IBAWWMB (Novel) Chapter 151



"Business interim report? Did Deborah ever borrow money for a business?"

When Belreck asked in an absurd tone, his father, still afflicted by the shock, patted his heart several times as he said it was about a business.

"Oh, that. It just surprised me."

"Father. Do you remember that last winter I asked you to invest in a business?"

"Yes. I remember. I can throw in a couple of pennies. No big deal. Don't worry."

"How much was the investment?"

Belreck asked softly.

"Less than half of the money for the trial cost of your magical tools."

"Is that so? Your expression was so serious that I thought I had lost the price of the mansion."

These people. Why do they keep drawing their own conclusions?

"It didn't fail. On the contrary, it's doing well. Enough to consider expanding the business."

I took out the Imperial Family's permission envelope and shared the current state of the business.


"Yes. I am the owner."

Both of them looked at me at the same time with rabbit eyes. Suddenly, a heavy silence fell in the office.

"Oh my God."

Belreck, whose pupils trembled as he reviewed various real estate documents and sales receipts, was the first to break the silence.

"I can't believe this even after seeing it with my own eyes. You're the owner. <Armand> is a famous place that even I know."

"Besides coffee, we've been rapidly expanding our business by launching seasonal drinks. Fruit drinks, made with Brother Belreck's magical tools, sold well."

"Ah. That's why they were using magical tools that weren't even promoted at <Armand>."

"That's right."

"Mmm. I knew it since I started designing these useful magical tools. You have a natural talent for making money."

"Useful? He finally smelled money after insisting that they were torture tools."

I looked at Belreck, who had quickly changed his mind.

Belreck coughed, and Duke Seymour silently analyzed my business plan.

He slowly raised his head with an expressionless face.

Unable to grasp the emotion in my father's silver eyes, I swallowed dry saliva.

"I wonder if he didn't like the fact that I didn't study magic and went into business."


"Yes. Father."

"You've been struggling while constantly trying new things in an invisible place. I have the best and greatest daughter in the Empire as my daughter."

Although trade is not a highly esteemed field for nobles, I was surprised to hear my father generously praise me.

However, the lips that said good things hardened.

"So why have you been so desperate for so long? Maybe the lack of sensitivity made you feel overwhelmed by performance..."

"No. It's something I wanted to do. I also wanted to show that I'm improving more and more."

Duke Seymour seemed to have misunderstood something, so I managed to open my mouth, and his silver eyes soon moistened with emotion.

"I'm so proud of you. Do whatever you want in the future. I will always cheer you on and support you."

My father's heart was moved, and the tip of his nose wrinkled.

But emotion is a fleeting feeling, and I quickly got to the main point.

"Thank you for believing in me and supporting me!"

* * *

When Princess Deborah, who received the Flower of the Year, chose Marquess Baslein as her companion, most nobles expected the two to clash.

After hearing the rumor that the marchioness had rejected the gift, some thought that Princess Deborah would let go of her hand.

However, when the news broke that Princess Deborah had been unexpectedly invited to the Baslein territory, the social world entered a state of confusion.

"Ah, so Mia had to be the Flower of the Year!"

Meanwhile, the plans of the 4th queen went awry again, so she grabbed her head.

How could Princess Deborah bring Madame Baslein to her side?

Although her title was not exceptional, Marquess Baslein had a strong fleet and no political affiliation.

If Marchioness Baslein were recruited by Mia's side, she could create a military rear guard for her son, whose part was the weakest.

Furthermore, according to Madame Ophelia's investigation, Duke Visconti had a close relationship with Marchioness Baslein.

"It was a trick that could shake even the Crown Prince and Duke Visconti!"

It's not the first time she has wanted to deal with Princess Deborah, who has always been a hindrance, but she hesitated due to the high risk of involving Seymour.

Moreover, a larger variable called "The True Saint" intervened, making her movements even more difficult.

"By the way, why doesn't the Saint appear? Even the southern wizards were brought to the capital and put on standby."

Should they investigate all the young ladies who attended the incense ceremony?

Her head hurts.

Fortunately, Mia has been steadily expanding her position with full support from the cardinal lately.

"Since she is the face of the temple, it won't be easy to change even if the real one appears."

Firstly, I had no choice but to find a good alternative to the Marchioness Baslein.

Whom should I choose?

The gaze of the 4th queen, following the list, stopped at the Duchess of Orge, one of the most prominent personalities.

"Hmm. Yes, it's worth trying with the duchess from a family that contributed to the founding of the country."


It was the first time I left the capital, so I tossed and turned all night unable to sleep.

I regretted a little leaving something significant for too late, but the moment I received the letter from Isidor this morning, the feeling of unease disappeared completely.

[See you soon ♡.]

I smiled as I looked at the letter with a heart drawn on it.

It seemed that Isidor would come to the south for a while while I was in Baslein.

It's true that I was excited because I didn't have much time to meet him after he left here revealing that he was a magical swordsman.

"Walking on the beach with my boyfriend was my dream."

I lowered the lips that kept going up, then looked out the window and drew a heart with the tip of my finger.

"By the way, my father is worried. I'll only be away for a week, but he's being very noisy."

Among the young ladies from attending the Academy, many girls live in dormitories.

Duke Seymour, who was trying to follow her to the Baslein property, finally took a step back and sent several escorts and excellent servants.

After some time, the procession of carriages stopped in front of the ancient gate.

A gigantic long-distance gate, spanning a higher level of ancient magical technology, was installed as a stop at the imperial point.

However, it had the disadvantage that not many could use it because it was expensive.

Soon, the carriage was absorbed by the gate, and a fierce light spread from all directions.

"Oh, that's strange, isn't it?"

I have always felt uncomfortable with mana, and I even fainted feeling nauseous and dizzy with Philap's ancient artifact.

But now I really don't feel that way.

"The power that sealed divine power was also interfering with the response to Mana."

Why was the power blocked?

Lost in thoughts, I soon fell asleep.

"Again, that dream."

Now I am used to seeing disgusting monsters running wildly in the desert.

As well as the image of a blond man, who looks like Isidor, swinging his sword and flying wildly like a god. The man who claims to have never been hurt in his life was really strong. Even a high-level monster was split in two in an instant in front of him.

"Heal me."

"You're not hurt."

The man often demanded divine powers from Nayla without being injured.

"When the white light comes, it's refreshing and feels like taking a bath."

He, suffering from mysophobia, made a brief comment and suddenly reached out a hand.

"And it's a waste of water. Nothing is free in the world."


"Do you know what a person like you, who provides free service and spreads divine power, is called?"



The man never left the water bottle for Nayla, and, as if showing off, poured water into his palm for her to drink.

He said he had mysophobia, but he was a strange person in this area.

"That's all for today."

The man pulled away his gloved hand, and I, Nayla, stared blankly at the endless desert, suffering from endless thirst.

"There must be water somewhere. I think I heard that there is such a thing as an oasis."

"Are there places where there is water everywhere? If you float in open sea, you'll miss the land."

"What about the sea?"

"Have you never been there?"

"No. But I definitely want to go there someday."

In a dream, she longed for the sea.

As soon as I opened my eyes, I was even more moved by the beautiful landscape spread out before me.


When I got off the carriage, Isidor, standing with the sea in the background, smiled widely and waved at me.

I ran quickly towards him, and Isidor's eyes widened at my impulsive action.

"Wait, I'll run too."

He quickly ran towards me, picked me up in his arms, spun around, and set me down.

"You worked hard to come here."


Finally, the first day in the south began.

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