IBAWWMB (Novel) Chapter 122



When I arrived in Blanchia for the first time, feeling nervous, the Master I encountered was obviously like a lifeless doll.

The dreadful emptiness persisted in his glassy eyes.

However, he was displaying an emotion that what was done cannot be undone while suppressing something that was overflowing at the same time.

So, I slowly stroked his cold face without even realizing it.

My fingers were slightly damp. His pale cheeks in my palms felt so warm.

"— I'm just saying I think I can understand you."

It wasn't even a great statement, but it made his eyes moisten with tears.

Perhaps, I felt less betrayed because I didn't have complete faith in him unlike the female protagonist in the work.

 "It's enough."

His voice trembled slightly.

 "It's overwhelming. It's hard to handle. To the point that it's too much."

He concluded with a hoarse and trembling voice.

The Master held my hand to his cheeks and looked into my eyes with his teary eyes.

I felt his breath full of tension through my palms.

The sight of a man trying to hold onto my warmth made me feel like I was calming a great beast.

My mind knew it, but I couldn't get used to the fact that it was the same person, so it even felt strange to see the Master so emotional.

"Since it was true, you're as kind as Isidor..."
 "When you were Isidor, you felt like the Master for a very brief moment."

He spoke softly at my small murmur.

 "You broke the clear boundaries I had set, very easily and in a breath."

His words made it seem like there used to be a strict separation between the two characters, the Master and Isidor, except when he was with me.

"Moreover, all my bad expectations went wrong."

 "Even today..."

He shook his head several times.

 "It's been like that since the first time I met you. It was the biggest change in my life."

He added in a low voice without taking his eyes off me and sticking close to me.

 "I kept making an exception only for you, Deborah."

"So I'm not sure I thought it could be hidden in the first place."

 "If you ask me to kneel, I will kneel, and if you ask me to beg, I will beg... I also thought of various excuses, but instead, it drove me more insane."

 "My leash is already being held by you."

He slid my palm that was on his cheeks and brought it to his long, firm neck.

My palm touched his fragile neck, then he slowly released my hand as if returning the loose leash.

"Master. I don't want a one-sided relationship where one side is dragged..."

I said while squeezing his hand several times that was warmed by his skin.

"You said we should get to know each other, right?"


"I also want to know more about you. I want to know that bond you're talking about..."

"Maybe that bond will gradually form by having a delicious meal between us, staying in touch, and sharing our experiences...

It's not easy to connect with a person with secrets. Since it's difficult to express your feelings honestly.

Maybe that's why I'm not sure if we can understand each other better.

I didn't look Isidor in the eyes for a long time.



"By saying you hate a one-sided relationship... can I interpret it as you liking me?"

He asked with a slightly cautious voice.

"How did you interpret it?"

"You're giving me the opportunity to make it up to you."

"Can you give me time to build trust in the future, just for a few days?"

He asked carefully, just like when he asked for my escort to the Spring Flower Dance while paying close attention to my expression.

"I responded deliberately late and then extended my hand while squinting my eyes.

His big hand trembled as if surprised.

"Let's decide with this."

I spoke of the defective coin that the Master always confidently tossed in front of me.

"If it's heads, I'll seriously consider going to the opera you mentioned earlier."

Although it was heads, the Master gave me the defective coin as a gift.

"If you do something, you will succeed. You are also more skilled in business than I am."

He gave me a strange item so that I have no reason to refuse.

In fact, I liked this defective coin where only heads come up, as if it meant luck.

It was because money kept rolling in front of me every time the Master confidently showed the coin, I even forgot he was deceiving me.

"By the way, was it simply because Isidor runs a secret organization where he lives his life as two people?"

What is also the reason why the only lord of Visconti even runs such an organization?

Interestingly, his identity was revealed, but the question of Isidor's character grew even more.


I threw the coin high carelessly since I couldn't control my strength, then caught it hastily with both hands. I turned my head at the tapping on the window.

There was a bunch of bouvardia along with a letter sent by Isidor through Muffin.

"As it's a rare species, I have to dry it well."

Enrique came to find me as I took the letter from his leg and untied it.

"In all, it was sent by the person I'm flirting with— not by a close friend. His name is Muffin, isn't it cute, Enrique?"

"Close friend?"

"He's the young master of the Visconti family. He's also famous, so you must know him, right?"

"Young master?"

Enrique's expression suddenly became serious. The boy spoke, furrowing his brow slightly.

"Sister, is the young master Visconti taller than me?"

"He's really tall."

"Is he taller than dad?"

"In all, in terms of stature? He seems taller than father."

Isidor is a bit taller, but Duke Seymour is around 180 cm.

Genetically speaking, the Seymour men had a very good physique.


Enrique, who suddenly had a sullen expression, drank the milk and got up from his seat, saying he wanted to sleep early out of nowhere. The boy's eyes narrowed.

"Enrique, are you going to bed already? Since you came here, play with me."

Enrique muttered quietly, as if not hearing me at all, and looked at Muffin like a cat targeting its prey.

"If I use fire arrow magic..."

"Eh? You shouldn't harm the bird, Enrique."

"I was just trying to burn the letters tied to its ankle. I won't harm the bird. I'm not a bad person, Sister."

"In all, the magical abilities of my Enrique must be amazing? As expected, my younger brother is a genius."

No, this, not.

"If you burn the letter... Ah... No."

"In all, I see."

I held my chest when I saw Enrique's ears that seemed to be drooping.

"Should we read a book, Enrique? Or how about a card game? I'll teach you how to play poker today."

I consoled Enrique, who seemed angry, then sat him on my lap and opened a fairy tale book.

Enrique looked at me while swinging his legs with a slightly softened face.

I'm going crazy because he's so cute.

Enrique, who listened to me tell the story, muttered a bit out of nowhere in the last scene of the marriage between the prince and the princess.

"I don't like that young master."

"In all, it's okay."

In all, as Enrique was cuter, I quickly abandoned my weak loyalty to Isidor.


The next day, I went to the academy and squinted.

"Hello, Deborah."

"... Brother Rosad?"

It was because I never expected Rosad Seymour to appear at the Academy to listen to my lectures.

"Oh, it's Sir Rosad!"

"He's much handsomer than the rumors. No wonder the ladies peek around the tower just to see him."

"Sir Rosad is a true role model for battle mages."

As soon as the graduate Rosad appeared, a great commotion erupted around the Faculty of Magic.

Rosad had also become the most sought-after person in the capital these days.

It was because the power of the Crown Prince and the battle mages of the Tower were boosting public opinion of him as a hero.

I even heard that Rosad's achievements were adapted into a play.

Seymour's features were a beautiful appearance, a strong physique, and even excellent eloquence.

He was a person labeled as a celebrity.

"In all, wait, wasn't the role that Mia Binoche originally played...?"

In my memory, the female protagonist of the novel played a significant role before and after the Goddess's Nativity Festival.

What exactly is Mia Binoche doing these days?

I can't believe you let Rosad, of all people, become the hero.

I looked at him, who appeared suddenly, while marveling.

"Brother. You're very popular."

At first glance, even students who didn't look like Magic Faculty students gathered around.

"Thanks to you."

"But you really came to listen to my lecture, didn't you? If you have any other purpose, say it now."

"I didn't have time to study the theory in detail during the war. Honestly, I'm interested in the formula you recently added as well, and we're also having lunch together today."


"I also came to answer your prayer at the same time. Since you like to receive attention."

Rosad pursed his thin lips mischievously.

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