IBAWWMB (Novel) Chapter 131



“Why did he ask about the type of desire?”

Although it wasn't very daring, it impulsively provoked Isidor.

Perhaps she wanted to touch his desires, which were so clear and striking.


The moment their lips met forcefully, as if colliding, she involuntarily held her breath and closed her eyes.

Their warm lips moved along each other's as if overlapping.

His elegant nose rubbed against her face and awkwardly pressed.

"I feel dizzy."

The stimulating sensation of their lips rubbing against each other distracted her.

Tensions also soared, to the point where her neck ached.

The hand that had been caressing the nape of her neck moved gently around her ear.

She breathed through her mouth, and soon her lower lip was lightly bitten.

With his teeth, he gently bit her lip, and then carefully touched the space between her open lips.

When the tip of his tongue slid gently over her teeth, her heart, which had been beating rapidly, collapsed to the point where her stomach ached.

The unique scent of Isidor, with a refreshing feel, penetrated her nostrils, and an intense heat rose from his awkward tongue.

Soon, the wet sound that stimulated her ears resonated in the silent space.

The touch that gently caressed her cheek was very light, as if caressing something precious.

For a moment, she stiffened, and, possessed by the gently entwined movements, accepted his kiss by pulling her body forward little by little.

A faint stifled moan escaped her mouth unwittingly.

Then, suddenly, he brought her neck closer with his hand, and increased the intensity.


There was a sudden change, and her mind clouded.

The kiss shook her violently, leaving her breathless as if she had run a marathon.

As if someone had shaken her brain.

Her chest pounded forcefully, and every time the heat spread to the lower part of her abdomen, her body weakened. She felt her limbs numb from the unfamiliar sensation.

Feeling like she would collapse to the floor in an instant, she grabbed his strong arm as if holding a lifebuoy.

Soon the desk in the middle rattled, and piles of books fell. She pushed it and took a step back.

Isidor, who surprisingly let go easily, exhaled slowly and dried his shiny lips.

He exuded an atmosphere wild and raw enough to make onlookers tense.

His sharp eyes were red, and his broad shoulders moved up and down with each breath.

He slightly furrowed his brows and violently pushed the desk to the side. The heavy-looking wooden desk was pushed against the wall, and now there was nothing between him and her.

"Because I like you so much..."

"... ...?"

"I think I'm going crazy."

It was a voice so full of longing that it left her breathless.

She could only purse her wet lips.

His turquoise eyes fluttered like a sea in the middle of the night.

She thought he was going to attack her again, but suddenly he reached out and carefully tucked her disheveled hair behind her ear.

"I like you."

He first appeared friendly, and an instant later, he turned wild. Then he confessed sweetly, with eyes that seemed to want to devour her. She couldn't keep up with Isidor's pace.

Curiously, his duality gave her a strange sense of identity and at the same time made him seem more attractive.

He has many secrets, but for her, sometimes he becomes too sincere.

"I like you."

The warmth spread across her cheeks at his confession, tickling her ears. When she dropped her head slightly, he lifted her chin and lightly rubbed her cheek.

"Tell me that you like me too."

He said desperately, as if pleading. Her throat felt blocked, but she managed to open her mouth and whisper weakly. Perhaps he heard her because he wrapped his hands around her face and kissed her again.

Light kisses, falling gently like drizzle, continued endlessly. His lips touched her cheeks, her eyes, her forehead, and even her eyebrows.

"Would you go out with me?"

When their eyes met, he suddenly asked. I nodded without hesitation, looking at him with deep affection.

Even after he suggested it, he seemed surprised and hugged me tightly.


That afternoon, a carriage filled with things arrived at the Seymour mansion. Visconti's servants came with dresses, accessories, and shoes that Princess Deborah would wear on the coronation ceremony day.

"The dress is very beautiful. It's not frivolous, but it's not too common either."

"From hair ornaments to anklets..."

Even the princess's servants admired Isidor's good taste and meticulousness.

Moreover, the news that Duke Visconti had sent a gift reached Duke Seymour immediately.

"That bastard fox has finally gone mad!"

Furious, Duke Seymour mercilessly tore the letter that Isidor had sent him.

"I spoke clearly so that he could understand!"

Duke Seymour was about to attack Visconti, so the vassals tried to calm him down, and the twins in the conference room looked embarrassed.

Deborah was the most talked-about partner of Duke Visconti these days.

"There hadn't been much talk yet, so he thought he would bring a lady recommended by the family."

It would be a very public place.

All members of the royal family would be present, and many people would attend, so bringing her there meant she was special to Isidor.

It would be seen as a serious relationship for those who still had different opinions about what kind of relationship the two had.

"On top of that, he made this request just two days before the ceremony? He must be crazy!"

The excuse that there wasn't much time didn't work for Duke Seymour.

"What shall we do with him?"

Belreck said seriously.

The fact that Deborah received the dress from Isidor meant that the parties had already reached an agreement, so the situation was not good.

"Well, if he doesn't understand, we can tie up his limbs and threaten him to back off."

Rosad, whose specialty was kidnapping and confinement, torture, and intimidation, said fiercely.

"Young Master Rosad. If he really does such a thing, we might have to go to war with Visconti."

One of his vassals, who knew that Seymour's immediate family lacked basic common sense, intervened in a state of shock.

"It's a joke."

Rosad responded.

"...Was that a joke?"

Duke Seymour rubbed his chin with a hint of regret and then stood up with a stern face.

"Bring all the carriages and horses they have at once."

His eyes shone like a viper.

"On the day of the ceremony, I intend to intervene in every path the Visconti carriage takes.

At least he won't be able to set foot in this mansion.

P-please, everyone, wait!


"It would have been a bit difficult without movement magic."

Until that day, Isidor had been bothered by the men of the Seymour family.

From false rumors to interference on the way.

Finally, he managed to use his movement magic to leave and entered Seymour in a carriage parked elsewhere.

"How did you get here?"

When he appeared in front of the mansion to escort the princess, Duke Seymour seemed surprised, and Isidor greeted courteously.

Duke. How have you been?

Thanks to you... I've been well. Why is Duke Visconti getting paler and paler?

I am flattered.

Since Isidor had been promoted to the same rank, Duke Seymour had no choice but to speak courteously while grinding his teeth internally.

The catch was that he might have to speak louder in public.

As they awkwardly looked at each other, Deborah appeared accompanied by the servants.

Duke Seymour swallowed his bitterness at the appearance of his daughter, who today was exceptionally elegant and beautiful.

He hated to admit it, but Visconti seems to have sharpened his knife to make his daughter shine the most today.

"I wouldn't have had much time."

Even a duke uninterested in jewelry could tell at a glance that the necklace was not a common item.

You look even more beautiful today. See you in a bit, Deborah.

The duke took his daughter's hand and said sweetly.

The event featured the presence of high-ranking noble families as representatives, so they were going to see each other again soon anyway.

I'll be watching.

With that meaning, Duke Seymour glared fiercely at Isidor.

Although he felt a piercing gaze, Isidor forced a smile and accompanied the princess into the carriage with the utmost respect.

After a while, the carriage with the colorful golden Visconti emblem set off towards Horun Castle, where the ceremony would take place.

The surroundings of the castle were already crowded with people coming to witness the event.

Most people came in masses to see the most handsome duke in the empire, even from a distance.

The highest platform, in front of the Imperial Plaza. It had chairs lined around an elaborate sculpture shaped like a blue dragon.

The indigo chair was where the royal family and queens sat, the purple chairs were for the heads of high-ranking families and their companions. And the rest of the seats were occupied by distinguished personalities directly invited by the emperor.

One by one, the seat owners began to appear, and after a while, when the Visconti carriage appeared, everyone in the square turned their attention."

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