IBAWWMB (Novel) Chapter 119



After separating from Isidor, I kicked the tips of my shoes against the carriage heading home, then banged my head against the window.

"Normally I never initiate skinship because I'm too shy."

I absentmindedly straightened his bangs as I let myself be carried away by the mood.

"At that moment, Isidor looked like a puppy in the rain..."

It was a strange situation. Someone so carefree and strong seemed weak for a moment.

I arrived home, recalling his pale face that somehow looked sad. Then, I passed by my father's assistant with sunken eyes.

"I think something similar also happened in the past."

"In that case, Isidor seemed like a puppy in the rain..."

It was a strange situation. Someone so carefree and strong appeared weak for a moment.

I arrived home, recalling his pale face that seemed somehow sad. Then, I passed by my father's assistant with sunken eyes.

"I think something similar also happened in the past."

"Princess, the Duke is very worried..."

I spoke quickly before he could finish.

"I'll go see my father."

As soon as I followed the tired assistant to the office, Dad jumped from his desk.

"You're late."

"It's only nine o'clock."

Maybe because the sun sets faster in autumn, but it wasn't that late yet.

"I can't believe he asked to meet my daughter who hasn't fully recovered. Anyway, there's nothing I like about that Visconti guy. Sit down first."


As soon as I sat in the guest chair, he called me with stern eyes.



"It's true that you borrowed Isidor's power when you came out of subspace, but I'll compensate him properly so you don't have to feel indebted to him."

"It's not about feeling indebted."

"That's good, then."


"I was worried that you have such a weak heart because you're open-hearted. Tell me if that punk bothers you while you're doing your research. I'll take care of him."

"Isidor is someone who knows how to maintain boundaries well, so there's no need for that."

As soon as my words were finished, the duke furiously exploded.

"What?! Who is good at maintaining boundaries? That idiot who is as sly as a fox is good? Deborah, there is not a single man who is reliable enough."


"He's definitely a fox. I'm sure he's no different inside and out."

"He's like a fox. A nine-tailed fox that bewitches people."

There's no way a handsome guy doesn't use his nominal value, and my father, with a Hollywood actor's face, warned me sternly.

I stopped defending Isidor since the duke hated him so much and returned to my room.

"Did something happen between Duke Visconti and his father in the past?"

Now that I think about it, I don't know anything about Isidor's family.

I heard something about Duke Montes's military power as an elementalist or Duke Orge as a sword master, but I never heard any stories about Duke Visconti.

I lay on the bed while stifling a sigh.

"I even did a background check on him, but there's nothing I really know."

I even went to the informant who was described as the most competent in the novel.

I tossed and then looked at the crescent moon that was like a watercolor painting for a long time.


"I dreamt about it again..."

After escaping subspace, I often dreamed of wandering through the desert, with the scorching sun while covered in sand and dust.

"Is it a trauma?"

I sat on the bed without understanding while recalling the turbulent dream, then felt a tapping on the window.

Purple sitting on the pillow at the headboard directed her curious gaze toward the window.

The main character calling at the window was a white bird. The bird was hovering around the window while flapping its wings.

I got up and observed the bird and then smiled.

That was because a small letter was tied to the bird's leg with a golden thread.

Just by looking at the color of the thread, I could guess who sent it.

"Staying in touch through Muffin instead of exchanging letters is much faster. – Isidor"

The small card had a subtle jasmine aroma.

I played with the card, then wrote a response immediately.

"I might respond late sometimes because Muffin is very cute. – Deborah"

I tied the response to the bird's leg immediately and sent it.

Purple looked expressionlessly toward the direction where Muffin flew with a sad expression.

However, the pain of separation was also brief. Then, Purple soon reunited with Muffin.

"Please adore Muffin a lot. Muffin likes cookies. – Isidor"

The Visconti family's townhouse was also located in the Yones district, so the response came very quickly.

Additionally, there was also a guest.

It was the fifth princess.

"Deborah, I missed you so much. The scene where we discussed the feasibility of applying the mana purity measurement method in the field becomes a dream. What do you think?

"The same.

I don't even remember the content of the thesis, but the yellow eyes full of expectations were so cute that I responded positively.

"As expected!

I had a conversation while having tea time with the fifth princess who came to visit.

The day passed like lightning along with the letters delivered by Muffin, and I went to the academy the next day, stopping lazing around at home.

It's because her body was too healthy despite having a troublesome dream.

"I feel like it's been a long time since I came to school."

I looked around casually, and the students from the School of Magic avoided my gaze as they shivered.

In summary, not much time had passed since being sucked into subspace, but I still didn't feel familiar with this everyday scenario.

"Deborah. Grant me a moment of your time.

I encountered Dean Bert while walking down the hallway.

When I entered the dean's office, he asked the assistant to bring tea.

The dessert was from Armand. My uncle always prepared an Armand cake every time he interviewed me.

He recalled my past comments, and I couldn't reject his threats whenever he wanted to extend the conference because I always felt sorry for him every time I saw his scar.

"I dislike that the incident happened after the academy conference. How do you feel?

"I'm fine.

"I can't believe you got caught up in the Montes family problems.

"Not everyone knows the exact truth of the incident."

It is true that I had a life-or-death experience after being absorbed into subspace by Philap. However, the cause of the incident was revealed very differently from the truth.

"I knew it thanks to the Fifth Princess."

There were rumors that Philap had impulsively stolen the relic because he rebelled against Duke Montes, and Isidor and I got caught up in that family dispute.

The rumors gained more credibility because Philap had been on probation for a long time due to his father's pressure.

"In reality, he resents me for rejecting his marriage proposal."

Philap seemed to have an inferiority complex towards Isidor.

It wasn't bad that the rumors distorted into family problems rather than becoming the protagonist of a love quarrel.

"The wealth and power of the two families are frightening."

Everything was postponed because of the Montes family, and the sole heir was sent to a distant place.

"Deborah. You must be tired, so make sure to get enough rest before this week's conferences and classes.

I was lost in thought and suddenly regained my senses at Dean Bert's words.

"If you feel it's a pity, I'll make room for the conferences as soon as possible. I underestimated your enthusiasm too much.


"It's a joke. Eat the cake.

"Thanks for the cake.

"Oh, is the production of basic textbooks going well?


My uncle really liked the basic formula textbook I made for Enrique.

He wanted to distribute it to students enrolled in the gifted program. He even said he would give me recognition instead of the graduation thesis if it went well.

I'll make money if I publish it and even graduate.

It was as easy as pie.

"I'll apologize first.

I don't have lectures today, so I'm free.

"Let's go out together. My body feels heavy, so I want to take a walk.

In the middle of a campus stroll with my uncle, I saw a familiar face from afar.

People also looked bewilderedly at Isidor's face.

In fact, yesterday we promised to meet at the Academy for a while through Muffin.

He arrived earlier than expected.

Isidor approached me and then stopped when he saw my uncle standing next to me.

Even though he was quite far away, the embarrassment that surged in his jade eyes looked so vivid.

He must have mistaken Marquis Bert for my father.

"There, is that handsome man Sir Visconti?

My uncle's long scar tensed.


"It seems there's no reason for a knight to suddenly appear at the School of Magic except to meet you.


"It seems he's interested in you, but don't see him too often. There are many foolish types who will think they are the best, not knowing their place just because they are treated a little well. Do you understand?


"Keep that in mind.

After Marquis Bert looked at Isidor with cold eyes and left sharp advice similar to Duke Seymour's, he returned to the faculty building.

"I can't believe new ambushes always appear...

Isidor murmured with a perplexed voice.

"What did you say?

"Still, I won't give up. No, I can't.

"I don't know what it's about, but stay strong. Why did you ask to see me today?

He smiled faintly with a face as white as a sheet.

"Should I meet you only when I have something? I approached because I wanted to see your face... Our relationship is what it is.

"Well, we're in a relationship of contacting and getting to know each other.

I never thought saying we would contact each other meant he would use a valuable messenger bird that probably wouldn't be used that way.

"You listen to me so well.

To a certain extent, too well.

"Stay in my memory. In my mind. Without leaving anything in...

"Then... can you speak in full?

When we exited subspace, there was no doubt Isidor spoke after filtering his words.


His face seemed puzzled.

"Ah... Yes.

"Where are we going?

"Right. I heard that my favorite store finally opened its second branch.

We walked towards the west gate, stepping on the leaves with a crunch.

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