IBAWWMB (Novel) Chapter 150



The eyes of the Marchioness of Baslein widened as she drank tea. As for the gift, she followed her will, based on the calculation that it probably wouldn't be easy to reject even this offer. It's not easy to say no twice.

"Is it a problem that it's so sudden?"

However, contrary to her expectations, there was only a curious look in her blue eyes.

"Our Baslein territory is always open to precious guests like the princess. But... there may not be many things that would pique the princess's interest as much as the capital city."

After all, my image in the head of any lady would be that of a troublesome brat who likes to follow trends, so it was natural to think that way.

"I've yearned for the sea since I was little."

I spoke in a low voice, as if sharing a secret.

"...Princess Deborah?"

Because the eastern part of the Seymour estate was a flat area, a deeper suspicion appeared on her face.

"Yes. I went on vacation to the beach with my father a long time ago, but I never forgot the blue waves."

I said this while recalling memories of a school trip to Haeundae in my previous life. It was true that the blue sea I saw at that time was impressive, so it was not a lie at all.

"Well. Seaside villas are popular among aristocrats."

"The waves had a rhythm like that of an orchestra playing, and the seagulls seemed to dance to the beat."

The Marchioness of Baslein, who was from the south and still managed the land adjacent to the sea, listened to me, folded her fan, and opened her mouth.

"The constant ebb and flow of high and low tides is the greatest allure of the sea. Watching the white spray come and go, time seems to repeat forever."

The marchioness spoke like a poem, quoting the final words of my letter.

[I want to send and receive letters with madame for a long time, just as high and low tides intersect.]

"I actually liked the expression."

In the letter, I deliberately used many sea-related metaphors, and I was glad she liked that part.

"I wondered if Isidor, who likes metaphorical expressions, might have intervened a bit, but it was my prejudice. I'm sorry."

"This person is also an honest and straightforward person like Isidor."

I drank tea while talking about the sea with the now softened marchioness.

She loved the Baslein castle and the estate overlooking the sea.

"It's wonderful to see the sunrise over the horizon from the top of the castle tower."

"When you look at the infinite horizon of the sea, it seems to awaken the imagination of what lies beyond."

Mrs. Baslein responded lightly to my words.

"It's the imagination of all the children living near the sea. I once thought there was a great monster at the end."

"Now that I look at it, there is gold beyond the horizon."

I began to bring up the topic secretly, and the marchioness burst into laughter.

"Hmm. Gold. I didn't think the princess would believe in the legend of the Treasure Island."

I smiled brightly.

"I'm interested in trading with the principality beyond the Bornas Strait. I trust that trading with them will bring as much gold as Treasure Island."

She erased her laughter at what I said and looked very surprised.

"I didn't know that the princess, who is a magic student, would be interested in trading with the Principality of Ferdin."

She curved her well-formed lips and added a little background story.

"Most people in the Empire ignore the Ferdinians as savages...."

"I think the possibilities are endless."

"I wonder why the princess thinks that the Principality of Ferdin, a small country on the outskirts of the sea, is a treasure island full of gold."

"Could you bring me some hot water and a tea cup?"

I unfolded a bit of freshly roasted ground coffee, poured it into a tea cup, and dissolved it with hot water.

"It's coffee. I drank it once in <Armand> because it's effective for increasing concentration."

Soon, the aroma of fragrant coffee beans spread throughout the room, and the marchioness pretended to know what I had brought.

"If she knows <Armand>, the conversation will flow faster."

"Yes. Coffee is the main product promoted by <Armand>. Sales and demand are increasing day by day. It has an excellent effect in pursuing sleep, so it is sought after by many researchers. Some even call it the drink of wisdom."

"How does Princess Deborah know it so well?"

"The summit that leads <Armand> is <Leticia>, and I am the representative of that summit."

Before long, I heard a cough. She has the same reaction as Isidor when surprised, so I almost laughed a little unconsciously.

* * *


Isidor, who was flipping through the papers, upon seeing his aunt, who had attacked Visconti Mansion without warning, stood up startled.


"Why didn't you tell me anything about Princess Deborah? You must have heard that I have become her chaperone."

"Ah, you met the princess today."

"Did you know that the princess is the owner of the famous shop <Armand>?"

"Besides me, my aunt must be the only one who knows that the princess runs <Armand>."

The marchioness, disappointed by her nephew's failure to inform her in advance, softened her stance a bit at his words.

"But... It's not easy to publicly reveal that a high-ranking noble is running a business."

Having calmed her excitement, Marchioness Baslein waved her fan and sat back in her chair. Then, as she sipped tea, she calmly recalled the meeting with the princess once again.

She had been a chaperone for countless young nobles, but this was the first time she had met such an unpredictable young lady.

"At first, I didn't like her because it seemed like they were trying to subdue me with money and power..."

It was true that the conversation with her was very refreshing.

"She wore sunglasses* because of the rumors. I can understand a bit why you took Princess Deborah as your partner during the ceremony."

"Isn't she charming?"

Seeing Isidor smiling proudly, the marchioness coughed in vain.

Contrary to expectations, the princess was neither vain nor arrogant. She seemed confident but not haughty, and she was quite flexible and tolerant.

However, the arms bend inward*, still, her nephew... was not wrong.

"Hmm. I thought her personality would fit well with yours. You're like a cunning snake and have unpredictable aspects."

"You must have had an unpredictable conversation."

"Maybe I'm old, I can't keep up with a person like Princess. She said she liked the sea and asked me to invite her to the Baslein territory; she dragged me along without me realizing it."

"Did you invite the princess to the Baslein territory?"

"Yes. If you take the old long-distance gate, you'll arrive in half a day, but it seems too sudden."

"... Aunt."

Suddenly, Isidor looked at the marchioness with pleading eyes.

Seeing her nephew holding her hands tightly, the marchioness trembled.

"Why are you suddenly making such a heavy expression?"

"Please invite me. I'll bring a gift that you both will like."

Marchioness Baslein snorted.

Is he trying to use the precious Baslein Castle for a romantic date?

"It's not very difficult."

And strictly speaking, Princess Deborah was visiting the estate not for personal reasons but for business purposes.

"Well. I'll send an invitation to the princess when I get home."

"Actually... I'm a business partner of Princess Deborah and <Armand>."

Isidor, who was quickly read by his aunt, hastily placed his work as a shield.


Marchioness Baslein almost broke the glass in her hand this time.

"What the hell are you doing? You're not even an onion, why does something keep coming out even after peeling you?!"

She finally shouted.


I looked at the invitation from Marchioness Baslein.

The schedule for the visit to Baslein's estate was surprisingly fast.

As the Marquess of Baslein was about to set out to subdue pirates, he had to advance the schedule so that I could meet with him and discuss distribution and trade in person.


I took a few deep breaths in front of my father's office.

I had to persuade Duke Seymour because I had to be absent for a while to visit the Baslein territory, so I had no choice but to reveal that I was in business.

"Still, 'Armand' is enough to not feel insulted, right?"

Although nobles tend to underestimate trade, I made it clear to the Duke from the beginning that I would do business.

"Of course, my father didn't seem to believe it."

"Princess. Come in."


The assistant opened the door shortly after, and in the office, my father and Belreck were working.

Belreck shrugged when I sent him a questioning look about why he didn't leave.

"Is this something I shouldn't hear? We're partners."

"Well. It's also related to my brother's magical tools business, so it wouldn't be a bad idea to have him by my side."

"What are you trying to say with such a determined expression on your face?"

I coughed once at Duke Seymour's question.

"Father. Actually..."

At that moment, Duke Seymour trembled with a pale expression as if he had realized something.

"Are you thinking of getting married...?"

"Father. Breathe, breathe!"

Belreck shouted when he saw Duke Seymour clutching his chest.

"What are you talking about all of a sudden? I'm here to deliver the interim report on the business I'm doing with the money father invested."

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