IBAWWMB (Novel) Chapter 123



Deborah is a person full of boasts, as Rosad mentioned, but I have a phobia of attention...

"Not a very attractive offer."

Rosad furrowed his brow slightly as he felt embarrassed about his self-confidence.

"Well, this won't even make a difference in your eyes. Since your taste and expectations will increase because you are associated with Sir Visconti."


"After the conference ends, let's go shopping in the center of the Yones district immediately. What do you think?"

".... Are you paying?"

I asked hesitantly.

"How much would you buy to ask that question? Or are you being sarcastic about my change of attitude?"

He muttered with a confused look.

"Let's see until you feel satisfied."

At the same time, his tendency to spend money without discretion, like a high-ranking noble, was revealed slightly.

"I thought that shopping is a better offer than the previous one, but I have a date, so I can't go."

"With whom?"

"With Isidor."

"Strictly speaking, it's more with the Master."

My condition wasn't very good for a few days after being swept away by the mana wave due to the pressure of the ancient artifact.

"I'm still worried about that dream."

Thanks to that, I had a lot of piled-up work while resting at home, and I had to postpone all the work I have in Blanchia.

"You must be receiving too much envy from the women in the social world."

Rosad was amazed.

"You already have a date, so it's better to go shopping next time. It will be much more interesting to approach me than Belreck, who is just locked in the Tower."

As soon as Belreck's name came up, I quickly realized why Rosad was pretending to be close.

I really have no intention of giving the patent rights to slave No. 2, but it seems as if he had drawn a hasty conclusion and decided to take precautions beforehand.

Seeing his arrogant way of approaching this also meant that the formulas were quite useful to him.

"If he does something I don't like, I could threaten him with his monthly payment."

As I looked at his meaningful face, Rosad rubbed his sharp chin.

"Is there something on my face?"

"No. By the way, did you find the mastermind behind the barbarian you caught last time?"

I changed the subject, and he answered firmly.

"He didn't endure the punishment as much as I thought, so he died quickly."

"Is it difficult to catch the mastermind even though it happened within the territory?"

"Black mages are like a rat hidden in the darkness. Hiding the traces of the beast means it's high level."

Black magic that summons demonic beasts has been strictly prohibited since the early days of the empire because mages' souls are secured by demons.

Even though they will be burned at the stake after discovering they signed a contract with the devil, there were no signs of the practice disappearing because people's desire to go against the law of nature is constantly urged.

What makes it even more terrifying is that no one knows the scale when involving the beast.

Black mages always hid in the shadows.

As they were oppressed for a long time, they may have developed more tricks while fleeing from the imperial army.

"... Something is happening underwater. Although they are still just ripples."

Rosad said something ominous with a cold expression.

I remembered Isidor saying that no matter how much you fight underwater, you won't make any sound.

"It means what you see is not everything."

I reflected on the words from underwater, then brought the conference materials and went up to the platform.

"By the way, it's very popular."

The conference room was crowded because of Rosad's participation in the class.

It seemed like more people were enjoying looking at Rosad's face than listening to the class.

Unexpectedly, Rosad was only pretending to listen to the conference diligently despite his great interest in the lecture.

He seemed sincere when he said he would cheer me on.

Regardless of the circumstances, others would think that Duke Seymour and even the eldest son recognized and esteemed me.

"But why do you keep following me? I have a date later."

When the class ended, I felt Rosad's tired gaze.

"Honestly, I admired you. You explained it easily. I wondered why you suddenly became the best at the Academy, but you have this kind of talent."

"Because I have given lectures here several times already."

"When I heard about it in the Far East, I had doubts about whether it was your thesis. But now I have to upgrade my evaluation of you."

"I just downgraded my evaluation of you."

It was as much as dust, but my evaluation of Belreck had improved.


"What do you mean? My brother keeps evaluating me, so I did the same evaluation of you."

Rosad laughed while smiling.

Suddenly, I remembered the novel's plot as I watched him having fun as if he was far from being offended.

It's the little devil that becomes more interested when the other person is not easy to deal with.

"Isn't it only applicable to the female protagonist?"

"What part of Belreck is better than me? That idiot has no wit. Isn't the ruby I gave you much better than that unsophisticated artifact?"

"The more jewels, the better, but attack artifacts are rare."

Belreck also spoke sincerely.

"I didn't know you'd give more points to the rare one. I have to try harder."

"You really don't need to try that hard."

When I got goosebumps from the fake affection he showed, I saw Isidor in the distance just in time.

"It's been a long time. Sir Isidor."

Rosad spoke to Isidor out of nowhere.

"I've heard a lot about your achievements these days, Sir Rosad."

"I've just been staying in the south all this time, so you must have secured your position in the capital?"

"Because it's time for me to actively participate in capital society."

They were just exchanging greetings while beating around the bush.

It's not one, but two handsome guys considered the best in the capital.

I felt lost, as I felt like I was getting more attention than at the dance because I was standing right between them.

"I think my fear of calling attention will come to an end."

In the midst of that, Rosad said something strange out of the blue.

"Sir Isidor. I hope you have better timing in the future. Or maybe a little more prudence. I also have a lot to do with my sister."

"I have nothing to do with you."

Rosad whispered something to me.

"Deborah, in moments like this, you just have to stay still."

"Not because..."

"It's time for you to focus on your studies and thesis, as our father said. I still feel sorry for you."

Rosad narrowed his eyes slightly. He lightly touched my shoulder and walked away slowly.


Isidor suddenly called me with a mournful voice.


"Do you have other close relatives?"

"No. I haven't been very close to my relatives for a long time."

He sighed briefly.

"But why do you ask that?"

"I'm just trying to figure out who else there might be, even if it's just a few of them. But that doesn't mean there's a better idea."

He said something out of the box.

We walked towards Armand while he seemed complicated somewhere.

"I was thinking of going to Blanchia anyway, so you didn't have to come looking for me."

"I want to see your face a little more, even if it's just a little."

"Are you always like this...? It doesn't matter."

Isidor must be someone far from being honest, but somehow, he made me feel butterflies when he spoke so frankly to me.

Before going to Blanchia through Armand's back door, Isidor took out a tunic from the magical space bag and put it on.

When he put a bracelet on his wrist, the face revealed under the hood began to change. It was the face of the Master that I knew.

"Is it an ancient artifact?"

"Yes. I heard the dragon used this thing when going out to play."

"So there are times when the doll-like face also looks unnatural. I think your voice also sounds hoarser."

"Should I stop using the transformation artifact in front of you?"

As soon as we entered the office, he asked while taking off the bracelet.


I started to have a useless concern out of nowhere, whether it was better to work in front of that beautiful face for the sake of my well-being or in front of the doll face for the sake of my efficiency.

"Well, I don't need any reason to change my appearance anymore."

Isidor looked at the documents while smiling cunningly like a fox.

The dim light of the chandelier danced on the well-characterized face that looked like a well-painted oil painting in front of my eyes.

"Why am I still not accustomed to that face?"

He made a wish desperately with that face, so how can I not grant it?

"Deborah. This is the document you need to confirm this time."

He called me with a rigid voice as if he was already in work mode. Then, he explained the progress of the sale of each menu while showing me the sales statement.

"I feel like I'm the only one being influenced."

His handsome face effortlessly caught my attention, and then I turned my eyes to the statement full of numbers.

"The coffee sold much more compared to last month."

The Mocha espresso coffee menu was added, and coffee sales increased significantly compared to last month.

"It's because of the regular customers. It seems that the Tower mages noticed the effect of the coffee and drink it constantly."

It was worth deciding the location of the first store at the East Gate on purpose.

"The second store is flourishing along with the Goddess Birth Festival next month, so we need to make sure it's constantly maintaining this momentum."

It sounded like killing two birds with one stone.

"It's time to use the items Belreck built."

Belreck claimed that it was a magical tool secretly spraying poisonous gas from the heater, but in reality, it was a cotton candy machine using centrifugal force.

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