SYS (Novel) Chapter 339

C339 - Debt, Debts, and More Debts (6)

The Guardian Knights of the 4th and 5th groups quickly divided their forces and took charge of the beastmen.

The remaining knights, undaunted, formed their formation and began their search.

Their sharp, gleaming swords surrounded the Specters, and the aura emanating from the knights seemed capable of killing the magicians on the spot.

They were the most loyal knights of Mary and Dyfus, all of whom were soon to be promoted to "Execution Knights," the rank just below that of the Black Knights, meaning they were skilled knights one level below the Black Knights.

"This is a tough situation even for the Specters. With just elder brother Dyfus and elder sister Mary, it's already a headache, and now we have more than fifty Execution Knights."

Unlike Jin, Mary and Dyfus had been flagbearers for a long time.

Naturally, the knights following them were exceptional veterans, unlike Jin's group, mainly composed of high-level rookies.

The Specters stopped their attack and assumed a defensive stance.

They had been expecting Runcandel's arrival, but not this quickly.

Their plan didn't account for Jin's presence, let alone the barrier of the Cat Tribe, or even Berakt Sidricker.

Their original plan was simply to gather and crush the beastmen haggling over money and leave the place before Kinzelo and Runcandel arrived.

However, everything went awry from the start.

The barrier erected by the Cat Tribe was so solid that it took them two days to break through, and even then, one of the five members died initially.

And it was at the hands of the Twelfth Flagbearer of Runcandel.

However, at first, they thought they had gotten lucky when they saw Jin.

Capturing Jin alive and taking him away was much more valuable to Zipple than killing the beastmen and destroying their cosmetics business.

But in the end, as the current situation showed, it was all a disaster.

Now, it wasn't about destroying the cosmetics business or capturing Jin.

The top priority was to escape safely from Runcandel territory and return home.

The two Specters present here didn't know that had become difficult too.

Because the Specters inside the cave had already become Berakt's dinner.

"Youngest one."

Amidst the tense atmosphere between the Guardian Knights and the Specters, Mary called out to Jin in a light voice.

"Why are you here? Weren't you supposed to handle the mission of rescuing some duke or count from the Ekan Kingdom? I'm sure I saw you off on your mission."

Though aware that the Magicians before her were monstrous beings of at least 10-star level, she only felt a slight sense of danger, as if she had encountered a boar while climbing a hill.

Of course, for an ordinary person, even that would be overwhelming terror, but for someone like Mary, it was nothing more than the feeling of encountering a bountiful meal.


Mary smiled in satisfaction.

"Is something the matter?"

"Big sister, do you remember the agreement we made last time, that we'll fight once every three months?"

-The winner is determined by knockout, and the loser must fulfill a request from the winner. Of course, we'll draft a contract to ensure there are no misunderstandings.

-That sounds intriguing. Although the contract might be a bit complicated.

Mary nodded, reminiscing about the excitement of that day.

"Let's say I won that time, and you have to follow one of my orders."

Mary's eyes widened at Jin's words.

"What? But if I recall, that was a tie. Alright, this big sister will let it slide."

"Who would let you get away after you scattered those mana bombs in a surprise attack? Come on, help me out."

"I'm already helping you."

"No one here has seen me today."

Mary narrowed her eyes.

When she didn't respond immediately, Jin wondered if he had been too impolite.

But Mary was savoring the moment.

She liked her younger brother's audacity; it was always refreshing and invigorating.

"How dare you look at me like that, brat? Do you think I'm someone who would rat out my little brother or something? Huh?"

"I didn't mean that."

"Then why do you suddenly come up with a pointless request like this? You and I are family, family. Blood ties. Not all siblings always look at you with disdain like Myu and Anne."

This time, Jin's eyes widened.

He had never considered that he would hear such words from his other siblings, except for Luna and Yona.

Of course, Jin didn't dislike Mary, but he always tried to keep a certain distance, thinking that getting too close might turn them into enemies.

"I'll make sure to silence those guys, and if necessary, I'll prevent information from reaching the elders. Don't worry, and return to the clan. And you, Oraboni?"


"Oraboni, you should do the same."


Dyfus had already planned to do so, even without Mary saying it. After all, it was a way to "repay" the debt when he was saved by Jin (they had come without knowing Jin was here) during his mission to assassinate the Black Knight.

"Well, I think we're done talking. Let's meet at home, little brother. Oh, and about our agreement to fight once every three months, it's about time, so be prepared. Got it?"

"Of course!"

Mary quickly turned around and called out to the Specters behind her.

"You'd better not expect to leave here alive. Instead, I'll kill you in the least painful way possible. It looks like it's going to be a fun fight after a long time."


Mary's entire body began to be dyed in aura.

The aura waves made her hair flutter around her ears, and the ground beneath her feet cracked under the pressure.

'When we fought, it wasn't like this at all.'

The aura Mary emitted was enough for everyone nearby to feel a tingling sensation.

Mary had a secret.

She had also improved and given her name to one of the clan's Final Moves.

Most surprisingly, it wasn't the clan elders who allowed it, but the Clan Patriarch himself, Cyron Runcandel.

'Is this... a Volcano!? No, it's something different.'

The Seventh Runcandel Final Move that Jin saw on Island 32.

The aura Mary was emitting was very similar.

From its appearance, it was clear she was unleashing a variation of the Volcano.

But what she unleashed wasn't a "suicidal attack."

'Now I understand why my father always seemed to have high expectations for elder sister Mary.'

Just by looking at Mary's back, Jin felt chills.

Undoubtedly, she was someone you couldn't call weaker than Luna or even Joshua or Luntia.

However, everyone agreed that if they had to choose the opponent they least wanted to fight, it would undoubtedly be Mary. She had the power to wear down opponents with her fierceness, regardless of the level difference.

"It looks like Mary is quite angry. It wouldn't hurt to wish the Specters a peaceful rest in advance."

Dyfus also prepared his Final Move as he spoke.

"Is it because they invaded Runcandel territory?"

"No, it's because they touched you."

In the past, Jin wouldn't have thought much about Dyfus's response. Jin would have assumed that Mary was angry because the Specters put her in danger, a feeling of anger arising from the enemies endangering her personal source of entertainment.

But now, it's different.

He could feel that Mary wasn't angry for herself but specifically for him.

He felt relieved because of it.

If it had been any other sibling, he would never have been able to witness such a touching scene.

"Now, go see them. Oh, and congratulations."

"Why are you saying that all of a sudden?"

"With Zipple's invasion this time, your cosmetics business will flourish even more. That's what I meant."


"Young Master! Young Master Jin!"

As always, it was Petro's urgent voice that first welcomed Jin upon his return.

"I thought you'd come rushing to find me today. What's happened this time? Have I caused an accident unknowingly?"

"It's not that, Young Master. While you were on your mission, a commotion broke out. A secret unit of Zipple's Magicians called the Specter Corps attacked the Zhan Kingdom, and it seems the motive was... to destroy your cosmetics business."

"What? My business?"

Pretending not to know, Jin responded calmly.

Seeing the atmosphere, it seemed that Mary and Dyfus had kept their promise.

They didn't reveal that Bellop had gone on a mission disguised as Jin.

"They sent elite magicians just to destroy an insignificant cosmetics business?"

"Yes, that's why an emergency meeting was called. Young Master, please come quickly."

"What happened to those damn magicians?"

"The Fourth and Seventh Flagbearers took care of them."

"Are both of them unharmed?"

Jin asked, concealing his expression.

"Yes, Young Master. I heard that both of them only suffered minor injuries. Along with the apprehension of the invaders in our territory..."

No one in Zipple could have ever imagined that the Specter Corps would lose five of its members like this.

Three to Runcandel and two to Kinzelo.

'I hate to admit it, but I guess I surprisingly get along with those lunatics this time.'

Jin sighed in relief.

Regardless of anything else, he was grateful that Mary wasn't seriously injured.

'Now might be the time for my business to take off.'

Dyfus's final words in the Zhan Kingdom were something Jin had foreseen.

Zipple had sent a unit of elite secret magicians into Runcandel's territory to sabotage the business run by the Runcandel Flagbearer.

It was an act that could be considered a significant invasion or even a declaration of war. No, it had to be. It couldn't be overlooked.


As Jin entered the conference room, he saw all the Flagbearers and elders gathered.

They glanced at him briefly and then resumed their conversation among themselves.

"These damn bastards! Are they looking down on us...? From today, the Black Sword Association will attack each of their magical product production centers and exterminate them all!"

"Indeed, Elder President! Zipple's actions are nothing less than the Black Knights invading the Lutero Magical Federation! Those damn bastards have done something that can't go unpunished."

"Even civilians could have been harmed. Where did the war treaty go?"

"The Twelfth Flagbearer was their most wanted person, but we can let this slide. If we let it pass without retaliation, the entire world will ridicule Runcandel."

Even if the whole world ridicules them, Zipple will still feel bitter about Runcandel not retaliating.

It was natural to feel that way after losing their top five Magicians so shamefully.

In reality, Runcandel had already gained an unimaginable advantage.

However, Jin wasn't satisfied with that level of success.

"Elders, may I say something about this situation?"

As soon as he spoke, all eyes turned toward Jin.

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