IBAWWMB (Novel) Chapter 143



Why do I still have to stand in front of people?

In fact, the fact that I participated in the battle directly was not due to great courage, but rather, if my assumptions were correct, it resulted in the answer that Purple's detection ability could minimize human casualties as much as possible.

"I didn't intend to make a great contribution."

Knowing that I get nervous when I draw attention to myself, I felt a bit embarrassed by the sudden request from the Crown Prince.

Still, it was a burden to reject the Crown Prince's request, and there was another important reason for me to accept his offer.

Cleaning up my image.

"I was thinking of expanding my business a lot sooner or later, so honestly, the timing isn't that bad."

If the Crown Prince wants to use me for the event, I'll have to leverage it by using him as well.

And I can't continue hiding the fact that I'm leading Armand. It was necessary to improve Deborah's ruined perception over the years for the sake of business.

And now is the time.

I took a deep breath and dressed in neat clothes that suited the ritual of the goddess's incense ceremony.

"Once I go to the altar with Purple and throw some flowers, everything will be over."

When I was trying to convince myself that it wasn't that important, Rosad came to the annex room.

"What's going on?"

When I looked suspiciously at his fake friendliness, he cleared his throat loudly once and opened his mouth.

"What is it?"

I thought he was a man of perfect appearance without flaws, but for a moment, he looked like a boy his age with a touch of awkwardness.

"Thank you."

He said in a dragged voice.


"If it weren't for you, I would have gotten into trouble for someone involved in the search in the Euclides temple. Surely people could have been injured, and someone would have asked me to take responsibility for my negligence."

"You're a war hero, so how dare they?"

"That's why it becomes harder. Usually, the more successful you are, the more people want to drag you down."

Well. When the most successful person makes a mistake, they will be pursued like a pack of hyenas eating the fallen fruit.

For the same reason, if a celebrity with a good image made a mistake, bigger problems would arise.

"I wanted to go after I covered this part with you. Especially because the other factions, who are dissatisfied because only the Seymour family has been the Tower Lord, are discontent with me. I also owe you twice."

"Wait a minute, where are you going? Aren't you participating in the incense-burning ceremony?"

Now that I think about it, he was wearing military uniform and formal clothes suitable for the ceremony.

"The atmosphere is still a mess because the barriers are unstable."


"The order came yesterday. Today they are sending the Tower's combat forces as the Capital's defense unit. It's a kind of spectacle. It's to show a gesture that the imperial family and the nobles are concerned about the safety of the people."

"I see."

Rosad, who was explaining the situation to me, suddenly smiled strangely.

"Deborah. I never thought I would talk to you about political things like this. Anyway, who is your escort? Is it Isidor?"


In reality, it was as if Purple were the most active hero (?) in this battle.

"Purple? Oh, that's the name of the Holy Spirit of the White Turtle."

Suddenly, he laughed while raising the sides of his thin lips.

"So, it's not Belreck."


"It doesn't matter."

I don't know why, but Rosad disappeared with a relieved expression as if he had solved the most curious thing in the world.

I stood up while being perplexed and returned to the room.

"Purple, are you okay? We have to go out now."

I prepared to leave after waking up the turtle that was sleeping soundly on the large cushion after docking high-quality magic stones.

* * *

The incense ceremony took place in the same place where the title ceremony took place last time.

"Unlike then, the atmosphere is heavier now."

This is because it is a place in memory of the goddess who was willing to endure pain and make sacrifices for all of us.

However, as soon as Isidor, dressed in a white robe, appeared, the surroundings quickly became noisy as usual.

This is because Isidor looked like the sculpture of the angel from the myth.

"Is this heaven?"

"Wake up. He's not an angel, but the Duke of Visconti."

"I know that too. But his face is so unrealistic."

Even people who gathered to watch the ceremony stopped praying and murmured when the male god appeared.

Although some of the guys attending as helpers of the Crown Prince also wore long robes and exposed chests, they were not as striking as Isidor.

People who followed Isidor's movement had a look of surprise.

"Deborah. You should be a wizard instead of a knight. Of course, I'm not okay with anyone, even if they are wizards..."

When my father muttered with a gloomy face while sitting next to me, I suddenly met Isidor's eyes.

"That, that fox...!"

He smiled gently, so I had to hold my pounding heart.

After a brief commotion, the imperial officer called me, checked the list, and headed to the front of the altar.

It seems quite delayed for them because the Crown Prince himself gave the order hastily the day before the event.

"I heard well about your performance."

Isidor whispered softly.

"Well, it somehow happened that way."

"It would be good if I were the only one who knew how amazing you are, but now I'm worried because you keep becoming popular."

"Popular? I don't think that's something you should say."

The Crown Prince appeared while we whispered secretly in the corner.

"Can't you please have the date after the ceremony, Duke?"

"What can I say about the person, whom I thought was a close friend, sending a letter with a difficult request to my lover without consulting me first, Your Highness?"

"Hey. Isn't it time to stop now if you're both controlling each other so much? A little respect for my tastes.... Ugh!"

The prince whispered to me with a gloomy face before closing his mouth in vain.

"Deborah. I won't forget this favor. If there's anything I can help you with for the honor of the imperial family next time, I will surely help you."

"Idiot, I'll remember those words."

The Crown Prince, who had a hint of nervousness, left, saying he had to dress up, and Isidor clicked his tongue.

"I'll end this friendship if something like this happens again."

I looked at the Crown Prince's back, thinking that both of them seemed friendly.

"Ah, isn't that it?"

Since Isidor lives as the closest aide to the Crown Prince while pretending to be the Master in secret and eating his back, they shouldn't be best friends.

After a while, as noon approached with the sun at its zenith, known as the holiest time, the priests led by the Cardinal began to enter.


I was quite surprised.

Because there is a familiar but forgotten face among the priests.

It was Mia Binoche.

"Is it going like the original story when the female protagonist participates in this event as in the novel?"

I came to the conclusion that it wasn't because I still had doubts.

In the original story, Mia was the main character of this event.

She appeared with the Pope, who rarely engaged in outdoor activities, and showed her presence to everyone. The people gathered to witness the birth of the goddess's festival saw her and responded by saying that she is the reincarnation of the saint.

However, the robe, which was described as glamorous in the novel, was actually a normal and simple robe like any ordinary priest would wear and didn't stand out much because it was at the end of the procession.

"Still, it seems that her activities so far have shone brightly. It's not easy to be invited to this place."

I looked at her finely braided pink hair, then turned my gaze to the center where the magnificent sound of the organ was heard.

The Crown Prince, who was leading the ceremony, emerged with a splendid white silk robe embroidered with gold threads.

"Rather, that robe looks like Mia's clothes described in the novel."

The Crown Prince, entrusted with the role of Emperor for the first time, took a deep breath and recited phrases in honor of the goddess's soul.

The ceremony went smoothly.

But I felt like my limbs were getting cold due to tension.

"Now, we will continue the incense ceremony to commemorate the soul of the holy, sacred, and great Goddess Nayla."

"I will continue the incense ceremony through the sacred object."

The cardinal, who was waiting, stepped out in front of the altar while carefully carrying the object covered with fine fabrics.

The object that the cardinal brought was a pure white rosary.

"I will pray."

He threw the rosary into the water, and those participating in the ceremony clasped their hands and closed their eyes as if praying.

But I couldn't take my eyes off the white object.

It's because a strange déjà vu stirred within me.

Bum. Bum.

My heart began to beat strongly as after having a nightmare. My heart beats as strongly as a drum, so I tapped my eardrums for the pain.

"What is it?"

Suddenly, I saw a vast desert and a blond man who disappeared like a ghost. The smell of blood and fish passed by the tip of my nose.

"Princess. You have to come out now."

I recovered at the call of the imperial officer. Purple and I walked slowly in front of the altar while plucking the flowers that were magically preserved.

The scent of the flowers permeated in front of the altar of flaming flowers, but I was still thinking about that blood.

Soon, the branches I threw caught fire.

It was then, as I was about to return to my seat after barely fulfilling my role in the ceremony.


I saw something in the distance along with a sinister roar. It was a black sickle cutting through space.

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