IWDFLSB (Novel) Chapter 82




Indeed, the media has been paying attention to this case since the Iver Merchant Guild was unexpectedly investigated for tax reasons, and the security forces visited Cassius Mansion on the same day.

However, since the involved family was so powerful, they were cautious about mentioning it, and early this morning, the imperial family issued an official statement.

The reaction was heated. If we look at the scale of tax evasion uncovered so far, it was the highest level since the foundation of the Asteroth Empire. Moreover, it didn't take long after it was revealed that the true owner of Iver was Liena Cassius.

In my room in the security officers' annex, I placed today's morning newspapers on the table and carefully reviewed the related articles.

Some phrases stood out.

"A unprecedented large-scale tax evasion crime has occurred! The accumulated amount of tax evasion by the Iver guild exceeds one million gold..."

"Is Iver's crime just tax evasion? Six crimes revealed by the imperial family."

"Yesterday afternoon, a series of state officials were arrested on charges of accepting bribes!"

"How much is Princess Liena Cassius related to this incident?"

"A twist for the princess who was called the second saint!"

The Imperial Spokesperson said: "His Majesty the Great Emperor is angry about the current situation and has declared that he will never stand idly by."

"It is known that His Highness the Second Prince, who successfully led this tax investigation, personally discovered Iver's secret space with his excellent observation and hearing skills."

"Duke Cassius has remained silent on this situation. In fact, he threatened the journalist who asked about this..."

As the situation was so serious, not even the pro-Cassius newspapers could publish articles favorable to Iver. Instead, many argued that we should not jump to conclusions and should wait for the next announcement from the imperial family.

On the other hand, the anti-Cassius newspaper was seizing this as an opportunity to begin attacking Cassius and Liena. They seemed cautious because the investigation was still ongoing.

Of all the newspapers, I chose the one that seemed to have the least useful information, took only the pages with the relevant articles, and brought it to Elliot's room. All I needed to know was that Liena was on the defensive.

"Today is quite early..."

I entered alone, and Elliot, who was inside the cell, frowned. He was eating the bread provided for breakfast.

"Are you disappointed that Count Miloam isn't here?"

"That's not even a funny joke. If you're going to talk about that, leave."

"I thought you might be curious about the outside situation."

I passed the newspaper through the iron bars. Elliot took it and looked at it, but his eyes widened as he read it all.

"What's your intention in giving me this now?"

"I brought it because I thought you might be curious."

"Do you want me to guess what's on your mind? Are you trying to tell me that Lady Liena will abandon me?"


"You're kind, but you know how to be cool when necessary. If you convince her that I, and not Cecil, am the traitor, she'll abandon me without hesitation."

Even though it was his job, Elliot took a step back and calmly observed the situation.

"The second prince acted as if I were a traitor to hide Cecil, who was the real traitor. Besides, I disagreed with Tara before."

Elliot claimed that Tara was my spy, and Tara probably also told Liena that Elliot suspected her of his repeated attacks.

"I also know that I'm not popular among people. Besides the fact that Lady Liena cares for me, she even considers my personality a nuisance."

Although he knew all this, it didn't change his personality. In any case, it was his personality.

"On the other hand, Cecile Ivert, those around her trust that woman. Despite being a ruthless traitor."

Well, Cecil wasn't a traitor, but I really had no motive to clarify this misunderstanding.

"The reason you noticed Cecil in the first place was that she not only sought immediate gains but also built a strong relationship of trust not only with her subordinates but also with her business partners. I also thought the possibility of Cecil betraying me was less than three percent."

Elliot bit his lip. He knew exactly in which direction Liena's heart would lean: between him and the other two subordinates.

"If this continues, I will become a traitor as you intended. I won't even be able to explain because I will be sentenced to prison in court and imprisoned without even having a chance to see her."

He tilted his head. Soon his body started shaking. Although it was summer, and the air inside was warm, the chills became stronger.


It was then when I was about to say his name. Wow, a small laughter reached my ears.


Elliot looked up, pointed at me, and laughed heartily.

"Do you think I'll let it end like this? If you think you've won with this, you're wrong!"

His eyes gleamed with triumph.

"I will save the young lady and rid myself of the stigma of being a traitor."

"... What are you going to do? You're stuck in here."

"Hah! Did you really think I couldn't do anything? That's stupid."

The cunning trickster whispered.

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