LWTG (Novel) Chapter 354


Thunder roared.

All sound disappeared, and the storm roared.

It was a Lightning Bolt larger than the one that fell on Camelot. Its power was enough to destroy an entire city, turning the Outer Gods into black ashes.

The world, which had turned purple, momentarily turned yellow.

As he watched the tentacles disappear before him, YuWon took a deep breath.

'You arrived early.'


Zeus, wrapped in Golden Lightning, walked slowly as if the sky were his territory.

His appearance made the Outer Gods, who were in a commotion, pause for a moment.

At the same time, Foolish Chaos, who was observing him, took a step back.

-Do you think something is wrong?

In response to Susanoo's smile, Foolish Chaos' eyes turned to him.

Red petals sprouted from Susanoo's sword. The numerous sword strikes gathered to form a field of roses.

[Blossoming Storm]


Countless blades cut through Foolish Chaos' body. Although Foolish Chaos tried to deflect them easily at first, this time it wasn't so easy.


-How dare you get distracted in front of me?


The ground split into countless cracks, and everything passing through, from the wind to the flower petals, was cut.

Foolish Chaos' body was torn apart amid the red swords.


Susanoo swung his sword and placed Kusanagi on his shoulder.

He no longer had the strength to wield his sword. The energy that YuWon provided him had run out, and now it was difficult for him to even stand.

-You're not dead yet, huh?


Foolish Chaos returned to his original form.

At that moment, it became evident that Susanoo couldn't kill him with his own power, whether he hadn't died in the first place or whether he came back to life even after being killed.

-It would have been better if I had more Arcane Power.

No matter how many Sacred Treasures, including Kusanagi, were in his hands, Susanoo's strength was limited to YuWon's Arcane Power. Using [Blossoming Storm] consumed the most Arcane Power of Susanoo.

But even with such an ability, he could only inflict wounds at this level.

-Well, from now on...


Susanoo's body turned into shadows and sank into the ground.

-That monster will take care of it himself.


The High-Ranker standing in the sky and looking down from there.

He referred to Zeus, the King of the Skies.


Zeus grabbed another Lightning Bolt in his hand.

Zeus' gaze, looking down, met Foolish Chaos' gaze again.

Due to the direct confrontation with Susanoo's [Blossoming Storm], Foolish Chaos had not fully recovered his original form yet.

'It's dangerous.'

Zeus' appearance holding the Lightning Bolt was the greatest threat Foolish Chaos had felt since coming to this Tower.

Their gazes met.

The corners of Zeus' mouth curved upward.

In an instant.

The Lightning Bolt struck Foolish Chaos' body.


Crackle, crackle...

Over Foolish Chaos' head, a mass of giant tentacles emerged, forming a shield of flesh.

The Lightning Bolt that had struck the ground burned and faded to black.

As if the fleshy shield were insignificant, the tip of the Lightning Bolt thrown by Zeus pierced Foolish Chaos' body once more.


The Lightning Bolt that pierced Foolish Chaos tore a corner of the mountain range, and Foolish Chaos fell to the ground.

Zeus, who was watching Foolish Chaos fall to the ground, stepped on the air and descended.

"Now I feel a little better."

It was the first words of Zeus, who silenced the noisy battlefield with just two Lightning Bolts.

Then, he looked at YuWon, who was exhausted from the fight with the other Outer Gods.

"What kind of situation is this? Fighting against these insignificant beings."

"There are too many of them, you know."




Zeus reached out to the subtle movement of the lesser Outer Gods by his side.

A golden wave of Lightning Bolts swept the mountain range once more. Zeus, who had instantly turned a multitude of lesser Outer Gods into black ashes, chuckled mockingly and asked.

"What's the problem?"


It had been a long time since he was rendered speechless. (YuWon)

Clearly, Zeus had the right to say such a thing.

Moreover, Zeus was more skilled in battle than anyone else in this Tower.


"He has become a complete monster."

Crack, crackle-.

The Golden Lightning Bolt flowed seemingly uncontrollably from Zeus' body.

What would happen when that force was fully unleashed?

Normally, this would have led to power intoxication. However, Zeus was different.

It was as if that power had been his for a long time.

His gaze was not much different from before.

And besides...

"Well. What should I do from now on?”

Fortunately, Zeus didn't get carried away by power and lose control.

Having planned a final battle against Foolish Chaos as his last counterattack, it was YuWon who lured Zeus with his last ace up his sleeve.

So, the next part of the picture would surely be painted as well.

Zeus acknowledged that YuWon was superior to him in areas other than power.

Fortunately for YuWon.

If Zeus had lost his reason and gone mad relying on his newfound power, there would be no hope for the future.

"For now, let's buy some time."

"Buy time? What does that mean?"

"Well, in a sense..."

YuWon's gaze fleetingly turned to the dust clouds rising from the collapsed mountains.

"The problem is whether that guy will keep fighting."

Foolish Chaos, who had been hit by a Lightning Bolt and blown away, was not something YuWon thought had died. Even Zeus, who was now a Novice God, wouldn't be able to kill him.

It would even take a long time to capture him, even for YuWon and his companions.


In an instant, the dust clouds rose to the sky.

The crack that unleashed the lesser Outer Gods didn't close. Instead, it grew larger and began to intervene even more in the Tower.

"It seems he has no intention of stopping."

Fortunately. Zeus murmured those words and smiled slightly.

Apparently, this situation was very satisfying for him.


It was a situation Zeus had been waiting for so long. Since he had been imprisoned in Asgard, he had been waiting all this time to deliver a final blow to Foolish Chaos.

And now...

"Then, it's okay."

It was the right timing.

"From now on, do as you please."


Barely had YuWon's words fallen from his mouth when a massive Lightning Bolt erupted from Zeus' body.

It wasn't a special ability or an attempt to attack, but it was intense enough Lightning Bolt to make YuWon feel the heat.

Of course.


As if responding to Zeus' power, the crack in the sky that connected to the outside grew larger.

'He's acting more actively than I thought.'

YuWon secretly thought that Foolish Chaos wouldn't stop here.

He had already lost a lot.

The plan to restart the Gigantomaquia had also failed, and he had also lost the last remaining card called Hera in Olympus.

Moreover, he had used a considerable amount of Points in his fight against YuWon.

In those circumstances, Foolish Chaos couldn't bear another fight anymore.

Surely, that would have been the right thing to do...


YuWon looked at Danpung on his shoulder.

He quickly understood why Foolish Chaos was acting that way.

'It's because of him, after all.'

Foolish Chaos was aiming for Danpung.

He didn't know what the reason was, but in any case, there was nothing wrong for YuWon. In fact, the more Foolish Chaos tried to fight, the better for YuWon.

"Alright. I'll do as you say."

Zeus looked up at the sky where the crack was widening more and more and let out a Lightning Bolt.


Crackle, crack-.

The Lightning Bolt that began to form again in Zeus' hand...

"I'll definitely deliver a blow to that guy."


Zeus began to walk toward the lesser Outer Gods again.

YuWon finally let out a sigh as he watched Zeus' figure slowly receding. The individual fight had come to an end here.


'Still, I can breathe easy.'

YuWon harbored hopes as he watched Zeus' figure slowly receding.

Before YuWon's regression, Zeus had failed to break the ceiling.

That meant YuWon knew nothing about the Zeus who had obtained divine status.

However, among the many Rankers, maybe he was the one who had been preparing the longest for this moment.

The King of Olympus. The victor of the Gigantomaquia. The Ruler of the Skies.

And a Heavenly God (天神).

The one who had written countless myths and had been preparing to become a God.

'Where should I go to see?'

YuWon sat on a nearby rock, crossed his arms, and prepared to watch the show.

'I wish I had popcorn.'


Zeus looked up at the sky.

Waves of purple color covered the sky, and among the cracks, energies of a kind he had never seen before flowed, along with tentacles.


Within Zeus's pupils, golden and purple glows coexisted and merged.

As his size increased, a feeling of weight fell upon his shoulders. It was not just a matter of strength or weakness; it was a matter of comprehension.

"I knew there were all kinds of beings in this Tower, but..."


The Lightning Bolt Zeus held in his hand trembled.

"I never thought there would be 'outsiders' as well."

An energetic hostility and resistance.

Zeus instinctively understood it.

Like water and oil, they were beings that couldn't coexist with him.

In other words, this was an invasion.

And now...

"It's interesting."

Kwang, kwugugu.

Zeus confronted that invasion.


The Lightning Bolt leaving Zeus's hand shot from below to above.

A Golden Lightning that covered the sky.

Instantly, it swallowed the crack that Foolish Chaos had opened.

But at that moment...


From the crack, the owner of the scream he had heard before appeared.


A gigantic whale opened its mouth.

The Lightning entered its mouth and exploded into thunder several times.

But that was all.


The thunder quickly stopped. Zeus looked at the subject that had revealed itself from the crack.

"A true monster."

A whale? Or perhaps a demonic creature?

It was a creature that seemed like a mix of all kinds of fish. The most unusual thing was that it had only an enormous mouth, without eyes or nose.

The crack, which had only been spewing debris until now, began to bring out one or two really big types.

And with their appearance...

Crack, crackle!

Kwang, kwugugu.

The Lightning Bolts falling from the sky began to gather around Zeus.


Zeus's gaze turned towards YuWon, who sat calmly in the chaos of the battlefield and began to observe the battle.

He was truly audacious. As if entrusting everything to him after finishing with everything he had to do.

"Make sure to watch carefully from there."

Kwang, kwarrrng.

Hundreds, thousands of Lightning Bolts surged around Zeus.

"As long as I'm here, we will never lose."

It was the beginning of Zeus's most powerful ability: [Cataclysm].



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