SYS (Novel) Chapter 351

C351 - Kinzelo's Visit (3)

Vermont Imperial Family.

People from around the world commonly referred to them as a noble lineage, the imperial family from the beginning of time, and rulers of the empire. Jin had never considered the idea that they would be searching for Temar's Tomb.


Instead of worrying about his movements being exposed, a more fundamental question came to Jin's mind.

What would they do if they found Temar's tomb?

Those who weren't Shadows Contractors couldn't make use of Solderet's legacy.

So the most likely reason for third parties to seek the tomb would be to prevent the Contractor from using the legacy.

Or perhaps there was something more unknown within Temar's tomb.

"You don't seem very surprised. But I'm sure you must be surprised."

"I am surprised."

"Well, I've never seen anyone handle their expression as well as my Big Brother in moments like this."

Watching Bishkel's behavior toward Bouvard, it seemed she wasn't very good at hiding her emotions, but that wasn't important.

"Alright, let's say the Vermont Imperial Family is also searching for Temar's tomb. How did you come by this information?"

"Well, you see, there's not much our leader doesn't know. Would that explanation suffice?"

Margiella replied with an innocent expression, causing Jin to raise the corner of his lips.

"No, it doesn't. Kinzelo has no obligation to inform me of everything in full detail. I was just asking."

"Very kind of you to let it slide."

"Although the source of the information is unclear, the intent seems quite clear. It doesn't seem to be false information."

It's not that Jin wasn't curious about the source. He just assumed they wouldn't tell him anyway.

"Do you also know the reason?"

"Why the Vermont Imperial Family is seeking the tomb of Runcandel's first patriarch?"


"Hoho, I don't remember it well. Although if Sir Jin were to join us in the revolution, I think I'd remember."

"Keep forgetting."

"Wouldn't you be truly disappointed? It's probably the most impressive information I've given you so far."

This wasn't an ordinary wager.

Their identity was unknown, presumed tainted by the power of chaos, and had a thick face and relaxed demeanor. Margiella was quite a heavy one to deal with.

Fortunately, Jin knew how to handle such people.

"You can leave now. I won't accept any payment for the tea."

"Pay for tea?"

"It was the finest tea from the Mila Mountains. I appreciate it too. Well, that's not important, Gilly. Please see Sir Bishkel and Miss Margiella out, will you?"

"Understood, Young Master."

"You're kidding, right?"

"I'm absolutely serious."

"All right, hold on!"

Without even hearing those words, Jin quickly turned around.

"One moment! I'll give you a little hint. Why don't you come back and sit here...?"

However, Jin had already entered another room and closed the door.

Margiella stared at the closed door for a while, then shook her head in helplessness.

"In social circles, they call this push and pull, right? Have I pushed too much? Big Brother, what do you think?"

"...Not a very fitting expression."

"Well, Lady Gilly McRolan? If I apologize for my rudeness, will Sir Jin come out again?"

Gilly shook her head.

"He definitely won't come out. Please follow me."

With Gilly leading the way, Bishkel had no choice but to push the wheelchair and follow.

Margiella looked incredibly disappointed, while Bishkel had a cold expression. He must have been angry because Jin had upset his younger sister.

"Lady Gilly McRolan."

"Speak, Miss Margiella."

"The Imperial Family is seeking Temar Runcandel's remains. Please relay this to Sir Jin."

Gilly didn't respond and continued walking.

But even though she didn't show it on the surface, her heart was pounding, almost as if it were going crazy.

Gilly had experienced Sarah's pristine appearance, the guardian of the second tomb.

So maybe Temar could also exist within a tomb created for him in a similar manner.

In the form of a person who "seems alive."

At the same time, a premonition welled up within Gilly.

If the first patriarch exists in some tomb... would he be friendly with the young master?".

Sarah attacked Jin upon seeing him. She had also heard that Silderay Runcandel, the guardian Jin encountered in the first tomb, had acted in the same way.

'For some reason, it seems ominous to me, but ultimately, it's a matter that the young master must judge.'

Not receiving a response from Gilly, Margiella sighed in disappointment.

"I just want to be a part of Sir Jin's life, but it seems that Sir Jin isn't interested. It feels like unrequited love."


At that moment, Gilly briefly stopped walking and turned to Margiella.

"Kinzelo has always had friction with the Young Master in the past. During his early years as a cadet, they kidnapped people close to the Young Master, formed an alliance with Zipple, created strange objects that threatened the world, and numerous people were unjustly sacrificed in the process."

And that wasn't all.

"Furthermore, using the compass they created, Zipple collected Contractors as if searching for oddities, and Kinzelo's dark magic society even turned citizens of the Holy Kingdom into living golems."


"I heard you witnessed it during the incident in the Holy Kingdom. The victims turned into living golems. Even seeing those who had lost their lives and were grotesquely transformed, don't you feel any remorse?"


"Don't delude yourself into thinking you've done small favors for the young master. Even without you, the young master could have overcome this crisis. What the young master despises most in this world is people like you."

The remorseful expression on Gilly's face then returned to impassive.

'...I've gone too far, reflecting on these crazy bastards' past. I didn't need to say this.'

And as Gilly turned around and tried to guide the Ivlian brothers.

"It might be difficult for you to understand."

Margiella opened her mouth with a faint smile.

"And surely, we might appear as villains. Our Kinzelo is, in a broader sense, working for the betterment of the world."

"What are you saying...?"

"We're going to create a better world than the one we have now. That's what we're doing. And we sincerely hope that Sir Jin will join us in that effort. Once Sir Jin understands our intentions, he will think positively."

In response to that statement, reason almost left Gilly.

Surely, if someone hadn't grabbed Gilly's shoulder. Surely, it would have happened.

"...Fourth Miss."

It was Miu who put a hand on Gilly's shoulder.

"Fourth Miss? Can you call me that?"

"I apologize, Eighth Flagbearer."

"Right. Next time, I won't let it pass with a warning, Gilly McRolan."

"Yes, I understand."

Gilly bowed deeply.

Miu's gaze was fixed on the Ivlian brothers. She had overheard their conversation as she walked down the hallway.

"These crazy bastards exist everywhere, right? Working to improve the world? Third-rate terrorist scum trying to make it big? So shut up and get lost already. Before I break your wheelchair and leave your arm crippled."

Bloodlust appeared in Bishkel's eyes in an instant.

However, Miu laughed, disregarding her reaction.

"What's wrong? Sir Bishkel, don't like it? Hurt your feelings?"

"You're being a little excessive in your words. Lady Miu Runcandel."

"What if we go to the arena? As Flagbearer, I have that authority."

Margiella responded with a bright smile, intending to prevent her dear older brother from getting nervous or making a mistake out of anger.

"Well, you're Lady Miu Runcandel, aren't you? A pretty face with harsh words has always been to my liking. It's so nice to witness it again."


"It's been a pleasure meeting you. I didn't mean to be unpleasant, but I'd appreciate it if you'd show your broad generosity as the Flagbearer of the ruling clan of the Hufester. Goodbye."


Margiella pushed the wheelchair with all her might, passing by Miu.

The speed she could generate with her slender arms was almost incredible.

"Oh, and Lady Gilly. Thank you for guiding me. Next time, I'll bring you some tea."

Bishkel glared at Miu for a moment before chasing after her younger sister.

It was a moment when one more name was added to the list of people he wanted to kill as much as Bouvard.


"Yes, Eighth Flagbearer."

"Weren't you trying to attack them a moment ago? A babysitter, are you crazy?"

When Gilly couldn't respond and lowered her head, Miu's hand raised. She was about to slap Gilly's cheek.

Fortunately, such an incident did not occur.

"Hey, Miu. Are you trying to lay hands on the youngest's nanny? Lower your hand."

This time, it was Mary.

They happened to be just outside Mary's room while they were talking. So Mary, finding the conversation outside intriguing, stepped out into the hallway, anticipating that something might happen.

"Big Sister Mary?"

"Am I supposed to be called that?"

"...Seventh Flagbearer."

"Fine. I won't say much. If you don't want to get in trouble, just move along."

"Big Sister!"

"You're calling me 'Big Sister' again. Hey, idiot. You created a situation where you could look good in front of the youngest, so why are you making a scene to subtract points from yourself again? After hitting Gilly, do you think you can handle it?"

Of course, Miu never had any intention of insulting the Ivlian brothers to gain favor with Jin.

She simply didn't want to hear Ivlianos or Kinzelo spouting nonsense in the Garden of Swords. There was no hidden agenda.


"Hah? Try harder."


Miu looked at Mary with clenched teeth.

"...Today, I'll take a step back, but you too, big sister. Be reasonable. Beating someone into submission is something a beast does, not a human. Don't assume I'll tolerate it forever."

"You speak well. Even a beast listens when it's beaten. Shouldn't humans listen even better?"

As Miu walked away with trembling fists, Mary shrugged.

"Now I understand why Big Sister Luna found them so exhausting."

"...Thank you, Lady Mary."

"Although Miu was a bit out of line at the end, you should be grateful to her, not me. If you had actually attacked Ivlianos a moment ago, it would have been a disaster."

Gilly knew this better than anyone.

If she had attacked the Ivlian brothers in anger, Jin would have found himself in a terrible situation.

That's why Gilly began to deeply resent herself.

Instead of being of some help to Jin, she was on the verge of making a mistake due to petty emotions.

"Well, should I say you have a strong sense of justice? Anyway, I like it. You're a pure-blood's nanny. I think my nanny would have done the same."

Mary patted Gilly's shoulder with a smile.

"Tell the youngest to set a date and event for the duel. And Gilly..."


"In my opinion, the youngest only loses his composure and goes crazy when his comrades are in trouble. Especially when it comes to you, be smarter in the future. You're probably more important to the youngest than anyone else."

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