IBAWWMB (Novel) Chapter 92



"I can't believe she's having a drink before the exam."
"Can she do that?"
"There's no rule that says she can't, but..."
"Since there's something called takeout food, you can also do that strange thing."
Princess Deborah sat by the window as usual, with her chin raised and her legs crossed.

She looked quite dominant, perhaps due to the power backing her. It seemed like she was about to give an order while looking at others immediately.

Whether her behavior shown was a rumor or not, Princess Deborah took the test while holding a cup with Armand's logo and took a sip.

Even her rank is number one.

She looked completely different from the past when she was absent on exam days or when she was on the list of those who had to retake the exam every time.

"How can you suddenly improve your grades like that? Did you perhaps sell your soul to the devil?"

Although her personality still looked bad, the students secretly felt curious when they saw the princess whose grades had significantly improved.

The secret of writing a thesis to the point that even the brilliant fifth princess recognized it and becoming the top-ranked student at the Academy.

From that moment on, the princess showed up with a drink on the day of the liberal arts class every time she took an exam.

So, students began to wonder why she drank that beverage only during exams.

"Since the assistant came instead of the professor on the quiz, there's no one who has a connection with her, that's why she's like this."

"You're the one who has no tact. Is Princess Deborah someone who cares about the professor's feelings? She even made a professor from the Department of Magic disappear without a trace."

"Hm. Well."

"I think there's something in that drink."

"Isn't she drinking it because she's thirsty?"

Ambiguously, the other person turned out to be Princess Deborah, so they couldn't approach her.

An incident erupted the moment they were secretly concerned.

"Aren't you going to do anything right?"

A sharp voice echoed on the Academy campus as if it was piercing their ears with a knife.

As soon as Princess Deborah showed her viper-like temperament after a long time, the students passing by stopped walking unknowingly.

"She... she's scary."

Because she's angry, she looks even more unhinged.

All the students had no choice but to cry to Margaret Rouxel for help in the face of Princess Deborah's bloodthirsty expression.

"Why are you so bad? Get rid of this!"

It was then.

Princess couldn't contain her bad temper and threw the drink Margaret had brought her to the ground abruptly.


As the bright red tea splashed back and forth, the light purple hem of her princess dress was dyed red as if it were splattered with blood.

"I, I'm sorry."

"Apologizing is all you'll do? Oh? Why don't you get lost?"

When she began to crush the paper cup with the tip of her high heels for no reason, the attitude of the men, who remembered the incident in which the Westerner became impotent, spontaneously became polite.

"If you want to keep assisting me from the beginning of the class, you should know what to do. Should I spell out everything until my mouth hurts?"

Apparently, the princess's lady-in-waiting had bought the wrong drink.

In the face of Princess Deborah's warning, Margaret, the lady-in-waiting, immediately burst into tears and nodded her head with a fainting expression.

"I'm sorry."

"There's an exam going on right now, but if I can't get the first place, will you be responsible?"

Princess Deborah started to be temperamental as if she were worried about her grades.

"I have to show those idiots who are very dissatisfied with me being the top-ranked an example!"

Some whispered and trembled.

Margaret hurriedly let the tears flow.

"Heuk, I think tea is better than sweet Café Moca to relieve tension..."

"How dare you make your own judgment!"

The princess cut off Margaret's words and opened her eyes even more fiercely.

"Do you think I'm doing this for nothing?! That Café Moca is the coffee I drank when I was developing formulas..."

Princess Deborah exploded with an angry face from head to toe and suddenly stopped speaking.

What did she just say?

When did she develop the formulas?

At that moment, a trace of curiosity crossed the eyes of the onlookers instead of fear.

It was a desire to know the secret of improving grades.

As if the princess had unintentionally revealed high-quality information, she frowned fiercely, bit her lips, and aroused more curiosity.

"Order it right now!"

Princess Deborah kicked the badly deformed paper cup toward Margaret, and she disappeared with quick steps.

Margaret took the deformed paper cup while taking a deep breath and ran to the Academy's East Gate.

Long after she had disappeared, the students moved their stiff and hardened lips.

"She's scary. I really don't want to get involved with Princess Deborah."

"I'm going to be poisoned for nothing."

"They had a conversation and then went their separate ways.

The fact that the princess with a bad personality almost got angry was not important at this moment.

They wanted to quickly confirm the high-level information they had accidentally obtained.

"She clearly said Café... Moca, right?"

There must have been something that only Princess Seymour knew about in the new menu published by Armand.

That's why she brought that drink with her every time there was an exam.

Perhaps it's a special drink, like Super Aid, that knights love.

"Let's go and see."


"Although Margaret seems very well-informed, she's surprisingly talented in acting."

Sweet Café Moca. It was easy to insert an advertising comment so smoothly.

As the employer who planned the operation, I played a big role to not lose.

The assistant from the training center, nicknamed Viper, whom I saw on TV in my previous life, helped me a lot.

"At this point, the staff must be doing a great job selling Café Moca to the students who flocked to Armand."

They will introduce that inside Café Moca, there is a wisdom drink called "coffee" that was consumed by the wise men of the South.

The Duchy of Perdin, where the coffee beans are produced, is located in the South, and some of the elites would have drunk coffee, so at least it's not bad.

And they will add that they brought a secret that only the wise men shared.

Because I ordered them that way.

It's even more appealing because I said it as if I had been using that "secret" since I started studying formulas.

"I'm sleepy."

I felt tired after studying a lot recently to perform well on the liberal arts exam.

"Of course, this is nothing now compared to my desperate efforts to get a scholarship in my previous life."

If the coffee business goes well, I can earn an income that is incomparable to the semester's scholarship, but that's it.

I should have opened my eyes more terrifyingly. I couldn't control my facial expression while talking. Wasn't it uncomfortable?

While sitting on a bench in the forest near the Fraternity House and having a moment of reflection, someone handed me a handkerchief.

I looked up at the white gloves I used to see.

"Sir Isidor?"

When our gazes met, he smiled cheerfully.

"Why the handkerchief..."

"It's stained. May I?"

While acting enthusiastically, I didn't even realize that the red tea had splashed onto my shoes.

Suddenly, he leaned over and gently wiped my pointed shoes.

The feeling of him gently caressing my feet brought a warm flush to my neck.

I was so grateful for his aggressive chivalry that I couldn't help but silently cheer.

My vision spun. I clenched my fists to focus, but Isidor had sat down next to me at some point.

"Do you usually come here to take a break?"

"I like this place because it's quiet and peaceful. Of course, what I like most are glamorous things."

"Under the glamorous facade, there's often a silent darkness."

He said strange things, and I refuted them.

"The beautiful swan swims underwater without resting. Can you still say it's quiet?"

"You can't hear any sound underwater anyway."

"That's right. Sound is hard to hear because the amplitude of sound waves is small underwater."

Convinced, the eyes looking at her were very sweet. As if he understood everything.

Strangely, I felt like his gaze touched somewhere inside me.

"Oh, Princess. When will you check if my piano skills have improved or not?"

He changed the subject.

"About next year?"

I also threw in a joke.

"What? Then it seems like I need to practice more. Still, I played all the songs you taught me."

He laughed.

After sitting side by side for a while and constantly making silly jokes, Isidor got up first, saying he had a schedule.

Perhaps, does he know something about me?

I tilted my head, looking at the shoes he had touched.


"Lady Margaret, are you feeling well?"

Margaret looked at the ladies who approached her with strange eyes.

They were ladies who had never spoken to her first, saying she was a boring, straightforward person who knew nothing but the law.

"You must not be well."

They deliberately looked at her while murmuring in a gloomy tone, and the ladies immediately approached her and sat down near the fountain.

"Oh, that personality is still the same. A lady I know even experienced hair loss for unknown reasons when she was Princess Deborah's lady-in-waiting."

"Cheer up. I almost became Princess's lady-in-waiting last semester, so Lady Margaret's job will be very difficult."

Their eyes were shining as if they were trying to find out something.

Margaret secretly swallowed a sigh as she received their attention.

Princess Deborah. How much did you anticipate?

How come these unpleasant girls didn't deviate from your expectations even an inch?

Margaret was shocked by the big picture of the princess and couldn't help but be amazed.

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