IBAWWMB (Novel) Chapter 147



The 4th queen looked at Mia, who seemed to have misunderstood something, and contemplated for a moment.

"No need to tell the truth to a girl who shows respect for me."

It was enough for Mia to act well as a saint for her son, the 3rd Prince.

"Mia. I've created a scenario where you are the main character, so you must show the attitude and follow the right steps. I'll be anticipating it."

Mia bowed her head again, and the 4th Queen, who had dismissed her, summoned her vassal, Marquis François.

Even at fifty, he boasted a smooth appearance as if time had stopped, and he was a popular figure among high society ladies for his outstanding looks and chivalrous attitude.

"Marquis François. Make the debutante of this year unconditionally Mia Binoche. You're the best at creating a grand scenario in the social world, so it will be fine without me saying anything."

"I will follow your will."


Mia Binoche hasn't shown much presence in the social world in the past, but this matter could give her a significant boost.

"But, Mistress, since she appeared during the incense ceremony... What if the real Saint comes in person? There must be a limit to how Mia can pretend to be the real one using Holy Blood."

In the Marquis François's question full of concern, the 4th Queen had a cruel smile resembling that of a demon.

"We will kill her."

Whoever it is, by any means.

Fortunately, Mia's actions so far have been very dedicated.

Mia is popular among thousands of people, so while dealing with public opinion battles, she planned to use strong wizards like Albert, a wizard dealing with insect-type monsters, to get rid of the real Saint. With all her might.

"That would be good. I've been suffering from not being able to find the Saint."

She would be quite grateful if the real one revealed her identity.

As soon as the scheme for searching for the Saint, which was like catching floating clouds, was established, the nervousness disappeared.

"It would be good to frame the Crown Prince by tying him up well."

Her head began to spin rapidly, and her eyes shone with a dazzling blue.

It was as if a demon had descended upon the earth, so Marquis François fell on his face, trembling.

* * *

Isidor and Duke Seymour decided to keep quiet for the time being about the fact that Deborah had manifested divine power.

As a result, it was also kept secret that Isidor was severely injured by the evil spirit.

"Duke Visconti. Rest at Seymour's for the moment. I've already informed your family."

Knowing that when he returns to his family, he will immediately be subjected to killer workload, Duke Seymour took charge of Isidor's situation.

It was a consideration that was not typical of Duke Seymour.

If he had been a knight, he wouldn't have even snorted, but the fact that Isidor was a wizard was one of the main reasons why Duke Seymour had to break down the wall.

If Isidor hadn't taken the time to confront the monsters, he wouldn't have been able to complete the seventh-class magic, so he felt a little indebted.

"Thank you. Duke Seymour."

Although his body was fine, Isidor liked to spend time with the princess under the same roof (?), so he quickly accepted Duke Seymour's proposal.

"Time flies."

It was already the third consecutive day that he woke up in Seymour's house after the incense ceremony.

"Duke Visconti. I know you enjoyed playing the resident son-in-law*, but come back now. Please. Papers are piling up like a mountain here and there."

(N/T: 데릴사위, the husband who lives with his wife's parents in their house.)

Miguel, who came to bring Isidor's custom-made clothes and some belongings, begged, but he didn't seem to hear.

"There's nothing I can do about it since the tower master requested it. It's a matter of friendship between families."

"Thank you don't even care about the Crown Prince!"

"How can you compare my future father-in-law to the Crown Prince?"

"I heard that you even revealed the fact that you are a magical swordsman to the public during the ceremony! It's not a joke; I can even build a castle with the letters that arrive. Help me. Or accept my resignation!"

"I'll rest for a bit. I've done a lot of dirty work since I became head of state."

"I've worked hard too!"

"Yes. I know your hard work. I'll double your salary. How about that?"

"... Clearly said 'a bit'. If he doesn't return tonight, I won't go back to Visconti."

Isidor, who barely convinced the crazed Miguel, sent him back, and tilted his chin, thinking that being a resident son-in-law wouldn't be bad.

Then, with a relaxed expression, he looked at the beautifully decorated flower garden for a moment and got up to take a shower.

Obviously, the bones had been shattered, but it seemed as if nothing had happened; he marveled every time he saw his body without a single scar.

He experienced it himself, but it was an incredible level of divine power.

"Is the princess the incarnation of the Saint recorded in the oracle? Mmm. There's something evil in that."

To be honest, creating a shell company and evading taxes wasn't something a Saint would think of.

"It doesn't matter..."

Isidor didn't care what Princess Deborah was, not even if she were the devil himself.

From the moment she first appeared in Blanchia, Deborah was like an incomprehensible black swan that invaded Isidor without warning.

But the truth was that he didn't want to see that precious woman cry again.

Isidor slowly ran his fingertips over the clean and healthy ribs without a trace of a scar, and suddenly bit his lip.

"... not even during puberty did I feel like this."

Obviously, he had been in a life-or-death situation, but his body seemed too healthy.

After a while, he came out of the bath with a pale blush on his face.

As he put on the newly tailored clothes, a servant reported that tea and brunch were ready.

As it was a long weekend, the two decided to spend the morning having tea together.

Isidor used magic to quickly dry his wet hair and get ready to go out.

Learning that Duke Visconti, known as the handsomest man in the empire, would go out for tea, the maids took care of the garden and pretended to polish the sculptures, secretly watching him.

However, beyond just being handsome, the servants were overwhelmed by the atmosphere he exuded.

"...Why can't I get used to it as time goes by?"

Princess Deborah suddenly raised her tea cup and murmured a bit.


"Isidor's face seems to be getting better every day, doesn't it?"

I must have saved the country in my previous life.

"Oh? But did I really do that? In my previous life."

Princess Deborah drank steaming tea while answering herself.

Isidor watched her as she sipped the tea with pleasure, then let out a small laugh when the princess gently pushed the sugar lump in front of him.

"Thank you."

"Because the lord likes sweet things."

"Yes. And I like the cream cake in front of the princess."

Isidor skillfully said ah, and opened his mouth.

Holding a fork in front of his cunning appearance, he pretended to bring it to his mouth and smeared the cream around his lips.

"Is this a declaration of war?"

Isidor quickly smeared the cream on the princess's lips, and his eyes sharpened.

"How can the lord do that?!"

"I did it because I wanted to do this."

Isidor lightly touched the princess's upper lip, which had been smeared with cream.

"Please do the same for me too...."

"This is my house!"

Although the Seymour family mansion is as spacious as a hotel, she felt a little skeptical about engaging in skinship because they were inside her house.

She kicked his shin while her earlobes turned red.

Isidor said he had a broken leg, but when servants arrived from afar with a three-tiered dessert tray, he sat elegantly at the table.

Of course, he looked a bit odd with cream on his lips.

"You have something here. Hurry and clean it."

"I know."

"Ugh, by the way, when will you go back to your house? Won't your vassals leave you alone?"

"Do you want me to leave?"

Giving him a puppy look, Isidor licked the corners of his cream-covered mouth. The princess shivered and shook her head slightly.

To be honest, she didn't hate flirting while being physically close to each other.

"But I can feel his discomfort when I make advances."

It wasn't reasonable for the shy princess because she feared that someone might suddenly open the door and come in.

"In reality, it's a pity, but I have to go back tonight. I think it will be harder to postpone the accumulated work."

"I see."

"We'll see each other often. We must meet from time to time to practice dancing."

Isidor said kindly.

"Why practice dancing?"

"Am I not the princess's debutante partner? Maybe another... No, do you have another young man in mind?"

When Princess Deborah asked with an ignorant look, Isidor was genuinely surprised.

"Ah, come to think of it, my debutante is approaching."

Most young ladies want to make their debut, the first stage in the social world, with more glamour than anyone else, but the princess didn't seem interested.

"Who would you like as a chaperone?"

Since Isidor awarded her the Flower of the Year prize, Princess Deborah could appoint any lady as a companion.

"I've already decided."

At the name that came out of the princess's mouth, Isidor coughed and spit out the tea in his mouth.

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