IBAWWMB (Novel) Chapter 114



"I don't do this because I'm worried about Deborah. But because this body has a strong sense of intellectual curiosity."

Belreck and the research team persistently surveyed the space near the academy until dawn.

Duke Seymour, who had spent the night in worry, appeared and inquired about the progress of the investigation.

The time the duke could endure was until the dawn of this morning.

As time passed, he knows it will be difficult for Deborah, who lacks magical powers, to endure in subspace.

"Belreck. Don't look at me and speak objectively."

"Currently, the fastest and most realistic way is for someone in subspace to destroy the inner core."

Knowing that this was not the answer his father wanted, Belreck said with a sense of dismay.

"How do we do it from the outside?"

"Currently, the spatial distortion field is in a mixed state, and based on this, the coordinates of subspace have been explored, but the error range is too wide..."

As Belreck slowly retracted the words that it's dangerous to enter from the outside, he felt a strange sensation.

Duke Seymour's eyes gleamed.

"... an ancient mana flow."

Duke Seymour, who has a good sensitivity to mana, could sense that the mana flow around him was changing even at the slightest hint.

"It seems that Isidor managed to destroy the core with his Aura."

"A knight with only muscles in his brain can sometimes be useful."

"The ancient mana core is dense, but Sir Isidor is at least an advanced swordsman."

"Yes, he has to be a swordsman."

"Still, swordsmen generally have better personalities than mages."

To be honest, Belreck was a mage and was not attracted to them.

"Sensitive and narcissistic ones are terrible as husbands."

"When will your awareness increase?"

As the two spoke, the spatial distortion field, which only had traces of it, took shape again and began to increase in volume.

Soon, a handsome man with an unreal appearance emerged slowly from the abyss-like darkness.

"When did the sun come out?"

The golden hair that permeated the dawn and the handsome man evoked the illusion of looking at a masterpiece.

All the remaining members of the research team were enough to fit into the scene.

"Sir Isidor... huh?"

Belreck, who was about to say something, stopped with a subtle expression on his face.

"Lower her right now."

Duke Seymour ordered with eyes full of anger.

It was because Isidor was holding Deborah, who was sleeping exhausted, tightly in his arms.




At that moment, Princess Deborah frowned and moved closer to Isidor's arms.

The three pairs of eyes were strongly intertwined in the air.

When the lively gaze of Duke Seymour touched him, Isidor suddenly felt a burning sensation in his throat.

He didn't know they would meet so suddenly.

Anyway, he wanted to make a good impression on his fathe... No, on the duke.

(N/T: Unfortunately, Isidor has been in the negatives for a while. You're going to have to work hard.)

"I see the great Lord Seymour, resonating with wisdom."

He politely greeted with a smile that high society ladies praised as attractive.

"For now, how about you lower my sister first and then greet?" said Belreck with a grim expression.

Duke Seymour couldn't speak properly due to the rising blood pressure.

"Why does this boy dare to take my daughter... like that! Young people these days are so unusual!"

Isidor, who quickly became unscrupulous, moistened his dry lips.

Although he hugged Princess Deborah several times, he swore it wasn't because he had a dark heart.

Although the shield magic could block physical attacks, it couldn't block the mana wave caused by spatial distortion.

The only way to reduce the impact on Princess Deborah's body was to wrap her body as much as possible with the aura.

"I was trying to protect the princess from the waves..."

No one heard Isidor's excuses, so the more he spoke, the more gruff he seemed.

"Are you done talking?!"

Finally, Isidor apologized, carefully dropping Princess Deborah from his arms, under the brutal energy emitted by Duke Seymour.

"I'm sorry. My thoughts were brief."

"If you're sorry, you shouldn't have done it!"

"I'll be careful."

"Yes. You, be careful not to disturb my daughter, who is studying hard. Understood?!"

It was clear that Isidor rescued Princess Deborah from the spiritual space, but Duke Seymour was uncompromising.

Seymour, from old times, returned resentment three or four times, but did not return kindness well.

"I will never disturb Princess Deborah. I will do everything in my power to help in any situation. Duke."

In the face of Isidor's bold response, the sharp eyes of Duke Seymour tensed.

The young man responded with plausible lines, but he was avoiding the answer that he wouldn't disturb her, and gently reminded him that he had helped in this matter.

"Sly as a fox."

Anyway, Duke Seymour did not like Isidor.

"Sir Isidor."

"Yes, Duke."

"I can't say you have no credit in this case. I admit it. Well done."


"But! I don't think you'll be of much help in my daughter's magical investigation."


Isidor moistened his lips as if he was about to say something, and Duke Seymour quickly cut off the conversation.

"But you look intelligent for a knight, so I'm sure you understand. I'll leave now for the sake of my daughter's stability. You've worked too hard, so go and rest."

Duke Seymour gave Isidor a camouflaged order and looked at Deborah, who slept unaware of all this.

"Rest. I'll send you a good tea to recover."

The duke's eyebrows furrowed.

It was difficult to put on a serious expression because the expression "giving tea" was often used as a farewell among aristocrats.

If there was no one here, he would have cursed.

Behavior, tone of voice, appearance, posture, and even facial expressions. The duke thought as he looked at Isidor, who had no imperfections.

"How is it that this guy has no humanity?"

Seeing Isidor bid farewell courteously, the duke clicked his tongue and turned away.

The Seymours disappeared in an instant through a magic scroll, and Isidor remained alone at the scene of the accident, lost in thought.

"I feel... like I've been rejected for some reason."


As soon as Deborah returned, Dukes Seymour and Montes gathered.

Indeed, it was a meeting to discuss compensation for damages.

"What do you want?"

"It won't end with one or two things, so write it down well. Understood?"

Duke Seymour spoke to the secretary.

In addition to the actual compensation for damages, Seymour demanded higher psychological compensation.

Currently, Montes was sandwiched between Seymour and Visconti like a sandwich, and if there was a war, he had to fight against two families, so he had no choice but to put out the fire.

Moreover, many eyes were on this case in social circles, so it was difficult to simply end it with probation or internal punishment.

"Philap will be sent to the most remote areas for the time being. Could you turn a blind eye to this?"

"Why should we turn a blind eye? Don't let him stand out from the Montes side."


"If you're going to keep making him your successor, it means that for the next five years, don't let that name be heard in front of me, nor see his face."


Despite the injustice of the situation, the Duke of Montes moistened his lips with shame.

From relics to honor. He had already lost so much, and now his pride was being undermined.

He was even considering giving up his son and appointing someone else.

"And, one more thing."

Duke Seymour issued a memorandum for him to hand over his personal security to Seymour as soon as Philap reappeared in front of Deborah.

That is, if he appeared in front of his daughter again, it meant that he would take him to Seymour and kill him.

"This is too much..."

"Philap tried to commit a heinous and rude crime against my daughter. If you think it's too much, we'll return it to you in the same way."

The Duke of Montes closed his eyes and signed the contract.


"Father! Where are you going to send me?"

Upon hearing the order to go to an unknown area, Philap jumped and had an outburst.

"Go to those rough and dirty suburbs where there is nothing! No, father! I can't! It's time to build a network in the society of the imperial capital; this is absurd!"

Philap had an outburst in the dungeon, but everything had already been decided.

He was expelled from the splendid capital society and forced to be driven to a rugged area that was nothing more than a monastery.

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