IBAWWMB (Novel) Chapter 115



I woke up after being in bed for three days after leaving a strange place.

Not that I did a great job, but the servants were even more dedicated to me.

Although significant things happened inside.

When I came back to reality, I felt that what had happened there was unbelievable.

As I stared out the window, Duke Seymour came to visit.

It seemed he had heard the news that I had regained consciousness.


I scratched my nose when I saw him visibly relieved as soon as he saw me.

"Don't get up, rest, Deborah. I threatened the academy director... No, I already told him, so don't worry about your grades and recover at home for a few more days."

"Even the director?"

My father, who boldly denounced abuse of power and spoke in a friendlier tone than usual, put his hand on my forehead very carefully.

"Fortunately, there is no fever."

"I have little energy, but I don't have any particular pain. Don't worry..."

"What? You don't have energy? There, get some good food for your body right now!"

When I saw the duke angrily ordering the servant to bring him food, I was terrified.

"I'm fine."

"You suffered without mana in a strange space; you don't have to be brave because of me."

"He's really distant."

"Your cute face was cut in half."

The duke stroked my hair with a sad expression. I felt a bit strange seeing his eyes full of concern and affection.

"If you need anything, tell me. I'll bring you whatever you want."

"...First of all, I want to have tea."

I think it was right after the accident, so I got up and had teatime with my father, thinking it was a particularly cheap price.

"What happened to Philap?"

"Do you really need to dirty your ears talking about such a bastard?"

"Well, I'm curious."

How are you going to take control of two prominent families?"

"As a result, he was exiled to an unnamed rural area. If he appears in front of you, I'll take care of it and kill him immediately... No, we agreed to handle it."

Exile. He's the only son of a family that established itself as a public servant of the country, but I was surprised that he fell as badly as Deborah in the novel.

"I see."

"By the way, what is this tea? It smells good."

When a slight smile appeared on the duke's lips, I involuntarily smiled.

"It's delicious, isn't it? It's black tea produced in very small quantities on the plateau, but Sir Isidor gave it to me."


Suddenly, he put down the tea and called me seriously.


"I know you're only interested in dedicating yourself to your studies... Sir Isidor is not a very useful person. There's no reason to get close to him. Hmm! Isn't that so?"

Why does my father hate Isidor so much?

"I have indeed received a lot of help from Sir Isidor. To the point where I think it's too much. There are many reasons to be close to him."


"We'll get along."

It wasn't a big deal, but Duke Seymour, who sat with an expression of astonishment as if he had been struck by lightning, quickly composed his expression and smiled artificially.

"I said something useless. Take a rest. If you need anything, don't hesitate to say it. Okay?"

"Yes, thank you."

Sitting with a confused expression, he slowly got up. He seemed to be muttering something gloomy.

"That yellow fox, I'm sure he's up to some secret business..."

"The door is not there."

"I know!"

The duke took the wrong direction, then quickly turned around and walked out briskly.

"Why is he like this all of a sudden?"


Enrique, bewildered, rushed into the hall.

It seemed he was only waiting for his father to leave.

"Sister, I was very worried because you didn't wake up in 71 hours."

The corners of Enrique's eyes were swollen.

"Oh, were you worried? You're stronger than me."

As I stretched my arms, the boy quickly hugged me tightly.

In the past, he hesitated, but now it seems he has gotten used to expressing his feelings.

While stroking Enrique's hair, hanging on me like a baby koala, the boy sobbed in my arms, then suddenly shook his shoulders and cried out loud.

"Enrique. Why are you crying sadly?"

"I couldn't play much with my sister, I couldn't talk much, I couldn't say thank you, but suddenly you disappeared, and I regretted it, and I was very sad..."

"You have a lot of time left, don't you?"

Enrique, who was crying bitterly and shaking his head like crazy, stayed by my side all morning.

"Does your body feel okay?


Enrique extended a little hand to check if I had a fever on my forehead, and he even cared for me.

Enrique mixed the porridge with his small hand and then cooled it down.

“Why isn't there a video recording function here? There are only useless magicians.”

In addition, Enrique imitated the last time I gave him strawberries in a cake.

"Sister, say "ah."

"Ah, are you giving me porridge? Oh my god, what should I do?

I couldn't bear the cuteness in the end and murmured while touching my temple.

"What is the (cutest) thing in the world?

"The cutest thing in the world. But Enrique doesn't like the word cute. You're going to get mad, right?

Enrique, who was puckering his lips like a chick, fed her porridge filled with expensive herbs.

"I really hate it, but as my sister said, I hate it less. And I think my sister is the coolest and most beautiful girl in the world.

The boy said shyly, blushing his pale and chubby cheeks.

As if making a big confession, Enrique's tiny ears turned even redder.

"And I'm going to live with my sister Deborah for a very, very long time. Hehe.

".... Ugh!

"What's wrong?

My heart ached for Enrique, so I couldn't breathe well. I fell onto the bed, clutching my chest.

"Sister, rest more.

As if thinking that I needed more rest due to my pathetic appearance, Enrique pulled out the blanket, covered my body with both hands, and left the room.

Shortly after Enrique left, Belreck arrived in the living room.

The three men from Seymour, who were hard to see even on a normal day, came to visit me all three on the same day.

Moreover, there wasn't much time difference, as if they were in a relay race.

"Why did you come?

When I asked Belreck straightforwardly, he scolded me once again and toyed with his silver-framed glasses.


"So suddenly?

"I picked him up on the way.

He suddenly threw a black box.

It seems to be a gift. Why are you giving it to me like this? Whatever I did, he seemed like a very peculiar man.

I opened the rolling box in a vague mood.

"Did you pick up this precious bracelet on the way? My brother is lucky.

Inside the box was a bracelet with a high-quality magic stone presumed to be an artifact.

"Something like that remained in my research laboratory for a while. Any complaints?


"Why are you sick when I'm so busy? It's annoying.

He grumbled and stood up from his seat, and I narrowed my eyes and looked at Belreck's angry back.

“What's wrong with him? Who asked him to come?”

While swallowing the absurd feeling, the paper from the box fell to the floor, and when I picked it up, I felt a strange sensation.

It was an instruction manual.

“It was written by Belreck himself.”

I remembered his unique handwriting due to the slave contract, so I put on the bracelet on my wrist.

It only responds to the Seymour bloodline, and it seems to be useful as an attack artifact containing magic missiles.

“I never say no to good things.”

Satisfied in my heart after getting something precious, I walked to my room and bit my lips.

At first, obviously, I just liked the comfort here, but in a different way, Seymour seemed to be getting better.


“What is this mysterious atmosphere?”

Rosad's expression became serious when he learned that even Belreck had visited Deborah after her father and the youngest.

Honestly, he's still not used to it.

What the hell happened while he was in the east?

There was a family love that was not typical of the family, and didn't his problematic sister suddenly become a genius?

Even Belreck, who was always gruff, suddenly became kinder.

“Belreck handed Deborah the artifact containing a missile.”

It was difficult to interpret this simply at face value.

It's because he knows that the bracelet is a well-crafted artifact made by the most famous artisan in the capital.

“After all, Belreck must be aiming for the patent rights that Deborah has.”

Deborah can effectively keep him under control as a battle magician if she hands over her patent rights.

Thinking it was a pretty good move, Rosad went to the jewelry store.

He was always superior to Belreck when it came to life skills.

Deborah would prefer colorful jewelry to boring design artifacts.

That night, Deborah felt perplexed when she received a ruby brooch adorned with roses from Rosad as a gift.

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