IBAWWMB (Novel) Chapter 145



The pure white light emanating from the body of Deborah enveloped the body of Isidor, who had turned blue due to the poison, like warm water.

The crushed ribs and damaged organs regenerated in an instant, and the flesh and blood, tainted by the poison, were restored as if time had reversed.

It was not enough to just hold the man's leash before dying, so the pure and noble white light flowing from her center spread in concentric circles towards the black mist.

"In Kruooooo..."

The spirit of the ghost, which had been running wildly with its yellow teeth exposed, softened in an instant, and the magic that was thick as a black mist began to disappear rapidly.


After the light passed, the dark vision gradually brightened, and those dealing with the monsters looked around with expressions of surprise, and then quickly began to kill the clearly weakened skeleton ghost.

Due to the blood that people shed, their power had become stronger, and the situation of the allies, who were on the defensive, was immediately reversed with the light.

Meanwhile, Duke Seymour, realizing that the situation was coming to an end due to a strong divine power, looked around to find Deborah.

"Please, everything should be fine."

His daughter was worried and couldn't escape because he saw her vomiting blood.

Would it have been better to throw away his pride and flee together?

"I had never thought about this before."

He thought he had to fulfill responsibilities befitting his position, but regret came afterward.

Duke Seymour, distressed by the chaotic surroundings, found his daughter crouched under an altar, oozing black blood.

"What is that?"

Seeing her surrounded by a faint light, the duke frowned.

"Am I imagining things?"

But it was not a mistake.

As the distance between him and his daughter decreased, the scratch on his hand healed in an instant.

It was the first time he had seen a wound heal like that.

Perhaps that pure white light was also created by Deborah...

"In Deborah!"

His thoughts didn't last long.

Because his daughter's condition was critical.

While exuding a strong divine power, she herself trembled with a bright red face and bulging veins here and there.


Deborah stifled a scream, still covering Isidor's healed wound with her hand.

The power rushed at once, and the avalanche of memories that had surfaced began to make her dizzy.

Moreover, she was plagued by fragments of memories she had before possessing Deborah.

Countless memories and the collision of scenes made her head ache as if it were being cut with a knife.

Deborah, crouched in pain, suddenly clenched her teeth and slowly brought her ear close to Isidor's heart as if to confirm something.

"He's alive."

Joy filled her heart, even as she felt such intense pain, as if her brain were about to explode.

Life is so strange.

Even as the suffocating darkness approached, there was light beside her. Obviously, before, there was only sadness and despair.

Her heart pounded strongly, as if to prove that he was alive.

As soon as she realized Isidor was breathing, albeit weakly, Deborah fainted, releasing the consciousness she had barely clung to.


"I never imagined such a terrifying monster would appear. Goddess."

Cardinal Matteo, who participated in the incense burning, trembled in front of the ruined altar.

Despite appearing as a representative, he could do nothing more than hide from the fear.

While praying with a pale face, he heard a noise in the distance.

"What the hell was that white light?"

"That divine light has dispelled the misty darkness!"

Fighting against a cruel ghost in the darkness, they spoke incessantly about the warm, pure white light that erupted during the battle.

"It was a very noble divine power. It felt different from the priests in the past."

As Cardinal Matteo listened to their conversation, a high-ranking imperial officer who arrived late to investigate the situation approached.

"Cardinal Matteo. There was an explanation from the nobles that a strong divine power led them to victory in the battle against the monsters, was it the Cardinal?"

Cardinal Matteo shook his head.

"My divine power is not so pure. The level of divine power seen in today's battle has never been experienced before."

"Then who the hell used their divine power?"

At that moment, someone appeared in front of the crowd with the sound of heavy steps.

"I did it."

When an entirely unexpected figure appeared, everyone in the room began to murmur, and a surprised expression appeared on Cardinal's face.

"Looking at her appearance, she's a priestess. It's the first time I've seen her."

"Who are you? Please introduce yourself."

"My name is Mia Binoche."

She said.

"She's the second-best student in the academy. Even the archbishop praised Mia's pure and divine power."

The cardinal began to praise her dryly.

Although Mia is still attending the academy, technically speaking, she participated today as a member of the Central Sanctuary.

A terrible monster appeared during the noble birth ceremony, and also during the incense ceremony, but it was a pity to say that the temple was buried by the Visconti and Seymour families.

By the way, Mia demonstrated her divine power in a way that is almost bewildering.

"Did you do it?"

At that moment, the Crown Prince, who was checking the damage situation, intervened while swallowing a feeling of suspicion.

"Yes. Your Highness."

"What? That's strange."

Obviously, the place where that pure white light had spread was where Princess Deborah and Isidor were.

His vision was dark due to the black mist, but the Prince, as a sword master, does not rely solely on vision to determine the opponent's identity, so there was no confusion.

"Princess Deborah doesn't have divine power...."

Nobles check for divine power at birth, and if a princess had divine power, most of them would already know.

"Am I wrong? Or is this woman lying?"

The prince looked at the woman as if calculating, and she shrugged with a frightened expression on her face.

Seeing Mia trembling, the Cardinal hurriedly stepped forward.

"Your Highness, the purity of Mia's divine power is one of the highest in the history of the Academy. Similar to that of the Saint."

"I was..."

Then, suddenly, Mia staggered with a small murmur, and the cardinal quickly supported her, who had turned pale.

"Mia seems to have used too much power today."

"Your Highness, how about taking care of this priest's health for now?"

At the imperial official's suggestion, the crown prince reluctantly nodded.

However, he still couldn't dispel his doubts and looked at the woman's back and the priests, then turned to the attendant rushing over.

"Your Highness, I will report on the damage situation."

"Who died?"

"Thanks to that divine light, fortunately, no one. However, quite a few people have been injured by the rushing crowd. They say the temple will send more priests to take care of them."

"Well. That's a relief.... by the way."

However, the power of the prince's voice faltered.

"I wanted to successfully conclude this event."

It's a monster again.

"What's the reason?"

The prince closed his eyes tightly with a desperate look on his face.


"Ha, ha, ugh!"

Isidor, touching his chest while breathing heavily, raised his upper body and looked around hastily. He was lying on a bed in an unfamiliar place he had never seen before.

"Are you awake, Duke Visconti?"

As the servant bowed and spoke, Isidor raised his eyebrows.

"Who are you?"

"I am a member of the Seymour family. There was an order from my master to take a good look at Duke Visconti's body."

"How is Princess Deborah?"

"Currently, she is not feeling well and is resting."

"Is it because of me?"

Before losing consciousness, he remembers feeling Deborah's warm light enveloping his body.

"Can you see Princess Deborah from a distance? I won't disturb her. I just want to make sure she's okay."

"Before that, would you like to talk to me, Duke Visconti?"

Master... No, in the presence of Duke Seymour, Isidor quickly got up from the bed.

After a while.

Isidor quickly dressed, and the two sat awkwardly face to face at the table in the room.

"This boy... is a magic swordsman."

To be honest, he was absolutely perfect as a lover. Knowing with the head and recognizing with the heart are two completely different things.

Duke Seymour opened his mouth with a slightly annoyed expression.

"Is your body okay?"

"Thanks to Princess Deborah, she saved my life. I will never forget that grace for the rest of my life, and I will live with it engraved in my heart."

"Just your life? She saved everyone present there from the ghost army. It was a divine power that cannot be covered by the title of saint."

"It was a noble power equal to the beautiful and wise princess."

"Of course, of course."

While the two were having a surprisingly emotional conversation, the duke's assistant approached and whispered.

It is said that the owner of the divine power that sprouted from the incense ceremony has appeared.

"Mia? Who is that?"

The duke's face flushed when he heard the news that this Binushe, Binoche, or whatever, had taken credit for his daughter's achievements on her own.

"How dare she take her accomplishments and claim to be a saint?!"

"In the name of Seymour, I will resolve this right now."

While the two were burning with deep anger, a sound was heard from the door.

"You two, why are you talking about me without me?"

At the appearance of Deborah, Isidor's eyes opened with joy and affection, he pulled out a chair and quickly sat between them.

Then he took a decorative chessboard and smiled slightly.

"It's okay."

"What's okay?"

"Because it's good to hide that I have divine power."

"Do you mean you want to hide your power for now?"

"Yes. I will give Mia Binoche the role of saint for the time being."

To be bait for checkmate.

That was Mia Binoche's role.

"Not long ago, my father said there was a case of a newborn baby being kidnapped. However, coincidentally, I developed divine power at a time when witches were chasing babies as if testing their powers."


"It is not advisable to reveal that I am the protagonist of this case, given the suspicious movements of witches looking for a saint. In particular, I was more concerned that a crack that did not occur in the novel actually happened during the incense ceremony."

"And just in case. If the crack is not a mere phenomenon but an intentional event involving some group or person, like a witch, we cannot act prematurely until we find out what is behind it. The opponent is strong enough to summon high-level monsters. If I become a target, it will only be detrimental."

Admiration shone in the duke's eyes at his daughter's careful move.

"But, Deborah, you have to hide your power for now to reveal the background, are you okay with that?"

It is part of human nature to want to covet the honor we have in front of us, especially since his daughter has a bad reputation, so he will want to renew her image.

However, he will take a step back.

"Should I let my daughter give that up?"

"Princess Deborah. You are the true savior, will it be okay?"

"I am upset because I am the only one who knows that you are such a sweet and wise girl. Of course, everything will return to its place."

"...It's comfortable and nice because I'm a villain."

The princess murmured.

They would never understand.

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