IBAWWMB (Novel) Chapter 98



The social clubs were created with the purpose of unity and friendship, but they publicly criticize each other.

As the leader, Philap was embarrassed.

In fact, his eyes were closed, his neck was red, and the blood was rushing to his forehead.

"In the future, I will listen to more questions from my elders, so it will be more troublesome."

Of course, most of those who attended the seminar were left open-mouthed by the sordid appearance of Omicron.

"Everyone, calm down. Who distributed false evidence to Princess Emmanuelle?"

Philap, who woke up late, tried to calm the situation, but I quickly intervened.

"Is all of Omicron involved in framing me, and now shamelessly passing the buck?!"

I narrowed my eyes.

"At first, Princess Emmanuelle said it clearly. There is 'public opinion' that criticizes me as the best student at the Academy."

I glanced at each member of <Omicron>, and they shivered as if they had seen a viper coming out of a bush.

"The public opinion that incriminated me must have been fabricated by them. Since they talked about me behind my back, aren't they all suspects of spreading false evidence?"

The atmosphere was already leaning in my favor, so everyone nodded in agreement with my argument.

The Fifth Princess also joined in.

"Cowardly, at last year's conference, they argued that our member plagiarized her thesis and made a scene without proper evidence."

She stared at Princess Emmanuelle with her yellow eyes.

"Is this how Omicron tarnishes others' honor by running in a group?"

"I am disappointed with Omicron."

"It is one of the four major clubs, but it is so pathetic."

Members of other clubs, who had been sitting on the sidelines, made a few comments while eating popcorn*.

When the reputation of their club was in danger of being tarnished, Princess Emmanuelle, who only blamed others, quickly opened her mouth.

"I regret what happened last year. Furthermore, I apologize for presenting unclear evidence."

"I regret it? Besides, the choice of words is a bit poor..."

I had no choice but to latch onto the accusation with her careless way of speaking to minimize my faults as much as possible.

Then Isidor spoke up.

"She regrets it? Princess Emmanuelle said that Princess Deborah threatened her subordinate to hand over the design of her magical tool."

His voice was as cold as ice.

"Moreover, with false evidence, she ruined both Princess Deborah's presentation and the atmosphere of Epsilon's academic conference."

Isidor reminded her of her mistakes step by step.

The corners of Emmanuelle's eyes reddened as she was pushed to the edge of the cliff.

Her watery eyes were filled with resentment and anger at this situation.

Princess Emmanuelle moistened her lips and then spoke.

"I acted carelessly. However, I acted as a representative because I thought a problematic thesis should be prevented from being presented in public."

With an enticing voice, she addressed the audience.

"I misunderstood when I saw Princess Deborah behaving harshly with her subordinate."

I thought that my personality was going to be attacked. It's not something that matters because my personality had already hit rock bottom.

"I want everyone to know that there were no ill intentions behind my actions."

Finally, Princess Emmanuelle threw her last hook.

"You had no ill intentions?," I asked.

"Because I was blinded by a sense of justice..."

"Do you think I'm going to believe that? It hasn't been a day or two that Princess Emmanuelle had her subordinates do something so despicable."

As I raised new suspicions, the conference room became noisy, and Princess Emmanuelle's eyes widened.

"You didn't know that I would suddenly stab you while holding a knife from my side, did you?"

It was not just to attack Emmanuelle and her group that she threw false evidence at the risk of being caught in the first place.

"Princess Deborah. What are you talking about? I never ordered my subordinates to do bad things."

Seeing Emmanuelle struggling, I took out a document.

It was Naria's account book stolen by an employee who worked with Bruno.

"Do you mean tax evasion?"

"Oh my God?!"

"Oh, my God."

The public became noisy as the illegal activities of Princess Emmanuelle, who even had the classic nickname of Magnolia, were publicly discussed.

The atmosphere had now shifted to a new phase. Now, the audience will focus on determining Princess Emmanuelle's personality.

Furthermore, it would be even more shocking because she has an aristocratic image, unlike me, who has a dirty personality.

It was the same method that <Omicron> had used last year when they brought the private matter of <Epsilon>'s presenter to trial.

"Princess Emmanuelle must have wanted to stand out in the only debut of her life and must have needed a lot of money to manage a large number of networks. That makes sense. But even creating an illegal slush fund for bribes is going too far."

I returned the tone with which Princess Emmanuelle had spoken earlier.

She shivered as she watched the book I handed her.

"She can't get away with it. Because Bruno's shop is run by the Duke of Serig."

From the moment I learned of the connection between Serig and Bruno, I was only looking for the opportunity to kill two birds with one stone.

"But there was no justification."

Fortunately, Princess Emmanuelle gave me an excuse to attack because she avoided a direct apology and developed a sense of pride.

"I never knew about this!"

"She says she doesn't know again, like before."

I walked toward Emmanuelle.

"So, how do you explain the large amount of gold coins that flowed to the Serig family within the ledger?"

Emmanuelle moistened her lips.

"There is evidence that Princess Emmanuelle was in charge of Bruno's shop. There's also a letter exchanged between Bruno and the Duke. Should we have the judiciary verify the truth immediately?"

In response to my words, Emmanuelle trembled and barely said.

"It means I wasn't involved in manipulating the account books. It must have been something that Bruno, the main owner, did because he wanted to look good in front of the Serig family."

"The store owned by Bruno, run by the Serig family, is being investigated by the judiciary for stealing commercial items and recipes from a small shop, making illegal funds, and even framing hair in a competitor's store's food. Doesn't Princess Emmanuelle know?"

When sales dropped, Bruno and his team, cornered, sent someone to Armand to claim they had found hairs in a cake.

The owner of Armand had to struggle for a while to resolve this issue.

"I know that Princess Emmanuelle will present her political leadership at the next Omicron conference, right?"

I already knew the content of the thesis Emmanuelle was going to present, as a political science student.

Having a large faction means many people will be on your side, but it also means your plans can easily leak outside.

"It seems to be correct because there is no response."


"But Princess Emmanuelle has been blaming others ever since. Is that irresponsible attitude of not taking responsibility really a quality a leader should have?"

Under the piercing gaze of the audience and my constant questioning, Emmanuelle finally apologized and lowered her head.

When the issue of internal bribery funds was also discussed, Emmanuelle had no choice but to apologize.

"I hope you also restore that honor that has been tarnished behind the scenes. Princess Emmanuelle."

Her body trembled, then I opened my mouth, looking at the breath-holding crowd.

"I will conclude my presentation here."


"Her opponent was Princess Emmanuelle, second in terms of personal connections, but she completely destroyed her. As expected, it's incredible."

When Thierry clicked his tongue and said it was incredible, the Fifth Princess smiled.

"I guess I just fell in love."

Princess Deborah must have been obsessed with it from the beginning.

"Maybe the false evidence was a trap..."

Using military tactics in the framework of a numerical disadvantage.

This must have been what she meant by not worrying because she was more cowardly.

"It would have been nice if Miss Leah, who stopped presenting her thesis last year because of Princess Emmanuelle, had come to the conference today."

"Yes. It would have felt better too."

Due to this group conference, members of <Epsilon> who had doubts about Princess Deborah's membership began to see her in a different light.

Of course, it was still difficult to approach Princess Deborah, but everyone was pleased when the news came that <Omicron>'s academic conference held two days later was completely ruined by the princess.

The Serig Duke's family mercilessly sold Naria, the largest dessert shop located at the west gate of the Academy.

Naria's corruption was exposed in public, and since the attendees of the academic conference were aristocrats, the main customer group, it was a significant loss to keep it running.

Thanks to this, I could easily determine the location of Armand's second shop.

Naria was the most famous dessert shop conveniently located at the west gate.

Now, that shop would become Armand's second shop.

"It's amazing."

Even though I worked with the goal of getting rid of troublesome competitors at once...

"Did it really work?"

Even the shop went bankrupt due to bad rumors, so I could get Naria's building at a much lower price than the market price.

"The second shop must be managed immediately."

I laughed like a villain, fantasizing about sweeping all the money.

I really think it's much more comfortable to be an evil woman.

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