IBAWWMB (Novel) Chapter 120



The Goddess Fountain at the West Gate of the Academy is the landmark of the Khorun district, so there was always a large crowd. Additionally, the area became even busier due to the upcoming Goddess Birth Festival to be held there next month. That was also the reason why people from other regions gathered to visit the Holy Land.

"The opening hours are good."

Thanks to that, Armand's second shop was crowded even though we didn't do anything. As soon as Isidor entered, the people behind me immediately whispered, and I realized his popularity once again. I ordered tea and dessert while making sure that the menu of the second shop was working fine.

As soon as we left after having a light tea, Isidor approached the Goddess Fountain. There is a carved statue of the goddess Nayla in the center of the fountain, and angel statues surround both sides of the goddess. In addition to that, a bronze statue called Earth stood atop the fountain, looking down.

During this time, the people of Azutea made a wish after throwing a coin into the fountain. Silver and copper coins piled up at the bottom of the fountain, but Isidor threw a bunch of gold coins like a typical third-generation chaebol from a conglomerate family.

"The temple that will collect the money must be doing well."

I looked at Isidor, who was sincerely making a wish while having materialistic thoughts. His beautiful lips were tightly pressed, and his golden eyelashes trembled slightly.

"He's praying fervently."

If I were a god, I would probably grant his wish without questioning anything.

"Do you want to make a wish too?"

Isidor opened his eyes slowly and tried to give me a gold coin.

"No. I'll pay later if things go well."

I was thinking of making many donations on the day I earn 10 billion and become a matriarch.

He laughed as if my words amused him and said, "Actually, I also paid the temporary deposit."

"Deposit? Are you saying you'll donate much more than before if your wish comes true?"

"That's correct."

"What did you wish for?"

"If you want to know..."

Isidor said something after that, but the surroundings suddenly became noisy because the place was crowded with people.

"Isidor, what did you say a moment ago? I couldn't hear it well."

As soon as I frowned, his beautiful face suddenly approached closer. I got goosebumps when he whispered in my ears. I took a step back while swallowing saliva and cleared my throat.

"Can you hear me well now?"


"...Are you so curious about my wishes?"

"Because it's too expensive."

He looked at me in silence as I played with my flushed ears and brushed his hair while looking at the statue. His simple actions even drew attention, so people around him continued to look at Isidor while pretending to make a wish. Somehow, the number of people who wanted to look at him started to increase.

"Deborah. This place is quite noisy, so why don't we move to another place? I know a good restaurant nearby."

"My ears must have turned red."

I spoke as I rubbed my flushed ears.

"Actually, I can't spend much time with you today. I decided to play chess with my younger brother after having dinner together."

"You must be very close to your younger brother."

"Yes. He's very cute. I want to introduce you to him."

"Please introduce him to me someday. Although I don't know if I'll be pleasing to your younger brother..."

His face seemed complicated, but I didn't understand the reason.

"Have fun tonight with your younger brother. I'll take you to the carriage."

Isidor took out another gold coin and tossed it gently. The gold coin he threw fell precisely into the jar of the angel statue.

"You hit the mark. You throw well."

"Because I throw coins often. When I'm worried or have difficulty making a decision, I decide quickly with a coin..."

"You're talking as if it's not the case now."

"There was an exception."

He said vaguely, like a sigh.

"Well, it's not easy to leave the most important problem to luck. Although the answer wouldn't come out after contemplating it until our heads were about to explode."

I walked towards the academy where my carriage was while talking to him.

"Isidor. I'll say goodbye first. I had a great time today. I also enjoyed the coffee."

Suddenly, he grabbed the carriage door with both hands and asked.

"Can you free up your Saturday night? A popular opera will premiere that day, so I bought the ticket. I also have something important to tell you."

"On Saturday night? I can't go because I have a date at that time."

He paused for a moment and then opened his mouth.

"It's good to see you spending time with your family. I'm jealous since I'm an only child."


"Won't you spend it with your family?"


A touch of coldness remained in Isidor's eyes and then disappeared without a trace.

"I guess it must be someone close enough for you to make time for him during your precious weekend night. I'm curious to know who that person is."

He asked while giving me a smile as sweet as honey.

"No, it's not honey, but rather saccharin*. A very artificial sweet taste."

"...Why does it sound like you're interrogating me?"

"I wonder why it sounds that way. It's just a simple question."


"Is he a friend?"

There was a hint of tenacity.

"He's not a friend, but... By the way, why does it seem like you're so anxious to know? You don't have to pay attention to it; it's not a big deal."

"It's about you, so how can I not care...?"

At that moment, a strong wind blew enough for the fallen leaves on the ground to scatter into pieces.

My shoulders trembled slightly as the cold air even entered the carriage, then he sighed.

"The weather will be quite cold. Take care of the cold and go home safe and sound. Feel free to contact me anytime if you're bored."

"Yes. I understand."

I made a slight gesture with my hand.

"I'll see you again soon."


After parting ways with Deborah, Isidor's expression became very serious.

Most people in the Empire spent weekends with important people, such as lovers or family members, and hung out with friends only on weekday nights.

So, it bothered him even more that she had a date on Saturday.

"Who is it?"

It's not even her family, or is there another person he needs to watch out for that he doesn't know?

No way, Thierry...?

Isidor rushed to the White Knights with a furious expression, then woke up Thierry, who was sleeping face down in the office, and started harassing him.

"Isidor, why can't you believe me? I really don't have dates on weekends!"

Thierry raised his voice with an unjust expression.


"Yes. I swear on my honor as a knight."

"Do you even have honor as a knight?"

"You're going overboard. Do I really have to walk the important path of a man for you to feel relieved?"

"... For now, it's fine."

"What do you mean 'for now'? It's true!"

Isidor left the White Knights' quarters and left Thierry behind.

"If it's not Thierry, what kind of idiot is it?"

Isidor couldn't guess at all, so he frowned slightly.

In the end, he couldn't figure out who Deborah had a date with with only Deborah's information in his hands. Then, Saturday afternoon arrived.

Cookie wagged her tail in disgust as she watched Isidor enter and exit Blanchia's office with an anxious expression.

"What do I have to do?"

Isidor was immersed in his thoughts, finally calling the guild vice president.

"Master. What's the problem?"

"Bring in the best informants."

Since the incident in the subspace, Deborah's escorts had strengthened.

So, he was thinking of releasing informants who hid their presence well and were quick.

He has a standout appearance, so they might find him immediately.

He doesn't know exactly who the person she had a date with is, but the place where they will probably meet is in the Yones or Khorun district.

"Honestly, it's a dirty trick, but..."

When he asked Deborah, she seemed to want to hide who she was meeting. So, inevitably, he was more concerned about the person she was meeting.

"Maybe it could be a dangerous person."

Even though Deborah is talented, she seemed oblivious.

"She doesn't even know she's being so careless."

As Isidor was justifying his plan to follow her, a bell rang in the office, signaling that the informant had arrived.

"Come in."

As soon as the Master gave the order, there was a creak, and the huge door opened.

He looked at the documents with an expressionless doll-like face, then looked forward.


Then, the Master's pale face cracked.

Over time, a crack appeared in the white and inorganic face of the Master.

It was because there was an unexpected person standing in front of him, not the informant he had called.


Deborah reduced the distance slowly as she lowered her hood.

"Are you surprised?"


She curved her sharp eyes slowly upwards like a crescent moon.

"I guess you didn't find information that you were the person I was supposed to meet. Isidor."

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