IWDFLSB (Novel) Chapter 42



The emblem of the Leok royal family is a symbol representing the Kingdom of Leok. However, not just anyone from Leok can display it.

If there were someone in the empire who could place the Leok royal family emblem on a carriage like that...

"It's the ambassador of Leok!"

Upon closer inspection, it was noted that the soldiers' uniforms were Leok military uniforms, and they were in charge of embassy security.

Journalists were puzzled by the unexpected appearance of the Leok ambassador.

"Is there a trial involving the ambassador today?"

"No, I had never heard of that!"

Looking at that carriage, it was not a personal matter for the Leok ambassador. The ambassador was coming to perform official duties as an ambassador.

If it was something that justified an ambassador going to court, it would be a scoop.

Not only journalists but also citizens watched attentively as the white carriage entered through the main gate.

Finally, the door opened, and the ambassador appeared. Journalists tried to approach despite being stopped by the Leok soldiers.

"Ambassador, what brings you to court?"

"Is there any diplomatic friction between the Empire and the Kingdom of Leok?"

The ambassador smiled. Those who knew the situation to some extent felt bewildered.

He was someone who was always rigid and never showed signs of being relaxed.

Is something good happening?

"No. Today, my role is simply to bring an important person here."

Who the hell is it? The person attended to by the Leok ambassador, who is said not to even handle the emperor carefully.

"Let me introduce you. To my benefactor and a guest of honor from the Kingdom of Leok."

Soon, a woman descended from the carriage. People who saw her couldn't help but be surprised.

She was completely unexpected, or rather, someone they had hoped for but never dreamed would come out.

Pink hair like a spring flower and eyes like jade. She was the woman from the portraits that had recently appeared in numerous newspapers.

"E-Ethel Cassius...?"

"Yes, that's right."

A woman wearing a simple yet elegant white dress spoke.

"I am Ethel Cassius. Furthermore, I am someone who is trying to eliminate the Cassius surname from her name."

Before people could react, the ambassador continued.

"There is one more person I would like to take this opportunity to introduce. Come here now."

"Another unexpected person..."

A thought crossed their minds. However, no one knew the identity of the woman who descended next.

The ambassador looked at the unknown woman with extremely affectionate eyes.

"This is my daughter Diana, whom I lost more than twenty years ago."

Everyone was astonished. There was no one among them who did not know the story of the lost daughter of Ambassador Leok. That's why the ambassador came to look for his daughter.

The daughter of the Leok ambassador has returned.

It was as much news as the divorce of Duke Cassius and his wife.

Journalists with a strong professional spirit immediately asked many questions.

"Where did you find Miss Diana?"

"How did you discover that she was your biological daughter?"

"Now that you've found your daughter, are you going to return to your country?"

Then, a question came from the mouth of a journalist who got to the heart of this situation.

"Does Ethel Cassius have anything to do with Miss Diana's return?"

The ambassador nodded gently.

"Yes. Ethel was the one who found my daughter and brought her to my wife and me. She is our great benefactor."

It was a series of surprises. People opened their mouths, stunned by the feast of newly provided information.

"This fact was also conveyed to the Leok royal family. His Majesty the King was also very pleased to hear that they found his cousin."

The journalists suddenly regained their senses and quickly wrote in their notebooks.

"He asked me to return to the kingdom as soon as possible and show my daughter's face, so I think I'll have to leave soon. I won't leave my job as an ambassador. Oh, and the Leok royal family has officially invited Ethel as a guest of honor."

That's why the ambassador initially introduced her as a distinguished guest. Ethel Cassius was a genuine guest of the Leok royal family.

"I have a duty to take care of Ethel until she visits Leok. I am willing to help my benefactor whenever she needs assistance. Any kind of help."

The last words were quite significant. It seemed as if he would actively assist Ethel with her personal matters, such as the divorce.

The ambassador gave instructions to the soldiers.

"Please, safely take us inside the building."


The Leok soldiers moved in unison and made their way through the crowd. Ethel walked calmly while being escorted by them.

Only then did the journalists remember the questions they planned to ask her and hurried to enter.

"Let me ask just one question! How do you feel now?"

"Could you share more details about how you found Miss Diana?"

"Do you not plan to retract your decision to divorce right now?"

However, Ethel did not give them a single glance and only made eye contact with the ambassador's wife and daughter.

I left just one word before entering.

"Everything will be revealed clearly in the trial."

Except for a very small number of reporters who were not allowed to enter the court, they were so curious that they were excited.

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