IBAWWMB (Novel) Chapter 146



"How comfortable the life of a villain is."

"H-how is it comfortable?"

"I was just kidding."

The bewildered looks of Duke Seymour and Isidor captured for a moment what they had heard, and Princess Deborah frowned and toyed with the decorative chess pieces.

"If the witches are looking for a saint, someone connected to the background will hear the news and approach Mia."

Moreover, Deborah thought that Mia's behavior was somewhat suspicious.

When she collapsed in front of Philap, she was vague and let it pass, but this time she lied openly.

"Something is not natural."

Deborah slowly opened her mouth.

"I plan to monitor Mia Binoche for now. Secretly, so as not to be discovered."


After explaining my plans to the most trustworthy people, my father and Isidor, I returned to my room immediately.

It was because of the headache that started again.

She frowned at the sharp pain that stabbed her temple.

It's just a temporary headache caused by a tangle of memories, but if I say I feel pain, my father or Isidor will get anxious.

I don't want them to worry.

However, the headache was noticeably much better than when I first opened my eyes.

Probably because the mixed memories are gradually resolving.

"Ah. What the hell is this?"

So much has happened in such a short time.

Lying on the bed, I let out a long sigh and looked at my hand.

"Did I have divine power?"

I was honestly astonished. I used to be a little envious of people who used magic as a foundation, and practiced swordplay and even spirits, but I felt strange about having an unknown power.

But if it weren't for divine power, my handsome boyfriend wouldn't be safe, so I decided to thank God for giving me this ability.

"Mmm. Shall we try it?"

After cutting the back of my hand with a knife, it healed instantly.

Unlike mana, of which I have no sense, since divine power awakened all at once, I could control it at will.

However, even if it rose as high as possible, it was weak compared to the power that exploded explosively in a moment of desperation.

The reason I left Mia alone is also because I need time to adapt to divine power.

"By the way, it's really interesting."

Looking at the carefully disappeared wound, I couldn't help but click my tongue.

It's also amazing that I've become a kind of human panacea, but there was something more shocking.

The previous life of Yoon Do-hee was Nayla, who is revered as a goddess by the Empire.

The strange memory that came to mind from the moment I saw the white rosary during the incense ritual was not from Deborah, but from the previous life of Yoon Do-hee.

It felt completely different to scan the fragments of memory that Deborah, another soul, had left in the mind and see the memories that were embedded in the soul.

From the moment I awakened divine power, I could instinctively tell that Nayla was the previous life of Yoon Do-hee.

"More than anything, she was kind... the stupid part is similar."

If you become a goddess admired by everyone after death, what good is it all for?

"I will live and enjoy all the wealth and glory!"

In the third life, I will spend a lot of money with my handsome and friendly boyfriend and have a decent relationship!

Once again, I was determined to take care of myself as my top priority in this life, but my head hurt, and I fell into the blanket.

My body still felt heavy, maybe because I had used a power that had just awakened.

"I feel tired."

As soon as I closed my eyes, I quickly fell asleep.


"When I sleep, memories of my previous life come to mind."

I realized that the repetitive dream, which I thought was a nightmare, was actually a memory of my previous life, and now I can remember it even after waking up.

The timeline of the memories that can be seen in the unconscious state was disordered, but there was one common thing: a blond man who looked like Isidor was always there.

Perhaps memories with that man were the most precious to Nayla.

And I thought that Isidor's face, similar to that of that blond man, stimulated the memories of her previous life, causing the awakening of her divine power more quickly.

"In time... It seems that Philap's ancient artifact played a significant role in unlocking his power."

I got up from bed after making several guesses.

As the memory of the previous life progresses through sleep, I will be able to learn more facts.

"By the way, the time has already passed like this."

It doesn't seem like she slept much, but the room was dark.

"Princess Deborah. Duke Visconti has been waiting in the hall for three hours. Do you want him to come in?"

It seems that he was still staying in this house.

After all, Isidor is a duke on equal footing with the head of this house, so he was polite to treat and send dinner to a valuable guest.

I'll go down to see.

In the living room, Isidor paced with an anxious expression and a furrowed brow.


When I called him, his worried face softened with relief.

I felt embarrassed for no reason because I thought he was such an easy-to-read man.

And being able to see him like this, as if nothing had happened, hurt my heart again.

When I was feeling the preciousness of everyday life, Isidor ran towards me.

"Is your body okay? You looked bad earlier."

He seemed to have noticed that I had a headache.

"As you can see, I'm perfectly fine. And I can heal my wounds."

I smiled at him slightly.

"That's a relief."

"Are you okay? You apparently had a broken rib...."

"I'm better thanks to you."

He suddenly grabbed my hand and tucked it into his coat, and his seemingly selfless sudden action took me by surprise.

"If you're worried, check it for yourself."

Soon, behind the white shirt, a firm and massive muscle was felt in the palm of my hand.



Amidst the frenzy, my hand unintentionally moved down to his abs, and Isidor's white cheeks suddenly turned red.

“Why do you suddenly feel uncomfortable?”

It makes me feel strange too.

"Cough cough. Yes, anyway, I'm perfectly fine."


He blinked his long eyelashes, avoiding my gaze.

"Oh, yes."

I quickly removed my hand and nodded.

Then, he suddenly took off his coat and covered the area around his lower body.

"It's hot."

"Yes, it's a bit warm."

I pretended not to know anything and looked away.

"I need to go for a walk to get some fresh air."

"Yes. A walk would be nice."

"See you later at dinner."

I watched his back disappearing hurriedly, and bit my lips as I covered my flushed face.

I didn't see anything.

“By the way… he had said he had confidence*… that's almost like a weapon.”

At first glance, I thought I had seen something big stored on the right side of his thigh.


The 4th queen vomited blackened blood several times.

She tried to cover her mouth with a handkerchief, but her right arm didn't move as if it were paralyzed, so the black blood splattered on the floor.

The demon, Lucifer, devoured a quarter of her soul in exchange for creating a crack during this incense ceremony.

However, even with great risk, the 4th queen had to exaggerate.

“The first crack failed, so only the tower shone.”

Attempts to create a false saint have always been thwarted, and the 3rd Prince was still in a weak position, so more time was needed.

To promote the next opportunity, she had to interrupt the ceremony dedicated to the Crown Prince and solidify the framework that he was unfortunate and immoral.

"Why doesn't the Crown Prince take charge of this incense ceremony? Your Majesty."

"You are a great mother. You can even worry about your eldest son after sending the third prince to a chaotic battlefield."

Indeed, it was also the 4th Queen who secretly suggested that the Crown Prince carry out the incense ceremony to the emperor.

In the novel, the queen didn't have to undertake such an adventure because Mia was firmly established as the saint and was with the Pope as the celebration's protagonist.

The reason Deborah did not anticipate the appearance of evil spirits was that the incense ceremony had ended well in the original story.

However, the current 4th Queen is in a defensive situation, so she had to make a big bet.

“I had to make people turn their backs on the Crown Prince.”

However, the devil demanded more than expected, so the loss was also significant.

If her soul is devoured even more in the future, it may be difficult to stay sane, but the 4th Queen ignored that fact.

The soul was assimilated more deeply by the demon, and only tenacity and the desire to make her son emperor overflowed with greater intensity.

“It's a pity.”

In her heart, she hoped that the prince would get involved in the battle with the monster and die, but still, this was only a partial success.

“He's a master swordsman; there's no way he can die so easily.”

Above all, something good appeared.

A card named Mia Binoche, who was useless all the time, suddenly emerged as an ace.

“She can do such a thing.”

But that Mia Binoche is a false saint made of Holy Blood, so whose credit did she steal?

After quickly collecting the black blood spilled on the floor, she told the assistant that she would be out for a while and then went to the hidden basement under the jewelry store.

After a while, Mia entered the Black Cave by order of the 4th Queen and knelt in front of her.

"I heard your performance."

"Thank you very much for assigning me the power. I will do my best to meet your expectations in the future."

“What does this mean?”

The 4th queen's eyebrows raised. Mia thought that the white divine power that appeared during the incense ceremony was the power invented by the 4th queen similar to Holy Blood.

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