IBAWWMB (Novel) Chapter 149



At this moment, the main topic of the ladies' gathering was the debutante.

This is because the role of seniors, that is, ladies who are good at guiding first-year students who have just debuted into the social world, was important.

Furthermore, the number of requests they received from young ladies to act as chaperones demonstrated the popularity and status of ladies in the social world.

After the significant incident of the incense ceremony, the Duchess of Orge organized a tea party with the aim of changing the mood.

"Informal tea party, please!"

"The third young Marchioness of Atlante has already reached the age to debut in the world of society. It feels like she was singing in the children's choir just yesterday."

"Already? Time passes so quickly."

"Yes. This year, the second daughter of Count Nora has also grown a lot. Both are close families, so I worry about which young man to respond to."

In the face of the Duchess of Orge's discreet pride, the ladies' eyes gradually narrowed.

"It hasn't been long since the ceremony ended, but it means she has already received two offers to be a chaperone."

Duchess Orge liked to boast about her popularity, and the ladies chimed in.

As the conversation continued, a certain lady took a piece of cake decorated with red flowers and suddenly spoke up.

"The Flower of the Year is Duke Visconti, isn't it?"

"A young man, not a young lady, is the Flower of the Year. It's really amusing."

"I can't keep up with the thinking of young people these days."

The duchess approached and murmured.

"So, what about the choice of companion that Duke Visconti received?"

"I heard that Duke Visconti gave the Flower of the Year to Princess Deborah."

An uncomfortable silence hung over the table for a moment. Because an imperial order couldn't be rejected.

The lady chosen by the Flower of the Year is usually envied, but this time it was an undesirable atmosphere.

"Princess Deborah has a personality..."

"It's not easy."

"What kind of lady did the princess choose as her companion?"

"There are rumors that it's the Marchioness of Baslein."


The Duchess of Orge contained her laughter, almost bursting out.

"Fortunately, the troublesome girl went there."

Duchess Orge, who was not satisfied that not even a duchess but only a marchioness was ranked alongside her as a member of high society, made a fuss while showing her sympathy.

"Even the Marchioness of Baslein, who has a good personality, won't be able to keep composure this time. She won't be able to avoid scolding, even if it's in her home."


"How dazzling will she look at her debutante...?"

"That wouldn't suit the Marchioness of Baslein, who likes to be humble."

"It seems like she's already cracking."

Other ladies also responded, pretending to be sad. Perhaps all noblewomen felt pity for the Marchioness Baslein.

"If we get involved, it will only cause waves."

There are many young girls who are easy to handle, but they didn't want to become the companion of a troublesome lady with a strong backing.

However, public opinion soon changed.

It was because of the rumor that Princess Deborah had made a reservation for all the precious accessories that were going to be launched in Appelle for her Chaperone.

"If it's <Appelle>, maybe..."

"Yes. The princess has taken all the jewelry from Artisan Micheli!"

The expression of Duchess Orge, who was aiming for the jewelry of Artisan Micheli belonging to <Appelle>, hardened.

<Appelle> has been the most popular jewelry among ladies in recent years.

It was because Micheli, an artisan who worked there, created elegant crafts with metaphors and philosophy.

The nobles wanted to flaunt and boast about their wealth, but they had a double standard between blatant luxury and silent vanity.

It's expensive luxury that those with knowledge recognize, but it seems to maintain dignity rather than being flashy on the surface.

Micheli's craftsmanship was the secret to its popularity among ladies.

Moreover, the quantity was small. Micheli's hands are slow, so there's no promise of when there will be more, but the princess took them all!

When she thought of the noblewoman who would be the main character of the precious craftsmanship, which had a waiting list and couldn't live without it, she secretly felt envious.

"I didn't know that Princess Deborah would be a kind person."

"I just thought she was arrogant and selfish."

"Treating a chaperone like that. It's amazing."

"... We'll have to wait and see. It could be part of another show. A bombardment of gifts. Isn't that something Princess Deborah would do?"

Duchess Orge spoke in a cynical tone with effort.

"I'm a bit envious."

The other ladies tried to contain the thoughts that gradually came to their heads and sympathized with the Duchess's words.



The response from the Marchioness of Baslein to my gift and letter arrived.

The content was concise. It was an invitation to her townhouse.

"I'm very nervous."

Holding the invitation, I swallowed the tension and descended in front of the Marquis of Baslein's house.

The well-maintained gardens, the large fountains, and the clean white exterior of the mansion caught my attention.

The butler led me to the salon, and soon the Marchioness appeared before me.

"Wow... incredible."

I admired her good taste.

As someone who was called the flower of social society in the past, I felt an elegant beauty and outstanding dignity.

With her shiny platinum hair tied up high, she looked at me with her blue eyes very similar to Isidor's.

"A pleasure to meet you. This is Deborah Seymour. It's an honor to be here."

I greeted her as politely as possible.

"I'm delighted to meet you too, Princess Deborah."

With a simple tone and an expressionless face, I couldn't imagine how she felt. I took a seat at the salon table in front of her, feeling a sense of suffocation.

The Marchioness of Baslein told the butler to bring tea, and I clenched my hands to relieve the tension.

"Princess Deborah."

"Yes, Marchioness."

"I didn't know you would say such uncomfortable words as soon as we met, but I really don't like repeating things twice..."

She took the gift box I had sent.

"Princess Deborah has the official title of Flower of the Year, so I didn't reject the request to become your chaperone. I can't refuse. However, I will return these earrings and necklaces sent by the princess. It's too much."

I sighed as I watched her return the jewelry box with coldness and resolution.

"As expected, she didn't accept it."

Still, I hoped she would be tough, but she's more stubborn than I thought.

"Didn't Duke Visconti talk to you about my personality?"

"I definitely didn't think I could win the favor of the Marchioness with just material things. I thought I could return a gift like this."

"But I prepared a gift because I have a very bad reputation. If the Marchioness becomes my chaperone, I know what will happen in social society."

"However, I always wanted to have Agath-nim as a chaperone."

"Is that why you sent me such a gift?"

"Yes. In social society, everyone fights underwater to become an object of envy."

"Mmm. As expected, the rumors that you sent such a large gift discouraged people talking behind your back, but I'm also surprised that you're so honest and direct..."

"I thought that if I wrapped my intentions or lied, you would notice."

The Marchioness Baslein gently waved her fan.

"I understand the princess's intentions in thinking of me, but I don't want to set a precedent for receiving such an expensive gift. After that, other young ladies may feel burdened."

I was deeply moved by her words.

She seemed to understand why she was praised for her high character among the young ladies.

"I didn't even think about the side effects of my actions. Thank you for sharing your wisdom."


While responding lightly, she played with her fan gently.

"Still, you must have had difficulties finding that gift. Aren't you disappointed in me?"

"Not at all. I'm glad you're being honest."

Of course, there were several processes to persuade the <Appelle> artisan, with an amount of money he couldn't afford to refuse, but she didn't express it.

"But what's the reason Princess Deborah works so hard for me and treats me so well? Although I am Isidor's aunt, I have no intention of meddling in the personal affairs of Duke Visconti. I have no right to do that."

"Because you are a precious person to Lord Isidor."


"And also because I would like to receive an invitation to the Baslein estate."

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