SYS (Novel) Chapter 362

C362 - Trail (2)

The reason why Rosa hadn't disclosed information about the Tomb of the First Patriarch to the Flagbearers was evident.

Firstly, it was a matter of benefit.

She had no intention of sharing any benefits that might arise from Temar's Tomb with the other Flagbearers.

Regardless of the benefits that might emerge, she believed that what she and Joshua would exclusively gain was the true way to serve the Runcandels.

Secondly, it was a matter of confusion.

The moment information about Temar's Tomb became known to the Flagbearers, it was natural for Flagbearers like Mary and Dyfus, who had not renounced patriarchy, to react, even without solid evidence.

Rosa's decision to share information about Temar's tomb only with Joshua was a straightforward matter.

"My brothers have no objections to Mother's favoritism toward Joshua."

It wasn't always like this.

The times when they all felt that way had long passed.

As Flagbearers, they, like humans, had moments when they were frustrated by Rosa's favoritism and found it hard to endure.


They struggled to find their place in this tough family and survive on their own.

There was no room to vent frustration toward loving parents.

In their younger days, both Cyron and Rosa were even more indulgent toward their children than they are now.

Cadets and Provisional Flagbearers, who were not yet qualified to carry the clan's flag, couldn't even dream of rebelling.

Luna was an exception, but that was the story of a monster who deviated from the norms from the moment she was born.

She endured injustice, hardships, and a painful growing period and became a Flagbearer.

Becoming a Flagbearer wasn't something that could be achieved simply with age and accomplishments.

Only those who were strong both externally and internally were qualified to hoist the Runcandel flag.

Therefore, the Flagbearers were no longer troubled by "favoritism." Rosa's favoritism no longer kindled anger in their hearts; it had become a minor annoyance at best.

However, it wasn't because the emotions of the other Flagbearers, except for Joshua, had faded or extinguished.

"It's because they were convinced that Mother's favoritism toward Joshua was undoubtedly the best decision for the Runcandel Clan."

Joshua wasn't as exceptional as Luna, but the Flagbearers also didn't believe that rejecting him was the path for the Runcandel Clan.

They were convinced that Rosa's favoritism wasn't for her own benefit. That was why the Flagbearers respected Rosa's favoritism.

"However, sharing information about Temar's Tomb exclusively with Joshua... in the eyes of the other Flagbearers... definitely isn't a decision for the clan."

Temar Runcandel.

Despite being the clan's founder, he was an unfortunate First Patriarch who couldn't be enshrined in the mausoleum.

The empty Tomb of the First Patriarch in the mausoleum was a symbol of misfortune and a reminder of defeat for the Runcandels.

"Do you know? The First Patriarch, Temar Runcandel, wasn't buried here."

"Yes, and I also know that there's no dedicated tomb for him in the Garden of Swords."

"The Shadow Energy you possess. That power is why we can't honor the First Patriarch. Show your Shadow Energy."

The conversation between Cyron and Jin on the day he became a Provisional Flagbearer and left the clan.

The absence of Temar's Tomb in the mausoleum was due to the ancient oath, or rather, curse, made between Runcandel and Zipple long ago.

A thousand years ago, the Gods of Zipple joined forces to cast a curse upon the Runcandel bloodline.

A curse that rendered all Runcandels after Temar incapable of wielding mana.

In the current Runcandel Clan, there were no tombs to honor Temar.

Very few people knew the detailed circumstances. Even within Runcandel, only a handful knew that the Gods of Zipple had directly cursed Runcandel a thousand years ago.

But all the high-ranking Flagbearers knew.

Especially Joshua, who was trying to become a Solderet Contractor himself. And the Flagbearers who had competed with him for a long time must have known.

Mary was the Seventh Flagbearer, though not at the top. Her actual rank as a Flagbearer was among the top five.

Most importantly, she had competed with Joshua for a long time and shared information with Dyfus, unlike other mid to low-ranking Flagbearers.

Mary couldn't "respect" Rosa's decision this time.

"Darn it..."

Mary muttered this through clenched teeth.

"You're smart, so you probably know why I'm so furious."

"Elder sister."

"And... you probably anticipated this kind of reaction from me."

Jin didn't want to deny it, so he refrained from answering.

Mary, Runcandel's Seventh Flagbearer, was a person who could remain cold and sharp whenever she wanted.

She knew well that her dear younger brother wasn't sharing this information just out of affection for her. She knew very well that he had informed her to use it.

What was the intention behind this manipulation?

Undoubtedly, it was to oppose and thwart both Mother and Joshua, disrupting their plans.

That's why the wheels of calculation were spinning rapidly in her mind.

Remove the adjective 'beloved' from her dear younger brother and replace it with 'Twelfth Flagbearer.'

That was Mary's calculation.

Mary's calculation was nothing more than considering how to act after hearing her younger brother's story to determine what benefits it could bring to the clan and herself.

While Mary was lost in thought, Jin began to organize his own.

"Mother must have thought that I would never share the information about Temar's Tomb with my other siblings. She probably thought that if that happened, I would hinder her from monopolizing the tomb's inheritance."

But there's no need to worry about obstacles.

First of all, unless one is a Solderet Contractor, they can't possess the rest of the tomb's inheritance.

"Mother knew about the tomb's existence from before, but she doesn't know the exact details. Those who aren't Shadow Contractors can only oppose the Guardians when seeking the tomb."

Therefore, Rosa was implicitly granting Jin a certain degree of freedom.

Since she didn't know the exact details about the tomb and the Thousand Year Contractor, she was waiting for Jin to discover everything and acquire it all.

And when Jin finally understood everything, she could take everything at once.

"If there's an obstacle, it's not that she can't monopolize the inheritance and arrangement... It's that no one, including me, can obtain it."

Even if one couldn't obtain the inheritance and arrangement unless they were a Solderet Contractor.

Even if one wasn't a contractor, it was possible to destroy the inheritance and arrangement.

That's why Zipple was actively searching for Temar's tomb even after so many centuries.

Furthermore, Vermont was searching for Temar's body, not to destroy the inheritance but to acquire it.

"I don't know how much Vermont knows about the inheritance and arrangement. But they have a strong belief that they can use Temar's body even if they're not Contractors."

In that case, the worst outcome that Jin and Runcandel could face was this.

Jin wouldn't obtain the inheritance, Runcandel wouldn't overcome the shame of a thousand years ago, Zipple would destroy all the tombs, and Vermont would obtain Temar's body.

"If I continue searching for Temar's Tomb on my own, the likelihood of reaching that point is high."

In the end, he would need his clan's help. To protect the inheritance, he needed strength.

But among the Flagbearers, the only person he could fully trust was Luna, and she was absent.

Therefore, he had to accept the risk.

If making the information about Temar's tomb public was more dangerous or if continuing to investigate the tomb alone was more dangerous, the answer to this question had already been reached.

Finally, Mary also made a decision.

"I will officially raise this issue at the next meeting."

Fortunately, she had given the answer Jin desired.

Mary judged that this was the path for the Runcandel Clan.

To reclaim the inheritance of the First Patriarch and restore the status of the ancient Runcandel that even Zipple feared.

That was what mattered most to the current Runcandel.

Furthermore, a thought briefly crossed her mind.

"Father cannot be unaware of this fact. No way."

If that was the case, could Father's obsession with the Black Sea be related to Temar's Tomb?

Mary nodded at this thought. It must be true.

Mary's faith and respect for Rosa had slowly wavered and crumbled completely due to Jin's recent confession.

However, her unwavering belief in Cyron's ultimate goal of reviving the clan's glory and restoring its legitimacy remained solid.

That was an unchanging proposition.

"As for Temar's Tomb, how much do you know?"

"The First Patriarch was a Solderet Contractor. That's why Murakan was his Guardian Dragon. In the First Patriarch's Tomb, along with the First Patriarch's inheritance and ancient Runcandel, there are also things Solderet left for me."

Mary's pupils dilated.

"Things left by Solderet for you... Is it because you're a Runcandel Contractor who appeared after a thousand years?"

"Yes, elder sister."

"I see."

As if relieved, Mary pushed her hair back and continued.

"Your intention was to take possession of the things Solderet left behind without the clan's knowledge. However, when Kinzelo suddenly appeared and revealed that other factions were also searching for his tomb, you decided that you couldn't handle it on your own, right?"

Jin couldn't help but be amazed at Mary's keen observation.

"That's correct."

Bloodlust appeared in Mary's eyes.

This time, it was clearly hostility directed at Jin. As the seventh Flagbearer, she was furious that Jin had concealed such an important matter.

However, she could understand it to some extent, unlike when she thought about Rosa.

In Mary's view, most clan members looked down on Jin.

"The youngest is 19 years old?"

"If it were me back then, I would never have informed the clan even if I couldn't possess what was in the tomb. I would have kept it hidden from the clan, consumed by revenge and hatred."

Mary, who slowly closed her eyes, seemed to be organizing her thoughts.

"Damn it... it's annoying."

Jin didn't bother to add any apologies.

There was no need to apologize.

He hadn't asked for help while complaining about the burden.

"Anyway, you thought it through, Jin. If you had continued to hide this fact out of greed, and I found out, I wouldn't have overlooked it like I am now."

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