IBAWWMB (Novel) Chapter 93



"As my father said, Princess Deborah had outstanding skills, but she is humble, so she had not demonstrated her abilities at all."

Margaret recalled the day when she mingled with the group of ladies like bees.

"Margaret, what do you think of Armand?"

Margaret responded without worries.

"I think it's great. In particular, they donated that clock tower for the benefit of the public."

"It's a relief. I would have been disappointed if my subjects hated my shop."

When Princess Deborah revealed that Armand was her shop in the beginning, Margaret did not express it, but she was deeply surprised.

The princess, who turned the magical world upside down with formulas, was the owner of the most popular dessert shop in the Khorun district.

No matter how strong the direct line of the great Seymour, Margaret couldn't believe that she could do so much on her own even though they were the same age.

"I say this because I trust you firmly. I still have no intention of revealing to the outside world that I am the shop owner."

She trusted her.

Those words overwhelmed Margaret.

"I will return your faith in me."

"I would like to spread to everyone that the 'coffee' in Café Moca is a wisdom drink that helped me a lot when I was developing the formula."

Margaret thought, with her eyes wide open that night, as she experienced the effect of coffee in Café Moca.

It's a drink that can double your time.

In most cases, these great secrets are known only to oneself. But she made it public to the students.

As expected, she is a wonderful person.

"Princess Deborah is more Seymour than anyone else. You must assist her well from the side."

Margaret had already held the bean pods tightly for the princess, as praised by her respected father.

So, when the princess asked her to do the strange performance, she wondered why she should do it at first, but now she understood.

"She anticipated everything while drawing the big picture."

Margaret was vaguely aware of the systematic public opinion that systematically defamed Princess Deborah's achievements.

Her repertoire was similar.

Even if she couldn't handle mana, the formula is limited only to combat magic, etc.

"But they couldn't see the reality well."

Some of the women known to cause trouble came to her mind, but there was no physical evidence for condemnation.

Instead of suffering from a headache over the other person's secret public opinion, they flocked like rats seeing cheese thanks to the princess's strategy.

"Margaret, ask interesting questions while intervening moderately. If they don't know their place and insult me, Princess Seymour, register it with this."

Margaret was thrilled by the words that shone in her ears as a law student.

Furthermore, Princess Deborah spared no support.

She promised to provide an infinite number of recording-function artifacts.

Margaret was surprised at how important it is to gather real evidence in a crime.

"Use it when you gather evidence. I have many of these things. Hehe."

"Thank you."

Margaret's originally thick blind love became much thicker when she received a gift she liked.

Moreover, Margaret had talent in covert operations.

"Princess Deborah is amazing."

She showed her talent as a brilliant actress who never knew and acted as much as she could among the ladies-in-waiting close to Emmanuelle.

* * *

The reason I told Margaret that I was running the shop was to complete the advertising script of Café Moca, and also due to the social circles.

"Someone is moving systematically."

If I let it go like this, there will be problems in recruiting monthly subscriptions.

This is because of the ordinary aristocrats' trend to fill their intellectual vanity, not magic.

However, the style of that lady inciting public opinion from behind was opposite to mine.

Despite being the princess, I didn't have a faction or group to take down public opinion.

If the secret underwater attack continues, I will lose for sure.

For this reason, bait was needed for the hook to attract the meat underwater.

"Margaret is the perfect choice for the role of bait."

Meanwhile, the ladies-in-waiting who had worked for Deborah had been spreading negative rumors about the princess, so Margaret would seem quite appetizing to them.

That's why I deliberately announced Café Moca in front of the campus where many students passed by and also spiced it up.

However, the situation I created seemed to be very concerning in the eyes of the Fifth Princess.

The Fifth Princess, who is sipping the sensational Café Moca after 3 days of advertising through secret gossip, opened her mouth with a serious expression instead of starting with the thesis for some reason.

"Princess Deborah."

"Yes, Your Royal Highness."

"I also know that nails will rise if the hammer is light. However, if you hit it too hard, you will hurt yourself and end up with a broken nail, no matter how outstanding your skill is."

Her kind advice to be generous with my closest assistant while being on guard against Margaret surprised me, but I felt strangely moved on the other side.

When I first took over, there was no one on my side.

"Thank you for your concern. However, don't worry, as I only threw food instead of breaking a nail."

"I see."

The fifth princess sighed briefly as if she immediately understood my words.

"I had some unnecessary concerns. Where do those pests come from?"

"Probably <Omicron> if you look at the few young women who are approaching her."

The fifth princess gritted her teeth with a coldly rigid expression for a moment and then relaxed.

I shared a bit of my opinion, as it seemed she had a lot of personal resentment towards Omicron.

Even when I met her at the ball, she said that those from Omicron were cowards.

"They use strategies that strengthen their position by defaming someone. Although they never improve their skills..."

"It worked well. Because I'm even more cowardly and vicious."

The fifth princess looked silently at me with her serious yellow eyes.

"Did my words get too simple?"

"I should have gotten a marriage certificate signed at that moment."

I heard strange words somewhere.

"If my brother becomes emperor, he can fix the law. I mean it's possible."


"It's a joke, so you can laugh."


"By the way, Princess! If there was something good called café mocha, wouldn't you tell me first? Honestly, I was saddened to know it late."

"It works very well when you're overwhelmed with your studies. However, that's not all."

"That... I feel renewed, so my brain works well. It's better with this."

She whispered quietly as if she could be heard.

"Caffeine also has a diuretic effect."

I quickly added, hoping she would advertise that additional function.

"I am absolutely fine now. With this, I will double the amount of research and write a thesis that will surprise the world."

There was a thud in the club room as I watched the fifth princess wave her thesis with crazy eyes before the academic conference.

"Have you been well?"

Finally, the owner of the doll club room appeared with a ghostly, gloomy voice.

'Please don't leave it here and take it home.'

I looked at Michelle Granbert as I swallowed the words I couldn't say.

Her dark green hair, similar to the color of seaweed, appeared with larger dolls than her body on both sides.

It's quite amazing.

On her left, there was a doll with a human body and a bear's head, and on the right, there was a doll with ambiguous gender spherical joints.

The dolls politely greeted both me and the princess as if they had identities.

"I'm surprised every time I see your skills."

"I'm flattered."

"Honestly, I almost forgot your face. I thought you retired and went to the territory."

"I'm sorry. I've been busy these days."

"Ah, is this the first time you two have met today? Congratulate each other."


"I'm meeting you for the first time."

The greeting ended in an uncomfortable atmosphere because Michelle couldn't hide her discomfort in finding me stiff.

Seeing that she didn't make eye contact, it seemed like she was either afraid of me or didn't particularly like me.

She silently sat next to the fifth princess with the doll stationed against the wall. It was in a diagonal direction away from me.

"Michelle, why did you come to the club room all of a sudden?"

"I want to write a thesis too."

She said as she fiddled with her hand full of scars.

"What kind of thesis?"

The fifth princess asked with a curious voice. Michelle's eyes that seemed lethargic suddenly changed.

"I've found a topic that strongly stimulates my research desire. I couldn't bear not writing a thesis about it."

I shivered in surprise as she suddenly raised her voice with enthusiasm.

"What the hell is that topic? I'm curious."

"The Fifth Princess also knows it."


"Because she's here with us right now."

She narrowed her eyes.

"What are you talking about right now?"

Michelle Granbert pointed at the Café Moca coffee cup logo with her fingers.

"This is the subject of my thesis research."


"Armand. I will surely meet the owner who made it."    

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