IBAWWMB (Novel) Chapter 91



"Oh, that's nice to hear."

Isidor finally smiled.

"Is this a song from another country? It doesn't seem like a song that nobles would enjoy listening to."

Where the hell did she learn this? Or was this also something new she created?

Curiosity surged once again.

Princess Deborah always took unexpected turns, and her behavior was completely unpredictable.

It's the same now.

The princess who suddenly pretended to be a piano teacher began to increase the speed of the accompaniment with a playful expression like that of a child, and his heart began to beat even faster to match the rhythm.

"I'm dizzy."

While her long, white fingers moved quickly to one side, Isidor's elegant hand began to wander back and forth on the keyboard as if he were lost.

Then, he accidentally collided with her hand.


He was terribly surprised.

The buttons of his sleeves got stuck when he pressed the keys, so Isidor rolled up his sleeve once, and the exposed bare skin appeared between the gloves and the shirt.

He also wore long sleeves and thin gloves even in the summer, so he never revealed his bare skin in this way. However, today was a very exceptional case.

It felt like their skins brushed against each other for a moment.

Heat overtook his entire body due to unexpected contact, so he suddenly stood up without realizing it.

He must be crazy.

From the moment he saw her burst into laughter, his mind became strange. Everything was beyond expectations and control.

This is dangerous.

Confused by the word that came to mind, he tried to run away, but she clung to him to finish playing.

"Why are you holding me when I'm in trouble, even though you've been watching me all this time?"

His reasoning returned a bit due to resentment and twisted projection.

It was quite arbitrary and impulsive on his part to remove the fallen leaves from her shoulder.

Isidor, who was spinning his fingers around the fallen leaf, which was tinged with red in early autumn, looked at her pale wrist that had been exposed through the open sleeves.

He hated anyone touching him from before.

Misophobia has been a long-standing habit of his. He assumed it was probably related to "that matter."

When he was young, he was so sensitive that he couldn't bear the possibility of other people entering his space.

However, after learning that he would have great trouble with social activities if they found out his misophobia was severe, he invited various tutors to learn social dances to suppress those feelings.

Perhaps, because of his strong will not to reveal his weaknesses, he could dance with the ladies without any problem in important places.

However, he had to use gloves to provide psychological shielding.

The glove was a basic accessory that knights with calloused hands used, so it seemed that there was no problem on the surface.

So, it was easier for him to make excuses to himself.

"It's no big deal, so don't worry."

He was surprised to feel a small touch on his skin until his mind went blank.

What was even more shocking was that the emotions he felt at that moment were not of disgust.

He played with the fallen leaf in a distracted movement somewhere, and suddenly jumped from his seat with a flushed face.


"Now that I think about it, at first, I wasn't, but I always feel like I'm the one who stumbles at the end."

The huge back of Isidor clumsily playing the piano often came to mind out of nowhere.

After meeting him, I was filled with thoughts about him unknowingly.

Although he seemed to have a mysterious aspect, I didn't even know that it was because he ended up being kind to me.

When I remembered Isidor laughing happily while listening to the music, an unexpected idea suddenly came to mind.

"Why haven't I thought of this?"

Those great songs from my past life would be nice to listen to here as well.

However, the famous melodies I know haven't been introduced here.

Music jackpot!

Music is the most powerful universal language that goes beyond all levels.

And since I know the melodies of famous classical songs or pop songs, just humming the symphony will allow me to borrow from the original composer and create a similar masterpiece.

Of course, this isn't a place where you can make a lot of money with music income.

But the sheet music can be sold.

And I also have a good place called Armand where I can promote various songs.

"I should use recording artifacts to play background music in Armand."

It's a two-birds-with-one-stone project that makes the interior atmosphere of Armand unique and beautiful, in addition to promoting the sheet music business.

It would be nice to release it as <Armand's Music Collection> like a jazz album from a famous café.

Buying songs from unknown composers that go well with the cafe's background sound would make the music collection even richer...

Music and coffee.

While planning a new project full of romance and excitement, I faced a challenge.

Recording artifacts are too expensive, and you can't include many songs.

Of course, since I have a lot of money, I can buy dozens of recording artifacts, but there are problems when I franchise.

This is because the key to the franchise is that everything must be the same, from the ambiance to the menu, whether it's the main store or the 100th store.


Perhaps in the franchise, it would be difficult to manage the expensive accessory costs.

"Let's try it first. Your business partner is the creator of the recording artifacts, so you'll get it at a cheaper price."

If the sheet music sells well in the future, it's also an amount that can be offset well.

"First of all, it's important to get a composer who can correct my humming and fill in the empty notes."

The background music of the cafe is not as urgent as launching a new menu, so I noted the idea lightly.

"Have they finished developing the menu I asked for?"

I adjusted my hooded tunic and headed to Armand.


The delicious smell of raw roasted beans wafted through the Armand kitchen.

Certainly, the aroma was more convincing than the coffee I had previously had at Maisond.

"Madam, would you like to try it once?"

Milo, the pastry chef of Armand, asked with an empty expression.

It was a face that indicated he hadn't been able to sleep well.

He must have consumed a lot of caffeine while tasting the coffee to test the flavor.

"It means that the amount of beans currently arriving is effective."

As soon as I took a sip of the drink he gave me, I nodded slightly, meaning it was not bad.

It was slightly inferior to what I had in my previous life, but this was enough to drink.

"Everything becomes delicious if there's chocolate."

I couldn't find a barista who could make the beans smell and taste correctly, so I decided to make a café mocha with milk and chocolate mixed with the beans, then topped with whipped cream.

The manager next to me took a sip of the café mocha and was impressed.

"I didn't know that this black and bitter drink called coffee would change so wonderfully! It's as delicious as nuts and sweet. It's not just sweet like regular chocolate drinks."

Seeing that he emptied the entire cup, it seemed that even those who weren't familiar with the taste of coffee could drink it.

After finishing the development of the new menu, the manager and I returned to the basement office.

"Madam, how will you name this tasty yet somewhat sweet drink?"

"Café Moca."

"It's a cute name."

"It's important to promote this. Write it in the description as the drink of wisdom."

"Drink of wisdom?"

"Yes. Drinking Café Moca can increase your concentration. The learning effect also improves. It's not just sweet and delicious."

And now is the best time to launch it.

Currently, the academy was in a study-focused environment due to various academic conferences and graduation theses for the fall semester.

It was very different from the spring semester, which was more relaxed and carefree.

"Those guys who cram for it will come out slowly. No matter how aristocratic they are, they must have a thesis to graduate."

Most of them drink caffeine-containing iced tea to relieve their fatigue, but when you drink the same amount of tea, the caffeine intake rate is much lower compared to coffee.

In the case of tea, even though it has the effect of slowly waking up, the waking effect is not as strong as coffee.

"It's not a product of the 21st century that dominated for nothing."

Once you touch it, you'll have no choice but to rely on caffeine.

As I did in my past life.


"Princess, where are you going?"

The liberal arts class will start soon, but I was heading towards the east gate instead of the main building of the Academy, and Margaret asked me with a puzzled expression.

"To drink this."

I took out two café mocas and handed one to Margaret.

"This is a drink I've never seen before."

Margaret murmured with a curious voice and expressed some admiration while continuing to drink. It seemed to suit her taste well.

"It's delicious."

"You'll be surprised because you won't be able to sleep at night."

I grabbed the café mocha and entered the classroom without saying a word.

As everyone sees.

If Isidor promoted takeout food in a sophisticated way, Café Moca was ideal for me to promote it myself.

Who had the most dramatic grade change in the academy?

It was the person who went from the lowest rank to the top rank.

There was no better person than me to promote the drink of wisdom.

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