IWDFLSB (Novel) Chapter 43



Liena's red eyes shone with confidence as she promised revenge, with the confidence that I would definitely accept her offer.

If I had hated the Wallace family with all my heart, if they had humiliated me for more than about a month.

If I were truly Ethel.

"I might have accepted this offer."

It was so tempting and sweet. The fact that someone favorable would fulfill my revenge. Moreover, it's someone with a lot of power and ability.

Even in Tara's case in the novel, she became Liena's subordinate in pursuit of revenge. Although there are difficulties along the way, Tara successfully gets her revenge in the novel.

Therefore, Liena's words about helping me are sincere and can also be a favor to me.


But I had no intention of accepting that favor.

"I have no intention of revenge. I will only accept your sincerest gratitude towards me."

With a little force, I pulled my hand out of her reach.

"But if you really are in favor of me, I want you to support the divorce instead of this. If not..."

I took a step back and widened my gap with her.

"Stop using my family to create public opinion in your favor."

The Wallace family contacted the media every day and made comments that could have a negative impact on my divorce.

Family harmony is best, and indeed, deep down, neither they nor I would want the divorce.

"They spoke passionately about how good a husband and son-in-law Leandro had been."

I was so surprised that I almost spat out the tea I was drinking while reading the newspaper.

Liena protested, waving her hands.

"This is ridiculous! As soon as I learned about the humiliation my sister-in-law suffered, I kicked those bad people out of the mansion!"

Liena lowered the tips of her eyebrows and cried.

A truly pitiful little rabbit.

"I'm a little upset... You're talking as if I instigated those people. There's no way Cassius or I would do something so bad."

If it weren't for me, the performance was so good that it might have deceived me.

"The name of the reporter who first covered those people was Alan Ochlin. He was a Cassius Foundation-sponsored intern and is currently writing many favorable articles about Cassius."

Liena was startled. It seemed she didn't expect me to know these things.

"Did you think I was just hanging out at home?"

Although I didn't receive the authority of the hostess, I gathered as much information as possible about the duchy. Hoping that in the future, I could become a genuine hostess.

"It's a coincidence! I just found out that Alan covered those people. And just because he's a foundation intern doesn't mean he takes orders from our family."

That's right. To be precise, it wasn't Cassius's order, but Liena's request.

Even in the novel, Alan listens to everything hinted at by the grateful young woman who gave him the grace of becoming a sponsored student in difficult times.

"Is that so? Then let's leave it at that, okay?"

There was no way Liena would admit it easily, so continuing to talk would only make my mouth hurt.

"Have you finished saying what you wanted? The trial will start soon, so I guess I'll have to go."

I was about to turn my back.

"Why don't you want revenge? They are bad people. They deserve to be punished."

"Well. At least here, I don't want to take that punishment into my hands."

"Even if they're a family, whether out of morality or affection, it's a waste."

"It's not like that. I just don't want revenge."

"I don't understand. If I were my sister-in-law, I wouldn't have let all the people who tormented me go."

Thinking of the villainous words in 'Return and Walk on a Flower Path,' it was a somewhat unsettling statement.

"Because every person has different values. See you later in court."

"... Leave it now. It's enough."

Liena lowered her head and spoke softly.

"Leandro is fully reflecting on his actions. I also talked to other family members about paying enough attention to my sister-in-law from now on."

"So, if you give me the divorce..."

"Divorce trials are not a joke! Even if it doesn't work out, people will talk about it for the rest of their lives!"

I was momentarily speechless.

It was because of Liena's eyes.

"My sister-in-law's behavior at the moment has clearly crossed the line. Let it go while I can still take care of my dad or my brother. If you continue like this, even if you come back later, I won't be able to bridge the deep gap."

There was a look of pity and reprimand in her eyes, as if she were looking at an immature child.

I felt a cold sensation in my head. Considering what I just heard, Liena completely misunderstood my series of actions asking for a divorce.

"She thinks I crave attention and affection from them."

In Liena's eyes, the divorce trial is nothing more than a scheme to manipulate her.

This is an extreme method of protest that can be carried out even if divorce is not desired, as it will probably lose the trial anyway.

No matter how many times I say it, they don't listen. They only think about what's best for them and try to force me.

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