IBAWWMB (Novel) Chapter 133



The fourth Queen, who was staring at me, turned slowly and disappeared among the nobles; I thought I might have exaggerated.

"Never before had we seen each other, so why would she suddenly look at me?"

But the unsettling feeling I felt the moment our eyes met still lingered in my chest.

While calming my pounding heart, the words of the Crown Prince brought her back to reality.

"Duke Visconti, Princess Deborah. See you at the party."

"Yes, Your Highness."

"Until later."

After the fifth princess waved at me, I walked away. As soon as they disappeared, Isidor spoke to me.

"Do you have any discomfort?"

As I shook my head, he lightly caressed the back of my hand.

"Is the event long? Many nobles particularly elevated their titles this quarter, like Isidor. Some nobles inherited their titles from their fathers, but there were also several whose titles were elevated. 

This is because there have been monstrous waves due to cracks in the barriers recently, so many people have been active on the periphery besides Rosad. 

The third prince was also active on the battlefield. In the novel, he returned to the capital with the support of the northern lords. In the novel, he is portrayed as a strong presence, but now it seems he was somewhat overshadowed by Rosad. 

By the way, why did Rosad suddenly become a star? Surprisingly, there were reports that a play describing Rosad's activities had recently been released.

 His personality was broken, but he was popular because he handled his image well and was handsome. Belreck, who earned a lot of money with the massager, was locked in the magic tower working to meet the demand for magical equipment. 

"Is it okay?" The original story flowed strangely. "It's an uncomfortable place, but thanks for coming with me." Isidor whispered sweetly to me as he thought. "Shall we go back to our seats? The event will start again soon." 

It was a place where I didn't need to be escorted, but Isidor slid his arm as if he wanted to hold me. It was cute, so I pinched his forearm slightly, and he smiled, closing his eyes at how much he liked it.

In the moment he smiled, a brief scream similar to a dolphin was heard somewhere, but I tried to ignore it.

After a while, the Emperor, who had been absent for a while, appeared, and the succession ceremony, which had been paused, resumed. And after a long wait, the granting of the duke title took place.

After walking the red carpet between the tall marble pillars, Isidor climbed onto a high pedestal and bowed politely in front of the Emperor.

"I wish glory to one of the pillars of the Empire, Duke Visconti."

Even those who came to see the scene, reverent as a painting, held their breath.

"Why isn't there magic that can take a photo?"

Fortunately, there are artists who leave images of this scene.

"It seems painful."

The painters seemed to want to tear the paper immediately. It was an expression that seemed to have no idea how to put that face on canvas.

"Well, I don't think it's possible to capture the beauty of that person even with photos or videos."

I thought of something like a cheesy comment and stared at the image of him receiving the title.

After the event, the banquet was held in the Grand Hall of the Imperial Palace.

It was also the perfect place to build a network for the newly appointed nobility because major nobles attended.

"The Lord of the Tower also came to the banquet."

"Of course, I thought he wouldn't attend."

Some nobles were excited when the Duke Seymour, who appeared in public but rarely at such informal banquets, appeared.

Taking advantage of this opportunity to face the Tower Master, they approached the area and immediately retreated.

This is because the atmosphere of Duke Seymour was brutal enough to catch anyone.

It seemed like he was going to freeze the entire hall immediately, but when Princess Deborah approached him, he turned into a kind and gentle father.

"What did I just see?"

Among the nobles who were close, some doubted their eyes.

"Deborah, let's go home."

The suggestion from Duke Seymour, who seemed to be gritting his teeth, made Deborah's eyes look worried for a moment.

Isidor, who is the protagonist of this event, has to stay a couple of hours in the banquet hall, but if his partner leaves now, his image will be strange.

But Duke Seymour didn't know her circumstances.

"It's a very tiring place. There are so many nobles. Tomorrow is Monday, so it would be better to go home early to rest."

"In reality, I've been looking forward to dancing the first song with my father, but if you're tired, would you like to go back first?"

Duke Seymour paused.

"Hmm. It's not that I'm tired. I'm worried because it's been a while since I danced, but…"

He tried to hide his pleased expression and gently took his daughter's hand, who had asked him for a dance.

"He knows basic manners."

Isidor, who was willing to give up his first dance, stood alone, leaning against the wall.

Duke Seymour clicked his tongue inwardly seeing that Isidor didn't look even once at the beautiful girls nearby.

"A man without humanity."

Although it's better than being full of humanity.

"People who get along with Seymour are also magicians. A knight is not good."

He had been foolish and indifferent to his children, so it's the first time he's dancing with his daughter.

When the minuet started, Duke Seymour, who seemed to forget the dance, took steps ignoring the rhythm, and Deborah, who was quite athletic, accompanied him well.


Duke Seymour said, turning slowly.

"I heard that the Academy is making beginner formula textbooks."

"Thanks to Enrique, I did it whenever I had some free time."

"I'm proud of you. I want you to do whatever you want now. Regardless of customs."

He's actually working hard to become a wealthy unemployed person, but the duke didn't know such a situation.

"And you must never believe what men say. This is the truth."


On the other hand, the appearance of the Tower Lord, who is famous for being cold, dancing with his daughter, drew everyone's attention.

When Princess Deborah danced and gracefully waved her evening dress, exclamations erupted.

"It's a pity that she doesn't just look beautiful in my eyes."

Isidor, who was standing against the wall and silently looking around the ballroom, changed his white gloves and approached the princess who had just finished dancing with Duke Seymour.

"I must not invite Princess Deborah to dance tonight."

It's basic etiquette to dance first with one's partner, so other young men might invite her to dance only after Isidor's dance is over.

If Isidor doesn't dance, they have no choice but to wait.

He hid his innermost thoughts and carefully arranged the skirt of the princess's dress, which had been trampled by the duke.

"If my daughter is late, I will hold Duke Visconti responsible. Be prepared for war."

After Duke Seymour whispered that warning, he left the ballroom, and Isidor looked at him with a strange feeling.

Earlier, he really thought he might shoot him with an ice arrow, but maybe because he gave up his first dance, his impulse diminished.

"Although there is still a long way to go."

Still, pouring a bucket of water into the sea couldn't have diluted the salty taste.

"What did he say?"

"He told me not to tire you too much. Aren't you hungry? Let's go to the tea room."

"Sure, Duke."

The two entered the tea room from the back.

There were still many people chatting in the hallway, so the room with snacks was quiet.

"Try this. It'll be delicious because it has cream cheese."

Isidor fed her like a mother bird feeding its chick.

While eating a cookie covered with smoked salmon, a group of people, led by the third prince, entered the tea room with much chatter.

The group that appeared with the third prince, Javier Histach, was the lord of the northern provinces, who had been promoted to marquis this time, and his sons.

The third prince, who arrived in the north with the army given by the imperial family, effectively attacked demons, and the northern lords were able to establish a great battle alongside him.

Minu Marshall, the eldest son of a local lord, who is not familiar with the situation in the capital city, noticed Princess Deborah's notoriety at first glance.

"As expected, the ladies of the capital are different no matter what."

He had been whispering for a while that she was pretty.

So, when he saw Princess Deborah in a quiet tea room, he approached her and invited her to dance, but was immediately rejected.

"I refuse."

"May I know the reason?"

"Can't you see I'm eating?"

"I-it's not like I'm going to dance right now, so even after that…"

"You can't do that. The princess hasn't even danced with her partner, me, yet, and above all, it's not polite. This is not a suitable place to request a dance."

As soon as Duke Visconti took a step forward, Minu Marshall retreated as if fleeing.

At that moment, the third prince, holding a glass of champagne, suddenly spilled champagne on Princess Deborah's skirt. As if it were a mistake.

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