SYS (Novel) Chapter 357

C357 - Ozdock (4)

The man was wielding a scimitar, which appeared to be twice as long as a regular one and was commonly used by Vermont knights.

"There definitely wasn't anyone like him nearby. How in the hell...?"

Jin, Mary, and Murakan.

They were completely unaware that the man had been observing the battle from the sidelines all along.

The reason they didn't know was because the man didn't want them to. Initially, he had planned to simply watch the flagbearers' battle and then leave.

However, the presence of the demon creature named Ozdock piqued his interest, and he revealed himself.

He was an extraordinarily skilled individual. No, the term 'skilled individual' is inadequate.

A Super Human.

The brothers immediately classified the man as such.

The sudden intrusion of a powerful individual made their hearts race as if a lance had pierced them.

Transformed Ozdock was a formidable opponent; Jin doubted if he could defeat him even using techniques like the Battle God's Combat Technique of Legends, among others.

And this man severed Ozdock's right arm with a single blow. There couldn't be many humans capable of that in the world.

Moreover, this was the Black Sea.

"It's highly likely that he's someone associated with my father."

A Black Knight or perhaps a former Black Knight.

The man's face was not visible due to the hood of his cloak. He glanced briefly at Jin and Mary, then turned his attention to Ozdock, who was regenerating his arm before anyone could notice.

[Who are you...!]

Ozdock was indeed an intelligent creature capable of speaking like humans.

He realized it as soon as he received the blow. That this man was not someone he could handle. Although, if he had been at his best, there would have been no need to feel intimidated. However, in his current state, that made no sense.

"Is it you?"


Like a crescent moon, a sword strike passed and severed Ozdock's freshly regenerated right arm. Blood spurted like a fountain, and Ozdock grimaced in pain, raising his arm again to create some distance.

"Not even my lord addresses me in such a manner... Yet, a mere demon creature like you dares to speak so boldly."

[Who... are you, sir?]

Ozdock had instantly shifted to a submissive posture after receiving the blow. His expression and posture displayed the fear he felt even from a distance.

"An intelligent demon creature, aren't you? Don't you have the ability to learn?"

Swoosh! As the curved sword swayed, a chilling sound of something being sliced echoed. This time, it was Ozdock's right arm again.


"When one inquires about an opponent, it's usually best to first reveal one's own name and status. Oh, have I expected too much from a demon creature?"

[No, it's not that...!]

Crack! This time, the man had grabbed Ozdock from behind and delivered a powerful low kick to his thigh. If one wasn't accustomed to hearing the sound of muscles tearing and bones breaking, they might have tightly shut their eyes.


[Oz... Oz... dock]

When the man asked indifferently, Ozdock grimaced in pain and answered, restraining his moans.

"A legendary creature from the legends, it seems. I never imagined it would be buried in a place like this."

[If you spare me, I can be useful... Cough!]

This time, a fist struck his abdomen. The blow, seemingly light, created a shockwave that reverberated throughout his body, and before that shockwave could fully dissipate, the man jumped and delivered a kick to Ozdock's thigh, causing him to fall backward to the ground.


With his head slammed against the ground, Ozdock's body trembled, as if it were about to stop trembling and die at any moment.

"I warn you in advance, I won't tolerate any impudence."

Of course, the man didn't find Ozdock's state even slightly lamentable.

Since Murakan was present, the odds of Ozdock winning a prolonged battle were already slim. However, with the appearance of the man, even that slim chance had completely disappeared.

Ozdock lifted his head from the ground, took a deep breath, and exhaled forcefully.

[I'll do anything, just forgive me!]

He knelt before the man, his hands rubbing against the ground fervently. He rubbed his hands so quickly that it left marks.

"Sure, now it seems like you're starting to realize your position."

[If this pitiful monster has committed any crimes, it's only for waking up from slumber. I have no intention of causing chaos in the world again; I'm only drawn to the scent of delicious prey, namely gold, not humans...]

While Ozdock explained his circumstances in great detail, Jin was left speechless.

The demon creature that had been relentlessly attacking him and Mary moments ago had suddenly become so submissive. It was a scenario Jin had never imagined.

[...So, I will live quietly and virtuously. So, please, let me go.]

"Hey, hey. Ozdock. What's that bastard babbling about? Virtuous? Quiet? Can we believe anything that comes out of your mouth?"

Murakan approached Jin as he spoke. He frowned as if Ozdock's words were quite absurd.

[Nyaa, nyaa!]

Shuri chimed in, raising her voice in agreement. Shuri had also heard of Ozdock's notorious reputation in its prime. Of course, compared to its former owner, it was not a threat, to say the least.

"A thousand years ago, how many humans did you kill or eat for leisure? In the Sarba Kingdom, did you and the corrupt human rulers collaborate to starve and kill how many people? Do the souls of those you consumed or killed never haunt your dreams when you sleep?"

[You, could you be... M-Murakan!? Then, is this person also a Runcandel Knight?]

Ozdock stepped back, surprised. When he referred to "this person," he naturally meant the man.

In Ozdock's memories, Murakan remained the Sky King, even at his peak. Unless he had taken the entire Sarba Kingdom hostage, it was best to avoid meeting his gaze.

Whew, whew.

Murakan used his pinkie to dig into his ear while shrugging.

"It seems like you need more beatings. How can you say my name so lightly?"

[I-I'm sorry. No, I apologize. It's just that I woke up after a long time.]

"Yes, that's more appropriate. Now let's go."

[W-Where are we going?]

"To hell. The surface is not a suitable place for a monster like you with so many debts. Drop your core along the way. Figure it out yourself. Or should I do it for you?"

After the man, Jin also sensed an odd fear in Ozdock towards Murakan. The attitude of ancient beings from a thousand years ago towards Murakan was something he couldn't get used to.

[How is this possible? And what do you intend to do with my core?]

"You have many questions, even though you're about to die."

As Murakan advanced briskly, Ozdock seemed on the verge of tears.

When there were about five steps between Ozdock and Murakan, the man blocked Murakan's path.


"My apologies for the belated greetings, Sir Murakan. The Runcandel Sword greets the Dragon Guardian of the clan. My name is Tuben."

The man introduced himself and respectfully bowed his head. Murakan smiled in apparent satisfaction at Tuben's demeanor.

"Oh, are you a Black Knight?"

"I removed the black helmet long ago, but I still perform functions similar to those times."

"Yes, you've been through a lot. Anyway, step aside and let me finish this."

"I'm sorry. I can't do that."


Murakan didn't ask for the reasons.

"Then I'll have to handle it by force."

"Is there no way for you to step back?"

"I have a use for your core. Step aside."

Tuben stared at Murakan without responding.

In his mind, calculations raced as he wondered how his lord would judge the situation.

"Well, well. Does no one here care about me and the younger one?"

Maria spoke up with a determined expression.

"Seventh Flagbearer, equally, I apologize for the late greeting. Have you been well?"

"As you can see, I've been fine. But I didn't expect that the one who would break into my fight would be Sir Tuben. No, I mean, Uncle Tuben."

Mary narrowed her eyes.

"If this is the Uncle Tuben I know, he wouldn't dare touch my prey carelessly... Am I right?"

Tuben had assisted in Mary's sword training under Rosa's command in the past. Although he hadn't taught her for long, Tuben held Mary's primal instincts in high regard.

That's why he wasn't particularly surprised when he saw Cyron directly transmitting the Secret Technique to her.


Mary's sword gleamed with a smoky aura.

In reality, since Tuben's appearance, Mary had wanted to say something, but she held back because she was repressing the surging aura.

"It seems like everyone has misunderstood. This guy is prey for both me and the younger one. Even if my father were here in person and not the former Black Knight, he wouldn't lay a finger on my prey."

Mary was now preparing to fight Tuben instead of Ozdock.

That was just how she was. It was because of these qualities that she always received high marks from Cyron.

However, not everything she was saying now was entirely sincere.

"Even my older sister knows how to brag."

Though Mary was genuinely angry at Tuben's sudden intrusion, she was putting on a show to protect what her beloved younger brother deserved—the core of Ozdock.

"But if Sir Tuben doesn't step back here, I'll have to stick to the words I just said."

Would there be any chance of victory if Mary, Murakan, and Jin joined forces against Tuben?

Amidst the rapid calculations, Murakan also began participating in Mary's bluff.

[Yes, Mary is right. You can't suddenly appear and interfere in someone else's fight.]

Having transformed into his true form, Murakan glanced at Tuben and Ozdock.

Ozdock felt like he was crossing the river of life and death with each passing moment. He had gone from trying to dominate the children trying to kill him to pleading with a giant, and now he faced the threat of Murakan and the children together.

"And as for your mission, I don't even know what it is. But that monster won't bring anything good to the world even if you spare it."

"You know my personality well, don't you? Uncle Tuben. I never back down in moments like these. Even if it leads to a pathetic death."

Jin, enveloping Sigmund with his lightning energy, took his stance alongside Mary. He had never imagined he would be facing an Ancient Black Knight in this manner.

"It would be best for you to retreat, Sir Tuben."

"I didn't know the Twelfth Flagbearer had such a reckless side."

"Haha, Uncle Tuben. This guy is even more stubborn than me. If you're going to do it, let's finish it quickly before his enthusiasm fades."

Just as Mary was about to extend her sword with a gleam in her eyes.

[Wait a moment!]

Ozdock, who had just finished organizing his thoughts, spoke up.

[That's it, there's a way to achieve everyone's... objectives. If Lord Murakan and the children of Runcandel take my core, and Sir Tuben takes me alive, wouldn't that solve the problem...?]

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