IBAWWMB (Novel) Chapter 89




"Recently, it's been so noisy and annoying. Lady Mia was discriminated against and missed many opportunities to play an active role.

"Even though many opportunities were given?

"I'm very sorry.

Ophelia apologized by hitting her head against the ground.

"Why does it have to be Seymour? She's a headache.

People from that family couldn't be easily touched just because they got in the way.

"I heard that Duke Seymour appreciates her exceptionally and specially."

If the lady were a low-ranking aristocrat who obstructed the plan in this way, her life would have already disappeared.

"Princess Seymour... why did that woman, who had nothing to do with it, change?

"I-I'm not sure either. Obviously, she was just a stupid villain...

Ophelia was speaking gibberish.

"Is that what should come out of your mouth as an informant?"

"You say villain. If the majority says it's true, then it's okay, and if it's wrong, then it's wrong. Ophelia, if most say she's a demon, it means she can also be an angel."

"That... I'm sorry. This will never happen again. Still, the princess of the Sereig family keeps her under control. She is good at influencing public opinion. The princess's side will agree with her."

"Can you assert that?"

"Yes! Yes! The formula is somewhat beneficial, and since she doesn't know how to handle mana, there's no reason for her to stand out in the future."

Ophelia said while vigorously nodding her head.

She trusted the carefully researched data from the past. And thought that people don't change so easily.

It must be a coincidence. It should be a coincidence.

Ophelia thought as she crawled on the floor with a trembling body.

She's not trustworthy at all.

Meanwhile, the man sitting on the left looked at Ophelia's back in disbelief and tapped the chair with his fingers.

I diligently observed the egg, which became more transparent and brighter as the days passed, and then prepared to go to the academy.

"It's already annoying."

In the fall semester, there were many academic lectures and various events compared to the spring semester, so I expected to be quite busy.

In addition, today, there was a meeting with Bert Seymour, the Dean of the Department of Magic.

I don't know why he's suddenly looking for me, but I hoped it wasn't just a troublesome matter.

As I walked toward the Department of Magic, I took a deep breath in front of the Dean's office and shook the bell cord.

Soon, the door opened, and I bowed to Marquis Bert, the twin brother of Duke Seymour.

"It's been a long time, Deborah. How have you been?"

He tapped the ashtray with his pipe and spoke.

A faint scent of medicinal herbs wafted around the tip of my nose along with the smell of pipe smoke.

"Why does it smell like herbs?"

I spoke while feeling puzzled, as it didn't seem like a simple cigarette odor.

"Dean, have you been well?"

"Honestly speaking, I didn't have a good time thanks to you in the meantime. It was very noisy inside and out."

I closed my mouth, embarrassed by his cold response.

Of course, I knew it would be tough.

It's no wonder I was worried even before coming here.

"Shouldn't you be able to share your plans and thoughts with me at least once in advance about the truth-seeking meeting the other day and about the lectures you've been giving in the Tower all this time? If you're going to act like this on your own, why do you have to go to the Academy?"

However, unlike his cold tone, his silver eyes had a strange look.

I don't know what kind of response he expects from me, but it wasn't like me to bow my head and say sorry.

As I walked through the hallways of the Department of Magic, I remembered the phrase I saw all the time.

"I'm going to the academy because it's a place for the pursuit of truth."

"Truth? What does that have to do with you making your own judgments and doing whatever you want?"

"Truth is a universal and valid law or fact that anyone can approve at any time and in any place, and the first Dean of the Department of Magic at the Academy inscribed the quote on the tombstone to let the truth set you free because you know the truth."

"So, are you freely pursuing the truth?"

"... Yes. Think of it as the will of freedom, not arbitrary."

"Ha ha!"

He suddenly laughed as if it were funny.

"I'm relieved because I don't think you'll be easily attacked when I see you speaking as cunningly as a fox. Well, I don't need my concerns to grow, as you've already made it impossible for Lord Raymont to recover."

"What do you mean?"

As I blinked with a bewildered expression, he got up from the wooden desk and approached me.

"What kind of tea do you like?"

He asked with a very soft voice.

I hesitated and told him the name of the most popular tea here.

"And dessert?"

"I heard that Armand's cake is delicious these days."

I didn't forget to promote it in the meantime.

"Oh, I think I've heard of it too. Attendees usually go buy it and eat it."

"Wow. That's good news."

Shortly after, the servants served two cups of Southern black tea, and silence fell over the office.

"Why do you think I called you? Somehow, I think you can also guess this."

"I'm not really sure. I've caused a lot of trouble so far."

Maybe it's about the guy Deborah smashed in the forehead with a magic stone and filed a complaint later.

Marquis Bert seems to favor me to some extent, so when I spoke honestly, he smiled as the scar on his cheek twisted.

"Well, there have been many news and incidents since you enrolled in the Academy. I like the volume these days. Many people are jealous of you, but you should also know that there are many professors who support you, like me."

Why did that come out of nowhere?

"... ... ."

"The introduction was long. In conclusion, it means giving lectures from time to time at the academy and also outside of the Tower. I will make room for these occasional lectures."

It's spicy and crazy.

Compliment while attacking and finish with a request.

"How do I refuse this?"


I finally accepted his request.

His words also bothered me because there were people trying to criticize my accomplishments.

What kind of punk is he?

As I was from the famous Seymour family, I was in no position to envy certain people even if everyone cursed me.

However, I found it a bit annoying because I was the top-ranked.

"I'm annoyed."

By attacking my thesis, it means my overall fixed monthly income could take a hit.

"I can't forgive anyone who touches my pocket."

I finished my tea and left the dean's office.


I'll get busier.

Materials for lectures, preparations for group academic conferences for Epsilon, and even the store.

I felt sad at the sinister workload bomb that had just fallen in front of my nose.

In particular, preparations for the academic conference of the Mana Club with the fifth princess in secret require a lot of effort.

Recently, Epsilon has a group academic conference ahead, so everyone was busy.

Since I'm a member who was transferred halfway through, I was able to escape in the spring semester, but I think it will be impossible from the fall semester.

"Because the highlight of the academy is the fall semester."

Above all, the motivation of the fifth princess to present a wonderful thesis at the group academic conference seemed to pierce the sky.

And she was so famous to the point that the Epsilon academic conference can be counted on one hand in the Empire.

This is because Epsilon's seniors, such as important personalities, imperial officials, and famous scholars, will also attend.

If the thesis catches the attention of high-ranking officials, it could be reflected in current policy, so it was of great importance to academics.

However, I had an ominous feeling that only the path of suffering in the future would open up clearly.

"Something's wrong."

I secretly sneaked into the club room in a bad mood and walked around, then entered the main Epsilon building.

The interior of the main building is always kept at the right temperature by magic, and it was refreshing for the mind because there were a variety of attractions, such as paintings and sculptures on display.

As I wandered, I walked to the sound of the screeching piano accompaniment coming from somewhere.

Isn't Thierry the only one in the piano music department?

Maybe a kid entered and started playing the piano.

Thierry is the kind of person who would even bring his younger brother from somewhere to this place.

Dang-Ding-! Damn it!

"What the hell are you trying to play with that?"

I was convinced it was a child, so I casually looked at the window of the music department, suspected my eyes for a moment, and as soon as I discovered his identity, I bit my lips hard.

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