SYS (Novel) Chapter 352

C352 - The Final Stage of Bradamante's Strengthening (1)

Gilly couldn't understand herself.

"It's true that they were repugnant. But I shouldn't have been unable to control my emotions to that extent..."

It should have been something she could brush off. However, an inexplicable anger had surged within her, nearly causing her to attack the Ivlian brothers.

"Even if you had attacked them, it wouldn't have been a big problem."

Jin shrugged, indicating that the incident wasn't a big deal, after Gilly explained the events that had occurred in the hallway.

"I'm ashamed of myself. I almost embarrassed Young Master."

"Well, there might have been a little trouble. But it wouldn't have been a fatal blow."

Jin genuinely believed it, not just saying it to console Gilly.

The first reason was Bishkel.

"He couldn't have ignored Gilly's attack."

Even if Miu hadn't witnessed that scene, and Gilly had attacked, Bishkel would have easily blocked Gilly's strike.

Gilly was currently at the 7-star level.

Of course, she was exceptionally talented and still had immense potential, but Bishkel was a more advanced martial artist than her.

The second reason was that this was the Garden of Swords.

Even if Bishkel hadn't blocked Gilly's attack, Jin would have used the excuse of "disrespecting the Runcandel Flagbearer," and it would have been a problem they could somehow overlook.

Especially considering they were uninvited guests who had arrived without any prior contact.

"But the part where Gilly said she suddenly couldn't control her anger is strange. Could it be because she's related to me? Maybe she's been unknowingly accumulating stress lately."

If that were the case, Jin would have been even more careful. Whenever someone did something harmful to Jin, Gilly would burst into anger, but she was always rational when it came to situations where she could damage Jin's status.

"Or maybe it's because of the Chaos Energy that Margiella might have..."

In any case, Jin thought Gilly wasn't making a scene over such an issue. It was also true that Margiella possessed some strange power.

"If I were in your shoes, I would have done the same. So don't worry."

"Yes, Strawberry Pie. After all, humans have always spouted such nonsense throughout history. They should just be honest about wanting to satisfy their desires rather than clinging to lofty ideals or a better world. I mean, they name it as their cause."

"It's interesting how charlatans manipulate such statements to gain influence, no matter the era, Murakan."

"Because humans are a completely weak race. That's why, in ancient times, some crazy dragons insisted on killing humans except the useful ones. They even suggested killing 80% of the population."

"That's madness in itself."

"That's why I killed those Dragons. Well, it was more because their actions were ridiculous and annoying than for the sake of humans."

"You are you. But anyway, Gilly. Did Big Sister Mary ask to set a date for the duel?"

"Yes, Young Master."

"We agreed to have a duel every three months, but it's still a headache. Fighting again and again with Big Sister Mary is quite a strain on the body."

He recalled the time he rescued the little Beastmen and Mary unleashed the variation of Volcan, a Final Move.

"If Big Sister Mary gets carried away and uses that during the duel... Just thinking about it makes me dizzy."

A cold sweat ran down his spine.

"Since she mentioned selecting the theme as well, why don't you look for something other than a duel?"

"It's probably a good idea. Murakan, did you hear anything special in the reception room?"

"That guy named Berakt slightly fooled your mother. He only mentioned to your mother that Zipple is looking for Temar's tomb."

'Berakt didn't report to Rosa about the information regarding the "Vermont Imperial Family."

"Your mother doesn't seem to suspect much about that information. Berakt seems to have fought quite intensely against your mother in the past. Would it be correct to say they felt a certain camaraderie as opponents?"

"Since our clan is about to start a thorough investigation of the tomb, my mother will eventually learn that Vermont is involved as well. Nevertheless, for now, she should be able to maintain an informational advantage regarding the tomb."

Even after Kinzelo had left, Rosa hadn't called Jin separately. And that despite having heard Berakt talk about the "tomb."

The only reason for this was simple.

"My mother already knew that Temar's tomb existed. Maybe she even knew that Zipple was looking for it."

He hadn't really expected it, but it seemed likely.

"My mother must have been waiting for the right time to find Temar's tomb, even if it meant breaking the oath with Zipple. Or perhaps she thought there was no need to find it."

In any case, circumstances were about to change. Since both Kinzelo and Jin had mentioned the existence of the tomb and the fact that Jin was looking for it, it was natural for Rosa to take action.

"Temar. He can't find peace even in death. Why are those Vermont people so obsessed with finding his body? It's amazing how the great powers resort to the same methods as common grave robbers."

Murakan spoke with a bitter expression. The reason Vermont was searching for Temar's body still troubled Jin.

"I should meet Lady Misha at least once. I also need to share the story about Aria Histor."

"Oh, do I have to meet her again?"

"I think you should get to know her too."

Murakan rubbed his forehead. The information they had obtained from Kinzelo also needed to be shared with Misha.

"And you held back well. There were enough opportunities to vent your anger at my mother, didn't you?"

"I didn't hold back."


"I yelled at your mother. I asked her if she knew where his body was. She dodged the question, giving some vague answer. Now I can't believe her even if she says she didn't know."

Murakan added some sarcastic remarks, but Rosa responded calmly and sent him back.

"In the past, I wouldn't have settled for just words. I would have overthrown the entire clan. But this time, I held back for your sake."

"Yes, that's true. You did well. Gilly, has there been any word from Tikan?"

Message from Tikan. It meant news about the "Cat Tribe" and the "Demon Clan, Rontelgius Family."

It had been almost two months since their last encounter, but Valeria still hadn't located the whereabouts of the Cat Tribe. Similarly, Quikantel hadn't found anything about the Rontelgius Family.

Even with tracking magic, finding the Cat Tribe wasn't an easy task, and Quikantel was still an undercover imperial fugitive, so there were limits to the information she could gather on her own. It took time.

All Jin could do was hope that the members of the Cat Tribe were safe and sound.

"Yes, Young Master. It seems the agents of the Seven-Colored Peacocks aren't moving so easily lately."

"With more eyes on them, it's an inevitable problem. However, it's frustrating. I can't take action myself."


Butler Petro entered Jin's room.

"Young Master, a letter has arrived from the Lord of Voltaga."

-Respected Sir Jin Runcandel, thanks to your efforts, the territories of Voltaga...

So began the letter from the Lord of Voltaga, filled with mundane stories and flattery.

However, the letter contained an important message despite its lack of substantial content.

Bradamante's strengthening.

It was a message that Picon Minche had sent through the Lord of Voltaga to convey the news about it.

"Just in case, let's wait until tomorrow for my mother's summons. If it doesn't arrive, we should go immediately."


The next day, Rosa still hadn't summoned Jin.

Although some routine tasks were assigned as usual, Jin sent Bellop in disguise and visited the "Velo" of the Mila Kingdom.

"The Mistress is not available at the moment."

However, they couldn't meet with Misha.

She had been absent for over a month without even informing her employees of when she might return.

"It happens often. I'll send a letter as soon as she's back."

Since she handled all of Solderet's responsibilities, it was natural for Misha to have busy days without a moment's rest.

"This is like trying to use manure as medicine when you don't have any. We walked for nothing."

He said it that way, but strangely, Murakan felt relieved not to have to see Misha.

The two of them headed straight to Voltaga and then to Vin Branche's house.

"Sir Jin Runcandel! Come in... ugh."

Vin's greeting was interrupted as he suffered a convulsion, eyes rolling back due to Picon's manifestation.

[Have you arrived?]

"I hope you've been well, Lord Picon."

"Enough with the pleasantries, Picon. Since you told us to come, you must have what's needed prepared. Is Bradamante's strengthening complete?"

[Actually, I never told you to come, did I, Murakan?]

"Oh, is that so?"

Seeing the two of them bantering, Jin burst into laughter.

[Huh, huh. You're as ignorant as ever, relying only on your strength. Alright, alright! I give up, I've lost!]

Picon controlled his breath as he brought out the sword from the underground forge.

It was Bradamante.

At first glance, nothing seemed to have changed, but Jin noticed with a single look.

His beloved sword had become even harder and sharper.

As Jin affectionately stroked Bradamante, a satisfied smile formed on his lips, and Picon spoke with an enthusiastic tone.

[It's amazing, isn't it?]

"I'd like to test it right now."

"But it's not quite finished yet."

"Are you saying you can make it even better?"

[There's one more function I haven't added yet.]

-... But Bradamante's only drawback is that it doesn't provide protection to the user.

-Protection? But it's not armor.

-I've created countless armors throughout my life, but none have been better than armor formed using Shadow Energy. So, when I designed Barisada, I added a function for armor to form by injecting Shadow Energy.

Jin recalled the conversation he had with Picon when they first met.

"So, you mean the function to form armor with Shadow Energy."

[That's right. Thanks to you providing materials from Temar's tombs and ancient iron, the work is almost done. However, there's one more component I need.]

"What else do you need?"

[A demon creature's core.]

Upon hearing this, Murakan exclaimed in surprise.

"A demon creature's core. A demon creature's core? Why would you need something like that to make a sword?"

[I need it. To activate that function, I need the core of a demon creature that has been preserved for a thousand years. Otherwise, I would need the hearts of multiple dragons, which is not feasible, righ?]

"Where can we find it?" Jin interjected before Murakan could ask more questions.

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