LWTG (Novel) Chapter 389


Eyes of Foreknowledge.

As soon as that name came to light, YuWon's expression wavered a bit.

Although he tried to maintain a neutral expression on the outside, inside, he was silently cheering.

"Have I really come to the right place?"

He mentioned the Eyes of Foreknowledge before he had the chance to speak himself. At least it didn't seem like a fiasco.

"The key point is the Eyes of Foreknowledge."

The conversation with Mimir, who had awakened from sleep, emphasized more than anything else the "Eyes of Foreknowledge."

"If it's you, it's not impossible, unlike others. Among the many abilities that exist in this Tower, the Golden Cinder Eyes are the closest to Foreknowledge."

"I know. The problem is where to find it."

"You can find it if you come across the goblins."


When he mentioned the race he had plans to meet anyway, YuWon's gaze seemed to shine as if things were aligning in his favor.

And Mimir couldn't help but notice YuWon's reaction.

"You seem to know."

"I heard it from Odin."

"It seems you didn't hear it from the Odin of this time. But, well, it's good that you know. Find them, and perhaps you'll find answers."

There was no certainty.

Even if he were to encounter an outstanding entity, Foreknowledge was an ability that no one else in this Tower had managed to obtain, not even Mimir, who had suffered the Curse of Knowledge.


The fire of the Golden Cinder Eyes burned even brighter.

Facing those eyes without looking away, the Goblin King asked:

"Do you know about the Eyes of Foreknowledge?"

"Wow, you really know. I see my expectations didn't fail me."

The Goblin King scratched his head uncomfortably, as if he were in a bind.

"You do know it's not something you can get with just a bottle of liquor, right?"

The Eyes of Foreknowledge was such a special ability that even calling it "just a bit of liquor" in reference to Dionysus's wine was indicative of its uniqueness.

No ability in this Tower, not even the Curse of Knowledge that affected Mimir, could compare to the ability said to exist in legends.

"No, the problem isn't the liquor. Even if you had all the liquor in this Tower at your disposal, it would be difficult."

"Just give it a try. Don't hesitate."


Looking as if he were genuinely perplexed, the Goblin King looked at YuWon.

Golden Cinder Eyes.

The eyes of the Great Sage, Heaven's Equal, that could see through truth and lies, that could penetrate reality.

There was a slight hint of interest in those eyes.

"Maybe really..."

After a brief moment of reflection, the Goblin King spoke.


"Yes, Your Majesty, how can I assist you...?"

"No beating around the bush, select twenty competent individuals."


The goblin who inadvertently muttered a quick question quickly raised his voice to respond.

"Yes! I understand!"

The goblin hurriedly left the room without looking back.

Watching the goblin's retreating back, the Goblin King shook his head in disapproval.

"How foolish they are calling themselves 'guards'."

"Do you need twenty people for this?"

"It's not about the quantity."

The Goblin King raised his hand and drew a circle with his thumb and index finger.

"This is what matters in the end."

"The points?"


The method to obtain the Eyes of Foreknowledge turned out to be none other than points.

YuWon's expression showed his lack of understanding, and the Goblin King explained.

"Saying 'points' ultimately refers to the power that challenges the Tower's system and rules. It makes the impossible possible, creates something out of nothing. All of that comes from points."

A power that defies the rules.

It was an unfamiliar expression to him.

"Have you ever heard this expression? 'With just points, one can become a god'."

The Goblins.

He thought they were just a race obsessed with points.

"We invented it ourselves."

Apparently, there was a reason behind it.

"With points, you can become a god. Ultimately, points are equivalent to the amount of power. Now, you will learn how to use them."


The Goblin King rose from his seat. Although only for a moment, his face reflected a glimmer of satisfaction.

"Watch closely."


The goblins gathered one after another in the castle.

It was quieter than expected.

But should it be this quiet?

"What's wrong? Are you nervous?"

The Goblin King, who had temporarily disappeared, approached YuWon from behind.

No one knew when he had arrived; there were no signs.

"Goblins are a kind race as long as you have enough points. You're richer than any of us."

"Are you saying they will strip me of everything?"

"Don't worry, they won't charge you a fee. Bringing Dionysus's wine was a very clever choice."

In the end, they would take what he had.

"I'm also a bit curious."


"I want to know if the Eyes of Foreknowledge is really possible."

For them, it was also a kind of fun experiment.

A creak and a whisper.

The goblins began inscribing letters on the ground in an incomprehensible language. The Goblin King walked among the letters.

"The Eyes of Foreknowledge is eyes that bring the ordered sequence of time forward. Of course, even though it's called an eye, its form doesn't necessarily have to be an eye."

A dull thud echoed as the Goblin King began to move, and the castle trembled slightly.

The Goblin King slowly removed his mask. Normally, one would consider his face to be a goblin's face behind a mask, but right now, it was exactly the opposite. To him, the human face was his mask.

And so, when all the masks were removed...

['The Goblin King's Mask' dissolves]

[You have seen the true identity of 'The Goblin King']

['The Goblin King' materializes]

A chill ran down YuWon's spine as he saw the true identity of the Goblin King.

"Was this guy like this?"

He was just a big, burly guy who looked like a heavy drinker. Now, he finally began to understand why Odin had supported the guy so much.

"By the way, I want to advise you never, under any circumstances, to think about fighting the Goblin King."

As they made plans to go to Goblin Country.

Odin looked at OhGong with concern.

"Especially you. I'm worried about what you'll do when you meet him."

"What? Why?"

"Because you'll probably jump at the opportunity to fight as soon as you see him."

"Do you see me as a fool who can't distinguish between friends and enemies?"

"So far, it's surprising that you've made that distinction."

"Do you want to fight?"

At that moment, YuWon didn't quite understand why Odin was so worried about OhGong.

He only vaguely knew that the Goblin King was strong.

But seeing him directly, he began to understand a bit.

'He wouldn't be able to handle it if he saw him.'

The creature before his eyes was a monster, and it was so gigantic that it was hard to imagine. The Goblin King wore such a thick mask that even the Golden Cinder Eyes couldn't uncover his true identity, and it concealed his immense power.

"It's all done."

The Goblin King, along with other goblins, carved words into the ground and approached YuWon.

"Come over here."

YuWon followed the Goblin King's gesture and walked on the words written on the ground. He felt a strange sensation. They were simple letters with no trace of Arcane Power, but standing on them, they strangely felt familiar.

"Are you ready?"

YuWon looked at the Goblin King standing on the letters. Ready, what was that?

"I mean, are you mentally prepared?"

"To prepare, one must know what they're doing."

"We're going on a time journey."

A time journey. YuWon had already used the Clock Movement to go back in time. The moment YuWon existed in currently was precisely that moment. Were they planning to go back in time again?

The Goblin King continued to explain:

"It's not a real-time time journey, but we are going to carve time."

Zzz, zzzzzzzz. Before he finished speaking, the letters surrounding YuWon began to move eerily.

Around twenty goblins surrounded him. They activated their magic and began performing rituals.

"We'll see if this method can create the Eyes of Foreknowledge. If it's possible to challenge the rules and see the future instead of the past..."

Chaaa. The letters ascended through YuWon's body.

"But it will all depend on you."

Ssssh, ssssh. Countless letters covered YuWon's vision.

YuWon didn't reject it. As it became increasingly difficult to utter a word as the letters enveloped him, the trial began.

['Goblin's Time' responds to 'Golden Cinder Eyes']

[You have spent 100,000 points]

[You will continue to spend points continuously over time]

[Do you accept the 'Goblin King's Deal'?]


YuWon felt like he had been asleep for a long time.

When he opened his eyes again, he found himself amidst countless scenes.

'It feels like a movie.'

Countless scenes passed by rapidly.

So many that he couldn't count them.

If he separated them and observed each one individually, some of the unfamiliar scenes mixed with the familiar ones.

"That's the first time I met Son OhGong."

A moment he could never forget.

It was one of the few defeats. During the fight with Son OhGong, YuWon received a strong impact.

This Tower is really vast, and there are many strong types.

And then, another scene.

"That's when Hercules saved me."

One day, while they fought as comrades, Hercules fought in YuWon's place with the determination to die.

Hercules, with his back to him and blocking YuWon's path, fought alone against the Outer Gods.

"I really thought I was going to die."

Suddenly, YuWon wondered what Hercules would be doing right now.

He probably wouldn't remember.

Anyway, to YuWon, Hercules was his savior and an incomparable hero.

And then, another scene...

Odin hurling Gungnir and stopping Shub-Niggurath.

All the scenes unfolded. Surprisingly, many of the scenes were familiar to YuWon.

What the hell is this?

When that question crossed his mind...

"What is this...?"

One scene caught his attention.


The image of Odin being devoured by Shub-Niggurath.

He had no memory of seeing that before.

But that wasn't all.


Hercules's arm broke. Not just one arm, but both arms were shattered.

This scene reflected the moment when he fought to protect YuWon from the Outer Gods.

It was as if his head was about to explode. The scenes unfolding before him increased exponentially in number as time passed.

They piled up and piled up, becoming a vast ocean that enveloped him.

And what was even more shocking was that...

"I'm seeing all of this... so many things."

Countless scenes, countless, all entered YuWon's eyes.

What were all these things?

YuWon looked at the scenes entering his eyes again and again and finally realized.

"They could be events that happened in the future, countless events."

Dozens, hundreds, millions.

Countless futures exceeding a billion.

All these "possibilities" that couldn't be counted in numbers stretched out before YuWon's eyes.



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