LWTG (Novel) Chapter 388


"From the beginning, I had no intention of talking about the goblins."

"Where did you get Gungnir?"

It was a cautiously asked question by someone during the meeting.

The meeting room fell silent immediately; even among comrades, this question was considered taboo.

"What's going on? Why is the atmosphere so tense?"

"Because of Gungnir..."

"Weren't we not supposed to tell anyone about it?"

"Oh, since it's come up, just tell it casually. Don't look so frustrated."

The last part was said by Son OhGong, the least patient of all.

After that statement, some of his comrades shot him annoyed looks. That's what the information about Gungnir being a forbidden topic meant.


"I bought it from the goblins."

Unexpectedly, Odin responded smoothly.

Even comrades who had been fiercely opposing until a moment ago perked up their pointed ears with interest now. Seeing this, Son OhGong shook off Hercules, who was holding his arm from behind, and asked.

"From the goblins?"

"Yes. It was those guys I met on the 100th floor."

"I had heard that goblins existed. Have you had encounters with them?"

"Then, you bought Gungnir from those guys?"

Odin reached for Gungnir, which was behind him.

"It immediately stole my heart when I first saw it. It was more than any beautiful lady; I felt it was my destiny."

"Uh... how romantic..."

"I can't say it's the same as at the beginning, but it still takes my breath away. Every time I throw it, it feels like my heart is leaping."


"Why is he acting like this? It's weird even for him."

"He's usually an exaggerator, but he's even worse when it comes to Gungnir."

Though the murmuring noise was loud enough to be heard, Odin's praise for Gungnir didn't stop.

Gungnir was so important to Odin; it was like his very life.

"I thought I had to have it, no matter the means. But the price they proposed was unbelievably exorbitant."

"How much was it?"

"How much was it?"

There was no one who truly hated money, and Gungnir was a supreme-quality item that everyone knew about. Moreover, Gungnir had never appeared in any auction, so its value remained a mystery.

Curiosity was at its peak.

"For Gungnir, I paid...."


"A hundred million points, I believe."

The Goblin King muttered as he recalled the time.

The price at which Gungnir, originally belonging to the goblins, was sold to Odin.

Odin had spent nearly all the wealth he had amassed as the King of Asgard on it.

Of course...

The nation's wealth was untouched. It was only his personal wealth as a king that Odin touched.

"That guy really worked hard to get it. He created Asgard Merchant, participated in various businesses. Gathering 100 million points wasn't so difficult, it seems."

The Goblin King, who had no idea that Odin would actually raise so much money, licked his lips with regret.

"If I had known, I would have bid up to 200 million points."

From the beginning, the price of Gungnir was not fixed; it was an item whose value depended on how you called it, literally.

However, even for the Goblin King, 100 million points was an incredibly high price that had never been negotiated before.

Despite that, the Goblin King was not satisfied at all.

"At least you seem to be a bit better."

The Goblin King looked at YuWon greedily.

150 million points. Given that YuWon's points were astronomically high, the Goblin King began to feel ambitious.

"Well, what do you want? If you've come all the way here after hearing about Odin, you must want something big."

"Before that..."

YuWon reached into his inventory. In his hand, he held a massive bottle of alcohol, which was infinitely smaller than the goblin king's.



A liquor bottle the size of the Goblin King's head.

The Goblin King showed interest as if asking what this was. The liquor bottle was completely black with no special color.

"It's the liquor Dionysus has been keeping."


The Goblin King's eyes gleamed.

Most High-Rankers were very similar, but not Dionysus, who didn't resemble any other.

He was the most famous Ranker for his drinks in the Tower. It was said that there was no Ranker who hadn't tasted his liquor, so Dionysus's liquor held a special place.

Even the liquor mass-produced by him was exquisite enough to satisfy the palates of High-Rankers.

But still, the Goblin King couldn't help but be interested in the liquor that Dionysus had been keeping.

"That's wine Dionysus made a long time ago. He made it before starting his business and kept it for a long time, waiting for it to mature."

"Before Dionysus started his business?"

"It's definitely not something mass-produced. It's liquor made by Dionysus personally."

Liquor made by Dionysus personally held high value. The value of Dionysus's personally made liquor was higher than anything else, reaching hundreds or thousands of points per bottle.

But if this liquor was made by Dionysus before he started his business, obviously, he would have invested even more effort into it than any other liquor.


"As you know, wine becomes more valuable over time. Of course, sometimes it can deteriorate if not handled properly, but the liquor made by Dionysus shouldn't have suffered that."


Liquor that Dionysus had invested thousands of years in making personally.

How much would it sell for at the auction house if it appeared? It would probably surpass any imaginable price.


Even if you had money, you probably couldn't get it.

"I'll buy it."

The direction of the negotiation changed immediately.

"How much does it cost? A hundred thousand? Or a million?"

"Isn't the price something that varies depending on the moment, place, and person?"

YuWon put the liquor bottle back into his inventory.

The Goblin King's gaze followed the liquor bottle.

"Well, you're not a human; you're a goblin, after all."

"What do you want?"

The Goblin King, with saliva accumulated in his mouth, asked again as if mocking YuWon. Fortunately, this was what YuWon expected.

"What the Goblin King likes most is liquor. And not just any liquor, but something very special."

As someone who didn't enjoy liquor much, Odin's warnings didn't mean much to YuWon.

But that didn't mean he could ignore the advice.

YuWon helped Olympus and met Dionysus.

"Do you have any stored liquor?"

"Why? Would you like to have a drink together?"

Dionysus, who was initially radiant at YuWon's question, couldn't help but stiffen his expression at YuWon's response.

"No. I just want one."

YuWon was shamelessly asking for liquor. Moreover, among all the liquors Dionysus had been keeping, YuWon was asking for the most valuable one. It was a bold request, but at that moment, YuWon was in a position almost equal to a benefactor of Olympus.

In the destruction of Olympus, and in Hera's rebellion that followed, YuWon played a significant role. Without YuWon, Olympus would have suffered great harm.

That meant...

"Do you have it?"

"W-well, if I have it, but..."

"What's the matter? Can't you?"

"Alright, I'll give it to you."

Dionysus had no other reason to refuse.

That's how the liquor Dionysus had been keeping for a long time ended up in YuWon's hands as a token of gratitude for the favor he did for Olympus.

It might be the most valuable liquor that existed in this Tower, and Dionysus had only three bottles of it.

"There are many things I want."

You must always lead the conversation from a superior position. If you lose the initiative, you'll be forced to yield, and the relationship will naturally split into a leader and a follower.

Furthermore, this was the Goblin Country, the Goblin Kingdom.

YuWon was not a customer but rather an outsider.

However, with this, YuWon ceased to be just an outsider to the Goblin King. He was now a business interlocutor with the "wine of Dionysus."

"Ten thousand or a million, the amount doesn't matter at all."

"You're not thinking of selling it just for points, it seems."

"It would be a shame to use such a good card for points."

"Well, when it comes to points, I have more than enough."

The Goblin King's mouth curled up.

The situation was amusing.

The one who came to propose negotiations first was actually making the other party feel more anxious.

It was probably thanks to prior preparation for this kind of situation.

"Speak. What is it that you want?"

"I want to borrow your shamanic abilities." (Note: I am between two: Shamanic Abilites or Sorcery (주술). For now I will leave it as Shamanic Abilites)

Shamanic abilities.

A technique that only a few Rankers, including the Bull Demon King and Mimir, mastered.

In his quest for a different path from magic, YuWon had finally come to the Goblins.

"Shamanic abilities, you say?"

Suddenly, his interest seemed to dissipate.

The Goblin King reached for another liquor bottle.

Perhaps he didn't feel like getting drunk, as the liquor stopped after one sip.

The Goblin King, who wiped the spilled liquor from the corner of his lips with the back of his hand, asked, "What do you mean by borrowing my shamanic abilities? Is there a seal or curse you want to undo, or maybe you want me to read your fortune?"

The possibilities of shamanism were endless.

Especially the Goblin King right in front of him could be considered the creator in the field of shamanism.

At first glance, he looked like a drinking buddy, but YuWon needed his help.

"There are two matters."

"Two matters? I'll listen to the first one first."

As if willing to listen first and think later, the Goblin King reacted indifferently.

What YuWon wanted seemed more apparent than he thought, and the amusement vanished.

"Before that..."


The color of YuWon's eyes changed.

One turned red, the other golden.

When the Golden Cinder Eyes manifested, the appearance of the Goblin King in front of YuWon also changed differently from before.

'This guy is more dangerous than he looks.'

He felt chills.

A man with a human-looking face that had two horns.

It was a mask.

When he used the Golden Cinder Eyes, the form of the Goblin with a completely different face began to appear blurry over the face of the Goblin King.

But that was it.

The Golden Cinder Eyes could only see half of the Goblin King.

"So, you have Golden Cinder Eyes..."

The Goblin King showed interest, realizing that YuWon was seeing through his essence with those eyes.

As much as the Goblins were ignorant of worldly affairs, if they didn't know the Great Sage, Heaven's Equal, they couldn't be considered Tower residents.

He was an entity with power and influence that ranked among the top ten forces within the Tower at this moment.

"You have such an ability, eh? Truly interesting."


The Goblin King's hand momentarily covered his face.



['Golden Cinder Eyes' is investigating the true identity of the 'Goblin King.']

[True identity cannot be determined.]

['Golden Cinder Eyes' is resisting the 'Goblin King's Mask.']

['Goblin King's Mask' is affecting 'Golden Cinder Eyes'... ]

Messages appeared before YuWon.

The shamanic magic of the Goblin King and the Golden Cinder Eyes clashed. The Golden Cinder Eyes rose fiercely to strip the Goblin King's Mask, but the mask held firm and didn't break.

And so it continued for a moment.

"What's with those eyes?"

At the Goblin King's question, YuWon stopped trying to uncover his true identity.

In reality, no matter how handsome his face might be.

The senseless fight ended here.

"I want to strengthen this ability."

YuWon responded to the Goblin King's question, explaining the first of the two reasons he had come to the Goblin Country.

And then...


The Goblin King raised an eyebrow in surprise as if perplexed.

"Are you talking about the Eye of Foreknowledge?"



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