IBAWWMB (Novel) Chapter 155



Even the day after a grand dinner, Marquess Baslein organized a party for Princess Deborah.

"The more you think about it, the more incredible it becomes."

This is because the transaction with the princess yesterday was satisfactory. Additionally, Kev Blankan was a merchant whom the marquess had invited to the castle several times during that period. He didn't know that Kev, who had been observing with a passive attitude, would be so motivated.

Kev not only promised to bring a client to get rid of the copper but also agreed to stay in Baslein and assist in the marquess's insurance business.

"Princess Deborah is a pumpkin with vines*. You, who became her chaperone and invited the princess to the castle, are the goddess of fortune."

(*N/T: This expression is used when unexpectedly receiving something good or having a great unexpected gain.)

The marquess chuckled and kissed his wife's hand several times.

"It wasn't something I pursued. Princess Deborah actively asked me to invite her to the castle."

The marchioness continued arranging her husband's clothes.

"I didn't like Princess Deborah because she had a bad reputation. No, I thought there was no smoke without fire. But now I am so greedy that I want to be her godmother."

The image of the princess negotiating with her husband in a relaxed manner remained in the marchioness's mind. It was also impressive that the situation was favorable, keeping the line moderately and achieving a result that satisfied everyone.

"I learned a few things. It's not easy to convince my husband because he's the typical close-minded man, but she managed to melt even his preconceived notions. She's a great girl in many ways. It's just unfortunate that she is underestimated in social circles due to her cold impression, tone, and rumors from unknown sources."

"How am I supposed to explain this to other ladies? I want to brag to others that I am the chaperone of a genius."

"By the way, I can't believe she's leaving tomorrow morning. Time passes so quickly."

The marquess said as if it were a pity.

"I know."

"I'll open my precious oak barrel today."

Marquess Baslein descended to the banquet hall with a smile on his face, holding a precious drink.

The marchioness poured champagne for Isidor, who was standing on the terrace.

"Nephew, it's a thick soup*, so grab it. Do you know what I'm talking about?"

(*N/T: The dictionary meaning is a thick soup that has been boiled for a long time. But it's also used as an expression for a person who is genuine and straightforward, and who has a good attitude.)

"You caught me. I can't move."

In the face of his nephew's murmur, which sounded desperate for some reason, the marchioness of Baslein seemed understanding.

Since the past, there has been much people around Isidor, and he, who had an advantage in relationships, has never disappointed.

"He's not even a flower, but bees and butterflies always surround him."

Now he hides it well, but when he was young, Isidor looked at people around him with an expression as if looking at a flying insect.

His father, the former duke, looked at Isidor, who appeared indifferent and cold, and continuously said that he was the most Visconti.

He never thought that the day would come when his nephew, who seemed to have no particular interest in emotional communication even if he interacted with others, would burn his heart because of a young lady.

For some reason, the marchioness felt that such a change was pleasant.

"If you like, ask him to hug you tightly. Objectively, you are really handsome."

At her aunt's playful advice, Isidor smiled gently and brought the champagne to his mouth.

After a while, the princess, the star of the party, appeared in the banquet hall, and Isidor, as always, stared at the princess.

Seeing that he couldn't take his eyes off her for a moment, the marchioness clicked her tongue.

"The princess is beautiful, but why don't you maintain your dignity as a duke? For reference, our Visconti bloodline is famous for being mysterious and arrogant from generation to generation...."

".... As my aunt said, today she looks even more beautiful."

Isidor, who chose only what he wanted to hear, went straight to the princess in a cold atmosphere.

As soon as he made eye contact with Isidor, the princess, who had been standing, squinted her eyes and slightly lifted the corners of her mouth.

"Why am I so thirsty all the time?"

For a moment, Isidor thought about biting the princess's red lips, which had a faint smile on her face. At the same time, he remembered the dizzying feeling he felt when his lips touched his own body.

The feeling of suffocation that increased when the soft texture of her skin and body temperature combined perfectly.

"Why are you looking at me like that?"

"It's incredible that you can look even better than before."

".... Sometimes the duke is too honest."

"I've been very patient."

"In what have you been patient?"

Yesterday, Isidor was not prepared for anything, but for a moment, he almost asked her to live with him. This is because when the princess asked him to invite her to Visconti Castle, he unintentionally thought of standing next to her on the castle's watchtower overlooking the sea.

It was lucky that the princess couldn't hear him. He didn't want to speak so lightly.

"Anyway, I endured a lot."


"I know I endured a lot that day, but I don't think I can hold back what I want to say."


"You're not saying anything, so I just want to bite your lips."

"Ah, really!"

Meanwhile, the marchioness narrowed her eyes as she watched them flirt.

"I can't even hear because it's so terrible."

Being mysterious is the charm of the Visconti family members, but seeing her nephew wagging his tail like a puppy makes the marchioness nervous.

"Ugh, he's so transparent."

No. Since he is an inexperienced guy in dating, it would be better to be honest when flirting than show a disastrous end result. The marchioness sighed as she reflected on this.


The party organized by Marquess Baslein lasted until late at night, and I became close to the merchant Kev and his wife.

Kev, who was a cautious guy, spoke faster and more when he drank alcohol.

"Thanks to Princess Deborah, I can invest in a good business! The current situation is like this, and Mr. Blankan's own initiative is as if he's swimming in the ground. I have a good feeling about this. It can generate a lot of money."

"Profit is important, but the most important thing is to show that you are paying the money well in case of an accident. If people's perception of insurance improves, they may change the contents of their insurance and sell them again."

Kev admired my words several times.

"The princess is a wonderful businesswoman. I will do my best to help the princess, both physically and mentally. I want us to continue our good relationship in the future."

"Of course."

"As requested by the princess, if I find a coffee expert in Ferdin who would like to stay in the Empire, I will immediately send a communication to Seymour."

"We will be ready to receive them."

I clinked glasses with him as a sign of good luck.

"By the way, the princess is very strong. The wine that Marquess brought today is not normal."

"Somehow, I haven't drunk much, but I've been struggling for a while."

I was drunk, but it didn't seem to show on the outside, so I pretended to be strong and poured half the alcohol.

"Princess Seymour has to maintain her dignity."

"Mmm. Is that so? It's nothing."

"She really is a businesswoman."

I thought I would be fine with another glass, but it seems I'm already quite drunk. Finding it increasingly difficult to focus on the conversation, Isidor, who was talking with Marquess Baslein, approached me and took the wine glass from my hand.

"We'll get some fresh air."

I managed to pretend to be fine, grabbed his arm, and walked to the terrace.

That drink is no joke.

Despite the cold sea breeze, I didn't calm down, and the effects of alcohol increased even more.

With a queasy stomach and a head as heavy as a stone, Isidor smiled a bit as he rested my head on his broad shoulders.

"You seem sleepy; I'll take you to your room."

Suddenly, my body floated in the air, and I moved my arms slightly.

"Do I have the ability to fly now?"

"Soon, you'll have the ability to move to bed."

As he said, my body was laid on the soft bed.


The warm body temperature disappeared, and I regretted it, so I stretched my arms and hugged Isidor's waist.

He sighed and gently stroked my hair, making me feel more relieved.

"Don't go, hug me."

"Yes. I'll stay until you fall asleep."

"You're mine."

"That's right. All yours."

"Thank you, Isidor. But don't turn and toss."

"I'm sorry. I'll be quiet."

In response to the words that came out of my mouth, Isidor answered kindly without hesitation.

I groaned because I was dizzy, but at some point, I fell asleep in his arms.


"Is it because it was an expensive and precious drink?"

I didn't feel a hangover, and therefore, the memories didn't disappear. So the embarrassment doubled.

"I've already fallen twice in front of Isidor because of alcohol."

I guess I don't have the capacity to learn.

While reflecting, Isidor brought breakfast. This is because the transfer gate was reserved early in the morning.

"I thought you might not feel well, so I brought fruit juice. And ... it would be better if you drink alcohol only in front of me."

"Am I too rough?"

"No, you're too cute. It's harmful to my heart."

After a light breakfast with Isidor, which left me speechless, I set out to leave for the transfer gate.

The marquesses and Arabella left the castle early in the morning to bid me farewell.

"The Baslein Castle will always be open to the princess. Feel free to think of me as an uncle and come to visit me anytime."

"I wish you good luck from afar. Marquess."

"Ha ha. Yes. Take care on the journey."

When I finished talking with the Marquess, Arabella shyly offered me something.

It was a bracelet made of seashells.

Coincidentally, I also wore a bracelet, so I exchanged gifts with Arabelle.

"Visit us again."

"You too, come to Seymour. I'll serve you a delicious dessert."

"Yes! Princess."

She seemed shy and played with the platinum bracelet I had given her for a while.

I boarded the carriage, leaving behind the precious new relationship I had made. As I looked at the sea getting farther away, my regret grew.

That's how my brief journey came to an end, and my busy schedule in the capital started again.

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