family was shaken to its core by the heir.


"Let's do it. Let's get to know each other first."


Isidor smiled gently, looked at me with his deep jade-colored eyes, and murmured softly.

"In some way, it's like you."


"I think it's even more attractive."

"Why, why are you saying that all of a sudden?"

"Because you wanted to get to know me."

Suddenly, I thought that maybe this situation could be more dangerous.


"It's cute that you're shy sometimes. At first, I thought you were angry."

"Hey, stop it!"

"I see."

He smiled gently, and I thought he looked like a fascinated fox.

"N-now, I need to get out of here. This is not the time to be like this. Dad will be worried."

My face kept getting hotter, so I quickly looked away.

When I turned my head, there was only water all around.

"...he mentioned that before, didn't he? This is where the spirit world incarnates, so it's okay to drink that water."

"Yes, I heard that the Montes have their own methods of closed-door training, and I'm pretty sure this is it."


"Since Purple is a mixed divine spirit, wouldn't there be a reaction in space if it appeared?"

With that sudden thought, I brought out Purple in the form of a tattoo on my arm.

After hiding in the shell, Purple slowly raised its head and looked at me with moist eyes.

"Why is she looking at me as if she were looking at a Mana stone?"

I think she's moved.

"Ah. I understand now."

I think it was because I protected Purple from the higher spirits that Philap had.

"Princess Deborah is popular even among the spirits... if I leave, I should be nervous."

Isidor muttered something absurd, and I opened my mouth after being lost in my thoughts.

"Purple, attack that water."

Purple, who nodded with a determined expression on her face, exhaled white energy, and suddenly the blue stone slab under the floor glowed, and columns of water began to rise in all directions.

"This is."

As expected, space responds to spiritual power.

However, I felt that my reckless experimental spirit seemed to have worsened the situation.

Because Isidor suddenly got closer to me.

I could feel the warm temperature of his body and his breath behind me, so I almost closed my eyes without realizing it.

"I'm going crazy."

Isidor quietly cast a spell in my ear, and the fiercely rushing water column was destroyed by the shield magic created by Isidor.

"After all, this stone slab was playing the role of the core of this space. The princess gave me confidence."

He smiled as he kicked the bright blue slab.

"Deborah, do you like to watch plays?"

As he turned in all directions, he asked a random question.


Suddenly, a rough wave approached us as if it were swallowing us, and I bit my lip. He hugged me tightly to calm me down.

"I'll use it as a reference to choose that place for our next date."

"Sir Isidor. This is not a date, so I think we should go out and think about it, whether it's a play or an opera."

"A play, opera... It would be nice to see both."

"...Does that mean we'll be able to go out soon?"

"Yes, I'm sure."

Isidor said with his characteristic relaxed voice.

"He just hit the defensive wall."

Isidor pointed to Purple.

Like a turtle with a shell protecting its body, Purple had the ability to strike a shield.

A hexagonal-shaped defensive wall surrounded the stone slabs.

"It's my divine spirit, but it has so many abilities."

Isidor said in admiration.

"Perhaps that little one has grown stronger in this space. This is a unique place filled with the power of nature."

The defensive wall that Purple created was blocking the water attacks that were gushing from all directions quite well.

After confirming that it was safe, Isidor slowly moved me away from his arms and unsheathed his sword.

Kuang! Kuang!

Finally, he started to strike the slabs with his sword, mercilessly.


"...Hmm. I'll have to try harder."

As he spoke, golden energy emanated from his long sword, causing his eyes to tremble. It was strong enough to create wind pressure.

His golden hair fluttered back and forth.

As the size of Isidor's aura grew larger and larger, it felt like a small sun was in front of her.

Like the sun, I felt a distant energy that I couldn't fathom its end, and I was completely amazed.

"Gold Visconti..."

Suddenly, I felt that the word "gold" wouldn't simply represent gold mines or a lot of money.

Money is too much even for the Sereig family, and the nobles in this world don't value trade too much.

So, what does gold symbolize?

Feeling bewildered, the slab with the embedded sword slowly began to break, and the space began to crack like a shattered mirror.

And, just like at the beginning, a huge Mana storm erupted.

"I'm dizzy."

"Endure a little longer."

I closed my eyes, leaning against Isidor's large, warm arms.

I hope that when I open my eyes, I can see a familiar landscape.

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