IBAWWMB (Novel) Chapter 97



When it comes to eradicating the pesky ant infestation, I heard that Cesco only sprays some poisoned food in the customers' houses.

And now, Emmanuelle Serig inquired about the poison that had been planted in Margaret, that is, the false evidence.

It's a great trap.

Princess Emmanuelle wore a triumphant expression, as if she had interpreted my silent reaction as she desired, and the atmosphere inside the academic conference room was constantly stirring.

"The thesis that Princess Deborah will present today was not written by her."

"That's a dangerous statement."

"If you have any doubts, wouldn't it be good to clarify them with certainty?"

When Philap came out, the Omicron members blindly followed him.

"Princess Emmanuelle is not someone who makes unfounded claims."

"There is also a duchess who described Princess Emmanuelle as a Magnolia because she always maintains her dignity."

There were also sarcastic remarks about me, the one with the damned nickname of 'viper.'

As the atmosphere flowed in my favor, Emmanuelle stood up and spoke with confidence.

"I wouldn't open my mouth if I weren't sure."

"There shouldn't be even the slightest lie."

Isidoro only gave her the right to speak according to my words, but Philap looked at me and smiled arrogantly.

After a while, Emmanuelle slowly left and spoke casually to the audience.

"Don't you all think Princess Deborah uses formulas too often? This is the fourth time it's included in this presentation."

As Emmanuelle said, I even presented "Premium Plus" and used the formula again like beef bone soup.

I spoke with a mocking expression.

"Princess Emmanuelle, are you attacking my patented formula under imperial judicial authority? Right now, you are insulting the imperial family."

Emmanuelle cleverly refuted, as if she were expecting such a statement.

"I'm not attacking the existing formula. I object to the new thesis that has not been patented yet and talk about how obsessed she is with publishing formulas."


"Everyone must have heard about it. Princess Deborah is paying attention to her achievements because of the criticism that she is not fit for the 'Top Spot of the Academy.'"

It is also reasonable to think that, since she often showed fierce reprimands towards Margaret, asking if she would take responsibility if my grades worsen.

"True. There is public opinion deliberately defaming me...."

I broke my voice and murmured, distressed. After a while, I clenched my fist tightly.

"You had no presence all this time, so it was only recently that you started receiving attention at the Academy. If you don't present a good thesis at this group academic conference, everyone's attention will disperse quickly."

Princess Emmanuelle, the genius of incitement, continued to speak smoothly, helping people understand my psychology.

"More than anything, since Princess Deborah... can't handle mana, I understand well enough that she is obsessed with formulas. But still, it's too much to present a thesis at the prominent academic conference as if it were her thesis, threatening her vassal for more achievements."

Everyone looked at Emmanuelle, holding their breath.

"And there is evidence to support my claim. The witness was not called for her protection."

She pulled out the evidence I had given her.

Two days ago.

The mercenary mage I hired with money met with Emmanuelle's assistant.

Princess Emmanuelle blindly believed in rumors that I had many enemies within, and my position was unstable.

"Philap also spoke nonsense while acting arrogantly in front of me. Thanks to that, I was able to confirm if the rumors were spreading well."

At the same time, there were rumors that I was violently harassing my vassals because I was eager for achievements, and that the rotten pus would burst soon.

In reality, I only had four slaves... Not four vassals, but Emmanuelle thought that I, who had the same position as her, was not of low quality to that extent, so I felt better.

Emmanuelle took out a piece of paper with a complicated formula written on it and waved it.

"This thesis is the formula that Princess Deborah's vassal was forced to write. As you can see, the handwriting is also different."

"Is it real?"

"There were also pieces of evidence!"

Omicron members added fuel to the fire.

"Now, we just need to confirm that this content is the same as the thesis she will present. Please continue presenting."

"Mmm. Alright."

Isidor, who responded deeply, called the servants waiting in the back as I had asked, and they began walking with a large vertical chalkboard, not a horizontal one.

The audience murmured when the large object covered by a cloth suddenly appeared.

In fact, it was a pre-made forgery to have a chalkboard with a grid drawn on it as if solving math problems.

"What... what is that? I mean."

"I will reveal my thesis for the academic conference."

I lifted the cloth.

Soon, the identity of my thesis was revealed, and amazement erupted.

I even felt that my father, who was watching me with a rigid expression from the reserved seat, was nervous.

"What on earth is that?"

"Oh my God."

"Is that terrible drawing, is this the thesis?"

"... Is it a torture tool? Does electricity flow through it?"

"It's brutal. Everyone had no choice but to tell the truth if that's the case."

Everyone is overreacting.

The atmosphere in the academic conference audience condemning my project as a torture tool made me feel bitter and ridiculous on the other hand.

"Why is everyone reacting like Belreck?"

That's a massage chair.

A massage chair!

I looked at Emmanuelle with a wild expression as I was amazed.

"What kind of person says that I'm presenting a formula for this academic conference?"

She staggered back as I took a step forward.

"How can she condemn me as a snobbish person who is only obsessed with formulas and relies entirely on achievements! Princess Emmanuelle has tarnished my reputation."

Princess Emmanuelle's face paled with embarrassment as it turned into an unexpected situation.

"However, how can this terrible torture device be revealed in public?"

Emmanuelle began to babble as if a bomb had dropped.

"A torture tool? Could you be responsible for those words?"

When the large piece of paper was torn apart forcefully, a piece of paper explaining the function of the massage device was revealed.

"This object is a tool designed to relieve the fatigue of my father who suffers day and night. This ball under the fabric moves and massages the stiff neck and shoulders."

The massage chair was not an easy object to structure, so I couldn't draw a perfect design.

But if she criticizes this tool, it will feel like she's daring to attack filial piety towards the Lord of the Tower.

"It's like a key thesis appealing to emotions."

"Wow wow! It's a cool magical tool."

"Ahem! I never said it was a torture tool. I said it was a good tool."

Suddenly, my father took out a handkerchief and gently wiped his eyes.

As more people changed their attitudes as if the tide had turned, Emmanuelle slowly lost her pace and began to attack me like William Raymont.

"I never heard a rumor that Princess Deborah was a designer of magical tools. She might have threatened her vassals for the presentation!"

"... Could you be responsible for those words?"

I pulled out several patent certificates sealed with the Imperial Blue Dragon seal from my shawl pocket.

"In the meantime, I have been making magical tools in collaboration with my brother Belreck. And in here, there is evidence that I am an artifact designer."

[Magical Tool Designer: Deborah Seymour]

As I showed her the paper with my name, Emmanuelle's body wavered as if her legs were giving way.

"Are you perhaps claiming that my brother Belreck, the successor of Seymour and one of the geniuses of the Tower, is a person who acts under my threats?"

"That, that is..."

"Princess Emmanuelle has not only tarnished my reputation but also that of my brother Belreck. Seymour must have seemed easy to you."

I immediately picked up the chalk and drew a model on the left side of the massage chair.

There was nothing as certain as drawing it yourself and showing it. And the audience admired my amazing skillful hand again.

"This is the view of the left side of the fatigue-relieving magical tool. It's a structure that places a magic stone in the slot at the bottom."

Clap, clap, clap.

Count Almare, who was sitting to the left of my father, suddenly began to give a standing ovation.

"I'm impressed! Bravo!"

And the elder to the right of my father applauded.

Soon, a thunderous applause flowed through the conference room.

I snatched the piece of paper from Emmanuelle's hand and pretended to flip through it.

"This material is the premium plus formula that I presented not long ago. It looks different on the outside because it's elongated to pretend to be complex with various added symbols."

Since she had a secret date two days ago, she wouldn't have had time to properly verify the authenticity of the formula.

At least, she would have compared it to the visible patent document.

"In fact, she wouldn't even do that. However, Margaret is very good at acting."

"Let me see."

Fifth Princess's expression hardened coldly as she stepped forward to confirm the false evidence that Emmanuelle had in her hands.

"It's a modified version of the existing equation."

It was then that Princess Emanuel suddenly screamed.

"L-Lady Bridget. How did this happen? You said it was accurate information for sure!"

She began to blame others.

Known as passing the buck.

"This is the information brought by Lady Solin... I'm sure of it!"

"But Sir Belentin..."

"Lady Lina brought..."

After passing the buck, the members of Omicron started passing the blame.

Philap tightly closed his eyes while observing the pitiful sight.

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