SYS (Novel) Chapter 328

C328 - Be Yourself

After meeting Tellot, Jin stayed at home for a while and focused solely on his missions.

Through teleportation gates, he traveled all over the world, participating in both large and small battles against Zipple and mediating conflicts between different factions.

He rescued hostages, eliminated enemies, and even destroyed installations.

In one month, Jin completed the astonishing number of seven missions.

Although there were no missions of the highest difficulty level, like killing Barton Vichena, accomplishing seven tasks without rest was exhausting, and he couldn't help but feel fatigued.

Naturally, Jin succeeded in all the missions.

In five of them, he even achieved additional objectives.

The reason Jin was so enthusiastic about mission accomplishment up to that point was that his three-year punishment of no outdoor activities was still in the "suspended" phase.

Tellot was making efforts, but it was impossible to completely eliminate the punishment in a short time.

In particular, Jordan still held a grudge against him for the suspension of his punishment and would bring up the topic again if Jin made the slightest mistake.

Chew, chew, gulp...

"It seems I've become a delinquent academy student, doing volunteer work on campus. Achieving this level of success in just a month, even the Council of Elders will have to look at me differently."

Jin said as he swallowed the meat he was chewing.

"By the way, it reminds me of the old days. It's been almost ten years since I ate with you and other comrades. Guardian Knight, Bellop. You haven't forgotten that I always took care of the meat for you back then, have you?"

"If I had known you would be courteous about something that happened almost ten years ago, I would have taken less, my Lord."

Jin was sitting on the floor of the cadet's empty training field, eating with Bellop. It was a meat-heavy diet, just like in their cadet days.

A smile appeared on Bellop's face as he looked at the meat on the plate.

Bellop Schmitz had returned from the eastern mountain region of the Mittel Kingdom just a few days ago.

In the end, Kuzan and Yulian took Hwirok, the apostate knight of the Vankela, to the eastern mountains.

Bellop managed to capture them and secured his reason for returning.

Naturally, as soon as he returned, he sought out Jin and pledged loyalty to him, and they even carried out missions together until yesterday.

"When those wanted criminals suddenly infiltrated the mountain range, I initially thought it was someone from your hostile forces trying to kill me. But I never imagined that lord had sent those terrible criminals..."

Bellop shuddered as he recalled the battle in the mountains.

That was Bellop's longest, most intense, and loneliest fight of his life.

Chasing, fleeing, seizing opportunities, ambushing, being ambushed, running out of provisions...

He traversed several treacherous mountains to exhaustion, without any support.

"Haha, you must have felt quite betrayed."

"It was an experience I don't want to go through again. However, thanks to that, I made significant progress. Not only in swordsmanship but also physically and mentally."

"It seems you've become much stronger."

Excluding Jin, Bellop had always been the person with the most potential during their cadet days.

With that potential, he set the goal of becoming Jin's knight and dedicated himself to it every day, even coming to the brink of life and death several times.

So, his growth was natural.

"By the way, I suddenly feel grateful for having met you in our cadet days, my Lord."

"Why do you suddenly bring it up after talking about betrayal and feeling uncomfortable?"

"When did I do that? I was a bit nervous, that's all. Anyway, I only have that thought. If I hadn't met my Lord, my life would have been very unhappy."

"Why do you think that?"

"During our cadet days, my lord helped me overcome my fear. Even after my lord became the Provisional Flagbearer, even now, sometimes I think of that day."

-Right now, you've probably realized it too, but you're weaker than me. And you're kinder than me. I like that about you. But if you only do good things, you won't survive in this hell.

Bellop recalled the conversation Jin had with him during their cadet days. Jin also remembered the same conversation, and for some reason, it made him blush.

"Thanks to that moment, I was able to become a Runcandel Knight. I couldn't have endured it without my lord. Maybe it's an exaggeration, but I feel that one day, overwhelmed by suffering, I would have given up on life."

"You're saying unnecessary things. Even if it hadn't been me, you would have done quite well."

Indeed, in Bellop's previous life, he did not do very well.

Before the regression, Bellop was exiled from Runcandel, then went to Hairan and trained before becoming a knight of Vermont.

Following the orders of the Imperial Family, he repeatedly committed unwanted massacres and ended his wretched life by his own hand.

As these memories resurfaced, Jin, who had changed Bellop's life, felt even prouder.

"My lord, you have no idea how shocked everyone was by your actions during that duel right now. It still comes up in conversations whenever our comrades gather."

"Ah, really?"

"But the most impactful moment was when my lord rescued Mesa all by himself. When my lord went alone to the land of the beastmen and brought back Mesa, everyone made a vow in their hearts. They pledged their loyalty to only you."

Looking back, the unfortunate connection with Kinzelo began from that moment.

'At that time, I only thought Kinzelo was a group of crazy terrorists.'

Now, they were such a huge force that even Zipple hesitated to engage in large-scale battles with them.

Moreover, it was still highly likely that the leader's true identity was a demon.

'Well, Kinzelo is quite worrisome, indeed. I should visit the Ivliano Family soon and monitor their movements.'

For now, there didn't seem to be room for such actions.

In fact, Jin was still absorbed in his duties, unable even to visit the third tomb revealed by Olmango.

Jin had called Bellop precisely to address that matter.

"It's been a long time since I heard compliments like this. Where did that immature brat from back then go? Did he grease his tongue with oil or something?"

"If my lord wishes, I can continue."

"No, that's enough. But speaking of which, Bellop, there's something I need you to do."

"Please, tell me anything."

"From today until my return, you are Jin Runcandel."


"You know the next mission starts tomorrow, right?"

"Do you mean you...? The mission to rescue the Count of the Ekan Kingdom who was kidnapped by mercenaries?"

"Yes. But now it's no longer my mission; it's yours. I want you to play the role of Jin Runcandel for a while."

"Are you serious?"

"Well, the count will be blindfolded anyway. Even if someone tries to rescue him, they won't be able to recognize you accurately. Rescue him, pretend to be me for a while, and then hand him over to the Ekan Defense Forces."


"Are you telling me you lack confidence in a rescue mission?"

"No, it's not that. How can I pretend to be you, my lord?"

"Why not? The hostage will have his eyes covered, and you will wear a mask. Furthermore, I've acquired a fake Sigmund. Say what you need, and I'll take care of it."

When he had already completed seven missions, Jin had detoured to Picón Minche and asked for a fake Sigmund sword.

It was nothing more than a sword with no special functions, but it looked exactly the same at first glance.

Of course, it couldn't perfectly replicate the uniquely sharp and pale gleam of Sigmund, but it could achieve a similar color.

Moreover, as the counterfeit Sigmund was also an item made by the divine craftsmanship of the god blacksmith, it could only be a renowned sword in its own right.

"It should be finished by now. And try putting this on."

Jin removed his Flagbearer's cloak and handed it to Bellop.

Startled, Bellop anxiously looked around. Even though there was no one nearby who could see them in the training ground, he considered it a delicate matter.

"Young master, I mean, my Lord. Are you serious about this? This is the Abanderado's coat. Only the Abanderado of Runcandel can wear this!"

"It's just a piece of clothing. Try it on to see if it fits."

"My Lord!"

"It's an order. Bellop, you've become bold after getting a big head."

It was a jest, but Bellop lowered his head with a serious expression.

"No, I'll try it on."

"Oh, luckily, it fits you well. I'll give you dye to darken your hair."

"Are you sure about this?"

"If by any chance your disguise is exposed, and it becomes a problem within the clan, I'll make sure you're not harmed. Don't worry."

"That's not what I meant. Am I trying to obstruct my Lord's will because I fear for my safety?"

"Never mind then. This is how you can help me. You're the best choice. The most trustworthy, with a build similar to mine, and the best swordsman among my knights. There are enough elements for people who don't know you well to confuse you with me. I'd like to send Mesa, but there's a gender issue in her case."

"The gap in battle prowess between my Lord and me is much wider than my Lord thinks. I would easily be exposed."

"That's why I have to face the strong ones myself. Like you said, they'll recognize you."

"My Lord, you're not planning to have me impersonate you not only this time but in the future as well, are you?"

"Unfortunately, your trust is misplaced. You pay the price for eating meat. I also have a lot of work outside the clan, you know? Can you handle it?"


Bellop let out a sigh.

Then, as if determined, he replied.

"From today on, whenever I have free time, I will seek professional actors and practice the art of acting and impersonation. This is also an order from my Lord, so I am obligated to do it perfectly."

"Excellent mindset. And if by any chance the Black Sword Association catches up to us, even if the mission fails, make sure to escape undetected. If you're caught by the Chief of the Black Sword Association, it will be the end for both of us."

"My Lord, a moment ago you said that if my disguise is exposed, you would somehow ensure that I escape unharmed."

"Did I say such a thing?"

"Yes, my Lord always gets involved in such adventures."

"Since the results have always been good, there was no need to change."

"Sometimes I worry, and all our comrades feel anxious, my Lord."

Some adorable guys.

Jin chuckled and lightly touched Bellop's shoulder.

"When all our comrades pass the Guardian Knight test, let's meet. Let's have a drink and share some words."

"What words do you have to share?"

"I'll tell you when the time comes."

He couldn't tell the younger division, who would come running with excitement after passing the test, that another hellish training awaited them.

Except for Bellop, most members of the younger division were at the level of late 6-stars or early 7-stars, making it difficult to immediately use all their strength.

"But, my Lord, where do you plan to go while sending me on the mission?"

"I'm going to visit one of my ancestors."

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