IBAWWMB (Novel) Chapter 142



As soon as Deborah's words ended, the dining hall turned upside down.

Deborah's opinion was quite persuasive, and if her hypothesis is correct, there could soon be a great loss of lives near the Euclid Temple.

"In the cracks are underground …!"

"Certainly, there is no law that says it only happens on the surface."

"So, we shouldn't keep our hands off this matter, right?"

"Even if it's not, there's nothing wrong with preparing for the worst-case scenario."

Duke Seymour looked at his daughter in astonishment and said with a serious voice.

But if they want to prepare for it, they have to act quickly. Many people were staying in the accommodations near the temple due to the pilgrimage.

"I don't think this is the time to enjoy a dinner, so I'll go first."

Starting with Belreck, those of similar age to him also left their seats.

It's an emergency situation, but if you think about it again, it was also a great opportunity to contribute to the capital.

"Belreck, I'll give you the right as the Tower's representative, so bring some people to support the rear. I'll pass through the gate and confirm the movement near the temple again."

"We'll follow you too."

Duke Seymour and his guards alone were enough to annihilate the imperial knights, but even the head of an indirect family would also participate.

"I'll go too."

In the midst of chaos, the duke gently grabbed Deborah's shoulder as she was lost in thought.

"I'll go with you too."

When she said something unexpected, attention shifted back to her. This time they seemed deeply nervous.

"What are you saying now? It's dangerous."

Even Belreck, who was leaving in good spirits, stopped walking.

"Deborah, there may be battles, so it's dangerous to proceed."

"Honestly speaking, you might just get in the way..."

A relative magician started giving some advice, so Deborah summoned a large divine spirit out of nowhere.

When the white turtle with a mysterious atmosphere appeared on the table, they were astonished.

"Isn't that a divine spirit?"

"It looks like a light divine spirit..."

Light and dark spirits had not been summoned in the Montes family for several generations, so they paid more attention.

"Deborah, where did you get such a valuable divine spirit?"

"That's amazing."

In the midst of admiration, she had the turtle change back into the form of a tattoo.

"As you can see, it wasn't my intention to go out and fight. I'm not foolish, and I know I won't help in battle."

"So, will you use that divine spirit?"

"This is a divine spirit sensitive to the power of darkness. If monsters are hiding underground, this divine spirit could detect them."

Some of them seemed admiring.

She even reached the most convincing hypothesis and suggested the best solution to minimize damage.

The eyes of the family members, who had completely ignored Deborah before, changed completely.

They didn't know what had happened to her in the meantime, but she seemed to be part of the true Seymour lineage they were proud of.

"Deborah. If you feel in danger, you must return immediately by tearing the teleportation scroll at any time. Do you understand?"

Duke Seymour looked at the enchanted indirect lines' faces, then cleared the way while talking to Deborah.


Last night.

The moment the cloudy moon disappeared under the dark clouds, and deep darkness swallowed the world, the earth's core vibrated, and long snake-shaped monsters pierced the ground and rose into the sky like a calamity.

However, the magicians discovered the approximate location of the monsters thanks to Deborah's divine spirit and immediately went on guard.

There was a rain of fire.

Covered in darkness, the sky shimmered like fireworks, and like shooting stars, spells began to be fired at the monsters immediately as if greeting them.

The common people, who had evacuated, were amazed by the overwhelming sight created by the magicians.

"Second battalion, defense magic right now!"

Rosad, who arrived earlier and quickly prepared for the attack, commanded the battle mages.

Then, a huge barrier formed around the temple as the typhoon struck violently.

The artifact shot attack magic while the mages were on guard. The battle was very fierce because the monsters resisted strongly while spitting poisonous bodily fluids.

Finally, the monsters surrendered to the relentless high-level magic, and news of the mages' achievements spread throughout the Empire as soon as the day arrived.

"What is the extent of the damage?"

The Crown Prince, who was meditating before the incense ceremony, asked as he slowly lifted his eyelids.

"The roof of the Euclid Temple was melted by the monster's poison, but fortunately, there seem to be no casualties."

"Are you saying not a single person was injured even though they were poisonous monsters?"

"Yes, Your Majesty. Since Duke Seymour participated in the battle, there were no injuries."

"But it's still a bit strange."

The fact that everyone rushed to fix it as if they were fixing a stable.

The rift occurred so suddenly, but everyone hurried to handle it as if they were rushing to close the stable doors before the horse bolted.

"What did the Tower do to stop the rift so quickly and perfectly?"

The Crown Prince rubbed his chin brusquely as he frowned.

"I want to hear the situation in specific details, so call the mages who participated in the battle."

"If Your Highness wishes."

After a while, a mage who participated in the battle last night was summoned to meet with the Crown Prince.

"Explain what happened yesterday in detail. I heard there were many battle mages, so how did Rosad stop the attack?"

"The Seymour twins were impressive, but technically speaking, we could prevent greater damage thanks to Deborah. She was the main contributor in yesterday's battle."

"Deborah can't handle mana at all, so how did she do it?"

The mage began to recount in detail everything that had happened to the perplexed Crown Prince last night.

This rift occurred underground and not on the surface, so they could prepare for the monster attack due to Deborah's assumption.

Furthermore, the approximate location of the monsters hidden underground was pinpointed using Deborah's divine spirit, which is sensitive to darkness.

"That's incredible. It's an unexpected situation, but she handled it perfectly. There wasn't even that much time."

The Crown Prince murmured in admiration unknowingly.

He had heard from his sister and Isidor that she was a great person, but speaking honestly, he really couldn't believe it because she was unfamiliar with magic and mana. So he felt very surprised by this matter.

"The timing was perfect since the monsters appeared after the residents from the entire Yukri area had been evacuated. Thanks to the large number of high-class mages, the monster, believed to be the leader, was subdued in about two hours."

However, there was a problem.

When the monsters died, the unhatched eggs in their stomachs were released into the ground, and lower-grade eggs attempted to invade the villages after hatching.

However, Deborah, who was at the rear, created a light defensive wall using the divine spirit, so the herd of young monsters died without even approaching the villages.

The monsters hid underground and came out late at night, so they were very weak to light.

The mages, seeing the young monsters fall powerless when exposed to light, continuously cast spells combining broad domain magic and illumination. So the situation was handled quickly.

"The people in the Yukri Temple area applauded Deborah all night, as if her handling of the white divine spirit was mysterious. I was also surprised to see the enormous dome-shaped defensive wall."

The mage's voice contained an emotion that couldn't be hidden.

Thanks to her, a catastrophe was avoided, and the tower's reputation was further elevated.

"I never thought she could handle a divine spirit. She has many hidden talents. Honestly, I am amazed."

"I didn't expect Miss Deborah to appear on the battlefield, so I had to look twice. I thought she was a Seymour for sure. All mages probably must think the same as me; she is amazing."

It seemed that the mages had already fallen in love with Deborah.

Deborah was secretly popular among the battle mages due to her formula, but this incident has strengthened her position even more.

"I see. Good job participating in the battle, you may return."

When the conversation with the mage ended, the Crown Prince resumed meditating, sitting with crossed legs.


It could be said that it was a relief that the mages managed to prevent the rift well.

People are still anxious about the rifts, so if the Yukri Temple and its surroundings had suffered significant damage, the atmosphere would have become even more agitated.

The Crown Prince wanted to successfully conclude this incense ceremony entrusted to him by his father.

'How should I respond to this incident?'

Absorbed in his thoughts, he suddenly came up with a good idea.

Originally, the Crown Prince had tried to make the incense ceremony stand out by using Philap's fire spirit in the form of a bird.

But Philap did something foolish and had to be exiled.

Even in the midst of that, Deborah saved people's lives using a mysterious divine spirit.

"It would be a much bigger scene than that of a fire bird."

He grabbed a quill and hastily wrote a letter.

He didn't have time.

Since the event is tomorrow, the Crown Prince immediately called the servant to take the letter and deliver it to the Seymour mansion.


On the day of the incense ceremony.

I was dressed by a maid while feeling exhausted.

Despite stopping the rift monster, I still didn't feel well.

Perhaps it's because of the dream I had.

No matter how much effective sleep tea I drank, the strange dreams still showed no signs of stopping.

"Maybe I'm tired because I stayed up the night before."

The night of the rift. While watching the magic happening near the Euclid Temple, I was frightened by the invasion of young monsters, so I created a defensive wall using Purple.

"I never thought Purple would be so strong."

The defensive wall was supposed to be large enough to protect a body, but Purple created a huge dome covering the entire hill.

"Well, since it ate so many expensive mana stones, it must have a lot of mana..."

Anyway, people around me suddenly looked at me like a hero because of the defensive wall I made.

"Things got out of control again."

I don't know how rumors spread, but the Crown Prince suddenly made an unexpected request.

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