IBAWWMB (Novel) Chapter 132



When the coachman opened the large carriage door, the crowd fell silent in anticipation.

Several nobles attended to receive titles, but the main protagonist of the day was Duke Visconti.

Then, the youngest Duke of the Empire appeared.

They wondered what a great person he must be to become the Flower of the Year even though he is a man, but he is a beauty beyond imagination.

Those who imagined that Duke Visconti would be of the pure handsome type due to the title of Flower of the Year were also surprised by his great physique and overwhelming atmosphere.

They expected him to seem quite approachable since he took the title of duke at an early age, but they were wrong.

"If someone stands next to such a fine man, they will surely be overshadowed."

Then, he courteously extended his hand and escorted his companion out of the carriage.

As soon as the woman with a cold, stone-like appearance stepped out of the carriage, the crowd fell silent with different meanings while holding a sigh.

They were doubting the rumors that had circulated, but finally, Deborah was the partner of Duke Visconti.

"I never thought he would bring her as his companion here."

I suppose it's true that there has been some kind of relationship between Seymour and Visconti for a long time.

"I heard she seized his weakness."

However, the moment Duke Visconti smiled gently while looking at Deborah, the people there realized how unfounded the circulating rumors were and that the reality was actually simple.

Someone said that coughs and love cannot be hidden, so everyone could clearly see that Duke Visconti seemed to have fallen in love with Princess Seymour.

She intertwined her arms with confident eyes, and the young duke smiled shyly. Then, he carefully adjusted her slightly twisted bracelet.

"Is he completely in love with her?"

Men especially seemed to understand better. The fact that such expressions can never be feigned.

Certainly, he looked dignified and cold until now, but now he looked like a young teenager.

Then, Isidor suddenly brought his face close to her pale cheeks, and a brief gasp was heard around him.

It was an involuntary sound made by the ladies who looked over their fans.

They wondered why their faces were so close, but suddenly realized they were whispering.

However, Deborah seemed to be in a bad mood despite Duke Visconti being so affectionate, and she waved her fan while frowning slightly.

In reality, her face hardened because she was so nervous due to the attention and was waving her fan because she was sweating to the point of being drenched in cold sweat, but people began to fall deep into confusion.

"Doesn't it seem like Duke Visconti likes her more?"

"I guess I wasn't the only one who thought that. I even doubted my eyes for a moment."

"What kind of charms does she have...?"

"Honestly, she is beautiful."

Besides her bad reputation, her beauty was not very well known.

However, the atmosphere they both emanated was completely opposite, so their presence did not feel overshadowed at all even though Duke Visconti was by her side, and both stood out surprisingly.

"They match well. Even their behavior is perfect."

A lady murmured.

"Any other young lady would be so nervous in this kind of place, but, as expected, her confidence is as great as the Seymour bloodline."

"Her clothes are also formal and elegant. The accessories are not excessive, and the silk dress she is wearing is very unique."

The mermaid-line dress looked blue at first glance but gradually transformed into purple towards the hem of the dress. The dress emphasized her height and complemented her skin tone.

The blue diamond shining on her white neck was especially a masterpiece.

"That jewel... Isn't it the blue diamond that was recently extracted? It's called 'The Teardrop Diamond,' reminiscent of a mermaid's tears..."

Evidently, it was Isidor's marketing strategy.

"I can't believe Deborah is the first person to present that rare jewel after the pink diamond."

Duke Visconti and Deborah sat at the front under the direction of an imperial servant, and the nobles who saw the necklace up close as they passed couldn't hide their astonishment.

"Did you see the delicate cursive writing at the bottom?"

"Mineral craftsmanship is popular these days. I'm sure her name is engraved on it! There are very small diamonds embedded."

"Oh my God, no one could wear it on their neck, even if it gets lost on the black market."

"Well. What right do you have to wear a necklace engraved with the name Deborah Seymour? You should be glad your neck doesn't fly off.

Although the Emperor appeared alongside the royal family, the interest of the nobles still focused on the youngest duke and the princess of Seymour.

There was also a gaze observing Deborah with cold eyes.

* * *

I never thought it would be such a grand scale.

I expected Isidor to attract attention, but I never thought I would be sitting at the front where I could see every inch of the emperor's bluish-gray hair.

"Because I was eaten by jealousy... What the hell have I done?"

I thought Lady Cyril or something like that was bold. I never thought I would sit in front of the Emperor.

I watched the local lords receiving the title stiffly.

The Emperor granted the title starting from the Earl's title, and Isidor's title is the highest here, so it will be awarded last. It seemed that every place would make the highlight of the show the last to be presented.

"If I also buy a title, it should be at an appropriate level."

Suddenly, I made eye contact with the Fifth Princess sitting in the imperial hall as she stared straight ahead while calculating in my mind.

She winked and made a gesture to have a drink.

"Did you decide to have a drink with the princess?"

Isidor whispered softly to me, and my shoulder shrank as I felt tickling in my ears.


"... I shouldn't let my guard down on that side either."

"What do you mean?"

"The same goes for your father."

Isidor quickly moved his face away from my ears and continued muttering some gibberish, saying he almost died a moment ago.

"By the way, I'm very bored."

I bit my lips to suppress the yawn that would come out of boredom as the repetitive pattern continued.

The atmosphere gradually became dull, and I also felt that the Emperor was getting tired as he kept saying the same things.

After the title presentation ceremony, which lasted for a few hours, there was a short break for refreshments, and the environment quickly became chaotic.

—Deborah. It's very different to see you here. You also look so beautiful today.

—Your Highness. How have you been?

—I have been well.

The fifth princess joined her companion with a relieved expression. The person who came with her was the Crown Prince.

"Now that I think about it, the fifth princess is the only younger sister of the Crown Prince."

Since the name of the first Queen is different, both probably relied on each other a lot within the imperial family.

On the other hand, the Crown Prince shook his hand slightly and patted Isidor's shoulder. It was a move that would probably be made with close friends.

And I felt a strange sympathy as I looked at the Crown Prince who was deceived by a scammer.

"Your Highness. This bastard is the Master of Blanchia."

But still, I kept my mouth shut since my lover's life is precious....

I should call you Duke Visconti now.

"You can call me comfortably, Your Highness.

"Haha. Sure. Duke Visconti.

When their greetings were over, the Crown Prince looked at me with curious eyes.

... This person is Princess Deborah.

Isidor introduced me to the Crown Prince a bit reluctantly because the imperial family does not give their greetings first.

The Crown Prince laughed.

"Isidor, I didn't know you had this kind of side.


"I also heard a lot about you from my sister, Deborah. Vivian is completely in love with you. You also have excellent talent in magical theories, don't you?

"I am flattered.

"You don't have to be so humble. Rosad also contributed greatly by playing an active role in the war, and I heard your name here and there, so I wanted to have a conversation with you in this way.

He spoke with an impatient expression.

"But there's one thing I'm curious about. How long have you been so close to Isidor? My friend is not that kind of person, so he has no interest in this kind of thing. It wouldn't be strange even if he suddenly entered the monastery one day.

"Brother. Won't Deborah be bothered by that question? Besides, I am closer to her. Right, Deborah?

Isidor narrowed his eyes, and the fifth princess joined my arms triumphantly.

"Aren't we in a relationship where we interact with our souls while sharing deep knowledge? It's just a high-dimensional world that knights will never be able to understand.

"But Isidor is a magical swordsman."

Isidor raised his eyebrows slightly with a stiff face, and the Crown Prince murmured while pressing his temple with a tired expression.

"Vivian. I beg you, let's talk about marriage laws... later.

"What the hell are you talking about?"

Why did I feel like they were talking about me, but I could only understand half of their words?

I felt a cold gaze somewhere while standing without understanding due to confusion, so I turned around and looked around.

"What is it?"

Suddenly, I made eye contact with a beautiful middle-aged woman with long, straight black hair tied in half.

"I feel like I know who she is."

She had an exotic appearance, and I saw that she was now sitting near the emperor, so she must be the fourth queen as described in the novel.

She is also the mother of the third prince who played a significant role in this last part of the story.

"But why does it feel like... she's looking at me?"

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