LWTG (Novel) Chapter 353


[The growth rate has increased by 0.01%.]

This one seemed to be quite big this time.

When the Predator devoured an Outer God, the growth rate increased significantly.

Since it was such an insignificant value, it couldn't yet be known how much it had increased exactly.

He was curious and wanted to check it, but this wasn't the right time.


Slowly, YuWon began to run out of breath.

It meant he hadn't had time to rest and had been in constant motion.

And he couldn't save Arcane Power either.


Danpung was also exhausted.

YuWon's Arcane Power and Danpung's Divine Power were both needed to summon the Predator.

Keeping the Predator fighting such a large number of Outer Gods had quickly drained their energies.

A drop of sweat fell from YuWon's forehead, slightly furrowing his brow.

And at that moment...


An overwhelming presence that was completely different from everything he had felt so far came from behind him.

A hand extended over YuWon's shoulder.

And at the same time, a white light shone from behind him.

[Yata Mirror]



Susanoo, who had moved through the mirror, blocked Foolish Chaos' hand.

The fingertips that clashed with Kusanagi didn't even have the slightest scratch.

-It would be regrettable if you ran away.

"Please step aside."

-That's quite a regrettable statement.


The red gem on Kusanagi's handle trembled.

[The 'Magatama Jewel Sky' unfolds]

[The 'Magatama Jewel' restricts the target's movements]

-I have no intention of doing so.

The energy flowing from the Magatama Jewel limited Foolish Chaos' movements.

Susanoo armed with the Three Sacred Treasures.

His skill had improved since the encounter with Foolish Chaos thousands of years ago.

Even if he didn't have a large army of undead, his skill as a Swordsman had been upgraded thanks to the Three Sacred Treasures.


[The target resists the 'Magatama Jewel']

[Successful resistance]


Susanoo's gaze widened as he read the message in his mind.

Successful resistance.

Foolish Chaos had completely resisted the power of the Three Sacred Treasures, something even Hercules couldn't achieve.

"If you don't want to step aside willingly..."

The violet light shone from under Foolish Chaos' robe.

It was a completely different sensation from everything that had happened before. Immediately after, Foolish Chaos' palm extended towards Susanoo.

Instinctively, Susanoo swung his sword and released his Arcane Power.

If he didn't respond here, he knew he wouldn't end up just flying away like before.


Kusanagi swayed and turned into a net of red threads.

The thousands and thousands of sword strikes attacked Foolish Chaos, tearing him apart.

One of Susanoo's representative abilities during his life was the [Storm of Claws].


The sword strikes of the Storm of Claws lost their strength as they collided with Foolish Chaos' palm. Susanoo couldn't react in time to deal with his other hand.

"We'll do it the hard way."


The hand grabbing Susanoo's head slammed him into the ground.

YuWon furrowed his brow as he witnessed the fight between Susanoo and Foolish Chaos taking place in front of him.

'This guy, Foolish Chaos, is more determined than I thought.'

When was the last time he had seen him fight with such passion?

YuWon had fought against Foolish Chaos a lot, but he had never seen him show emotions during battle except for one time.

So, why?

[The 'Predator' shows its fangs]

[The 'Predator' is angry]

[The 'Predator'...]

Thump, thump-.

The Predator surged around YuWon and Foolish Chaos.

YuWon's eyes glowed as he felt the emotions of the Predator that were connected to Danpung.

"It can't be, is it because of this?"

The Predator had never shown any interest beyond eating.

But now, in front of Foolish Chaos, they began to show emotions like "anger."

"Bah- bah- bah-!"

And Danpung was the same.

Why? Danpung started showing an inexplicable hostility towards Foolish Chaos.

It wasn't scary enough to recklessly jump off YuWon's shoulder, but still.

[Danpung shows an inexplicable enmity towards Foolish Chaos]


YuWon looked at Foolish Chaos, who was holding Susanoo with one arm.

'You are not him.'

Under the cloak that covered his face, a violet gleam could be seen. Meanwhile, Susanoo struggled to break free from Foolish Chaos' grip.

No matter how strong Foolish Chaos was, he couldn't ignore Susanoo's skill as a swordsman, but he couldn't approach him easily.

"Let go of my people."

Foolish Chaos pointed at Danpung as he spoke.


Danpung's response was a refusal.

It was only natural.

It was the first time Danpung had shown enmity toward someone in this way.

And YuWon's response was the same as Danpung's.

"I don't want to."

"I knew it."


The crack in the sky grew larger.

The violet sky became darker. He had barely reduced the numbers, and now more and more Outer Gods were appearing.

Unlike before, Foolish Chaos didn't seem to care about the Points.

YuWon felt a strange discomfort coming from Foolish Chaos in front of him.

'Was it too stimulating? Or maybe...'

He blinked.


Danpung, standing on his shoulder, still standing tall with his chest puffed out.

Clearly, Foolish Chaos' reaction had changed since he had discovered Danpung.

'Should I be glad or not?'

If he only considered this reaction, there was a high probability that Danpung was a natural enemy of the Outer Gods. But thanks to that, it had stimulated Foolish Chaos even more than he had anticipated.

"Come here."


It's coming.

"Let go of my people."


Foolish Chaos' palm instantly enlarged, completely covering YuWon's body. At the moment when the bifurcated fingers, which had split into several branches, pounced on him, YuWon's pupils glowed.

[Golden Cinder Eyes light the path]

[Sensory Field activates]


A small gap between the fingers.

YuWon quickly slipped through it, spinning his body in the air.

Two abilities activated, sharpening YuWon's senses.

However, despite that, YuWon couldn't predict Foolish Chaos' movements.


'I can't rely solely on the abilities.'

What he needed now was "experience."


Countless tentacles aimed at YuWon. Fortunately, he didn't have to worry about small things.

[The 'Predator' shows its fangs]


Numerous teeth bit down on the tentacles that aimed at YuWon.

In the fight against the Outer Gods, there was nothing as reliable as the Predator. Moreover, unlike before, it wasn't just fighting for a simple appetite.


Violet smoke spread through the air.

YuWon had seen this smoke before in his fight with Hades.

'That is dangerous.'

Not only Foolish Chaos wielded that energy.

Most renowned Outer Gods had released that type of energy at some point.

And the moment they came into contact with it, their consciousness and soul were dangerously shaken before disappearing completely.


[Holy Fire resists the '?']

YuWon immediately deployed the Holy Fire.

Just like when he fought against Hades, the blazing flames collided with the violet mist and dispersed.

Originally, YuWon's flames should have been repelled.

Foolish Chaos also expected the same.


Whuruk, whurur-.

Even Hades had difficulty resisting the mist, but YuWon's flames blocked it effortlessly.

'It's because of these flames.'

Devouring the Outer Gods was not limited to the fangs that appeared from all directions.

The purple flames YuWon emitted.

They fed on the other Outer Gods, growing stronger and larger.

"Holy Fire..."

The fire YuWon controlled emitted a familiar smell.

It was dangerous, no doubt.

The individual possessed various means to confront himself. The danger he once thought would be slightly superior to Hades had now changed completely.

The Great Sage, Heaven's Equal, or Odin of Asgard.


Maybe even more than that.


Foolish Chaos' body split in half.

At that moment, the blurry form of Foolish Chaos, which had been like an illusion in the desert, returned to its original state.

As if nothing had happened, he turned around and looked back.

The owner of the red sword that had cut through his own body.

-Being undead is great when it's like this.

The sword danced.

The red lines gathered and accumulated, rising under Foolish Chaos' feet as if building a Tower.

Another representative power of Susanoo.

It was the [Giant Storm].


Foolish Chaos swung his arms and dispersed the sword strike. He seemed to be unharmed as always, but his cloak was torn in several places.

Tock, tock.

Suddenly, Susanoo abruptly recovered and appeared in front of Foolish Chaos.

-Even if I die, as long as my master has Arcane Power, I can come back to life as many times as I want.

Susanoo, who could resurrect even after death.

He truly was like a nightmare. The Sword Demon who feared no death had become a body that didn't truly die.

But the undead weren't really invincible, unlike what it seemed.

Rather, they were closer to having weaknesses.

"In the end, undead disappear when their summoner's strength runs out."

Foolish Chaos spoke with disdain and turned around.

Not only the drops of sweat on YuWon's forehead, but also his face, were gradually growing paler.

That meant YuWon not only had physical endurance problems but his Arcane Power was also running out.

-Tsk. Seems like you're overdoing it.

It was natural.

Right now, YuWon was pouring more power than had ever been seen since Susanoo appeared.

Even in the fight with Hercules, YuWon had not used the Predator. Even if it could be considered a natural enemy, there were too many Outer Gods pouncing on YuWon.

"In the end, I'll win this fight. It's a fight where I have no choice but to win."

-You still don't know that guy well, do you?

Susanoo had been watching YuWon from the closest place while being undead.

That's why Susanoo could be certain.

-Do you think he would start a fight he would lose?

Even if it seemed like an unfavorable fight.

YuWon had never fought a fight where it seemed like he would lose.


In fact, he had never created such a fight in the first place.

Foolish Chaos felt a strange unease once again.

In this situation, Susanoo didn't seem to be lying or boasting.

Then surely...


The sound of thunder resonated from somewhere.

Foolish Chaos raised his head. He saw a yellow Lightning Bolt descending from the sky that had changed to violet.

-It's here.

And at the next moment...


A dazzling yellow light swept away the Outer Gods heading for YuWon.

-God. (神).




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