IBAWWMB (Novel) Chapter 83



The day the fall semester begins.

There were two four-wheeled carriages with the emblem of the two-headed serpent waiting in front of the middle gate of the Seymour mansion.

Enrique, walking briskly towards the carriage, ran towards me with his hair fluttering as soon as he spotted me.


In response to my slight greeting, Enrique tapped his toes and moved his lips slightly.

"Good morning, sister."

Enrique was still a bit shy. However, he didn't raise his guard or act defensively like before.

Maybe it was because he didn't raise his sword like a hedgehog, I felt his posture and expressions were a bit more relaxed.



"Come have chocolates after dinner. I received a gift from the princess."

Enrique nodded his head as his cheeks turned red.

As I waved my hand lightly from the carriage, Enrique brought his face to the window and waved his hand in response.

Soon, the carriages departed for the academy.

The carriages sped down the private street for high-ranking aristocrats and stopped in front of the main building.

As I stepped out of the carriage, I witnessed a miracle as people split into left and right like the Red Sea.

Just like when I first arrived at this academy, the knights and ladies quickly pretended to ignore me when they looked into my eyes.

However, when I turned my gaze elsewhere, I felt a cheeky look on my cheek.

"Somehow, it seems like I'm getting more attention than before."

No, instead of receiving the same attention as in the past, I felt like they were avoiding me as if I were dirty.

And soon, I discovered the reason...

"Congratulations to Princess Deborah for being the top of the Academy - All members of Epsilon."

It must be because of the banner hanging there.

"I think I know right away who did that."

The excessive favor of the Fifth Princess was overwhelming, so I felt nauseous, but Margaret suddenly burst out in exclamation.

"That's what my father said."

"What did he say?"

"Because you are so humble, you hadn't revealed your abilities to everyone, but he said that you will soon blossom most splendidly in high society."

"Was the assistant evaluating me so positively?"

It's surprising, but I don't feel bad.

"It is an honor to serve such a great person up close."

She bowed with a slightly excited face.

"Well, let's think positively."

Thanks to the Fifth Princess's favor, I could be seen as a competent employer for the new lady-in-waiting.

And the best student should be proud of it everywhere, so there's no reason to hide it.

The problem is that I really don't like getting attention, but it's okay because the tension is not obvious on this face.

"I feel like I still have different thoughts, but it's probably due to my mood."

I rubbed my eyes, feeling tired.


After the academy classes.

A grand tea party was held in the <Omicron> Lounge at the Sorority House, while the atmosphere inside buzzed about the princess who had become the top student.

This tea party was actively organized by Emmanuelle Sereig, the second princess of Duke Sereig, the center of the Omicron women's sorority, and it was held on a grand scale.

Because it was a luxury tea party, excited laughter erupted from the beginning, and admiration for the taste of the tea and praise for Princess Emmanuelle's good eye continued.

The Sereig family was a prestigious family with excellent wealth and power. They often produced empresses and were also representatives of the Senate family.

From teacups to small teaspoons, everything was placed under the supervision of Princess Emmanuelle, so there was nothing that wasn't luxurious.

The ladies, seated at a long table, exchanged conversations about their current situations and recent trends, and as the atmosphere gradually intensified, they expanded the conversation topic more audaciously.

"Have you heard that news? I heard that Princess Deborah became the top-ranked last semester."

There was an unpleasant response from everyone in the room.

Emmanuelle Sereig lightly put down her teacup.

"I'm concerned that the tea is quite strong."

While her expression slightly furrowed her brow, she implicitly expressed her feelings.

A lady quickly read the atmosphere and spoke.

"Although the mages recognize the princess, I don't mind her being the top of the department, but I can't understand her being the highest-ranking."

"You're right. It's a thesis that can't be actively used in other fields, and she didn't actively participate in external activities like Lady Mia."

"Lady Mia. Did you say the bishop recognized your divine power?"

"It's not a big deal."

"I think excessive modesty doesn't always look good."

"You should also consider the feelings of the lady who praised Lady Mia."

"Ah, yes... I'm sorry."

It was her appearance that caused the protective instinct, but such an awkward appearance wasn't of much help in such a situation.

Because no one accepted it well.

Even though she was the benefactor of the Montes family and was accepted to attend the meeting due to rumors that the temple appreciated her, they still thought that Mia Binoche was not suitable to be among the high-ranking noble families.

In the original story, Mia received recognition by donating the scholarship, and Emmanuelle hosted a tea party to improve her image by sponsoring Mia, but the original story has already changed a lot.

"Do the mages sincerely recognize Deborah's achievement?"

Princess Emmanuelle, who was having tea with impeccable and elegant manners, suddenly asked a question about Princess Deborah.

"... A mage I know said that the formula wasn't that good. The practicality is limited to battle mages only."

"Since Princess Deborah is of the Seymour lineage and the daughter of the Tower Lord, there shouldn't be any part where no mage has raised Deborah."

(N/T: They are trying to say that probably no mage has raised Deborah as their student, as she already has a good connection.)

"Well, she is the only daughter of the Tower Lord, so could the mage below him be different?"

The ladies quickly caught on to Emmanuelle's train of thought and supported her.

"Hmm. That was the situation."

Emmanuelle poured a spoonful of sugar into her bitter tea as if asking to be asked the question before speaking again.

"The results are a bit disappointing anyway. It would have been good if the evaluation criteria were set from multiple angles."

"It's a pity. Clearly, personality and liberal arts are also important parts."

"The personality of Princess Deborah is really, um..."

At that moment, Mia trembled slightly and spilled some of her hot tea. Emmanuelle looked at her with strange eyes and clicked her tongue.

"Ah, since we're still talking about Princess Deborah, Lady Mia must be a little uncomfortable."

Mia shrugged weakly.

"Is it true that Deborah bullied you last semester? I heard you bled."

She said nothing.

"Damn it."

Emmanuelle muttered, feeling sorry, and took the tea cup.

As if they were supporting each other, they complained about Princess Deborah's bad personality.

But it was uncomfortable.

Although the club's opinion of Princess Deborah was going well as intended, Emmanuelle couldn't help but feel uncomfortable.

Princess Deborah wasn't someone to control in the first place, so it was unpleasant for this kind of situation to happen.

Seymour's black sheep who is only full of narcissism.

She has no elegance.

As the person who was belittled and ridiculed showed a sense of presence and became the talk of the town, Emmanuelle began to feel nervous and felt her like a thorn in her side.

"Since the Flower Festival, the situation has become a bit strange."

At some point, the ladies began to feel a lot of envy for Princess Deborah instead of ridiculing and ignoring her.

Emmanuelle insisted that enforcing the dress code in pairs was ill-mannered, but no one listened.

Most of them were determined to match their outfits with their partners at the upcoming dance like Princess Deborah and Sir Isidor.

"I can't believe frivolous appearance is becoming a trend."

Emmanuelle's eyes narrowed.

At the very least, the wife of a strict noble was supposed to step forward to criticize and block Deborah's eccentricity, but most of them only watched her as if they were reluctant to get involved with the princess with a bad personality.

Meanwhile, Princess Deborah joined Epsilon with the support of the Fifth Princess and rose to a position that couldn't be ignored when she became the star of the Academy.

Both Emmanuelle and Deborah were daughters of prestigious families, and the family status was also similar.

They were even the same age, so their temperament sharpened even more before they had their debutante at the same time.

She bit the tender flesh of her mouth and let it go.

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