LWTG (Novel) Chapter 396


For a moment, stillness overtook the scene.

The Bull Demon King looked at YuWon as if questioning what that was.

A Physical Enhancement Potion.

Even the Bull Demon King, who had lived among the High-Rankers for a long time, had never heard of this name.

"Where did you hear that?"

"Does it matter?"

"Yes, it matters."

"I heard it from outside. I can't reveal the source..."

"This guy has many secrets."

The Goblin King looked at YuWon, as if he was asking if he was this reserved from the beginning.

"Don't try to find out too much."

The Bull Demon King, who knew that YuWon had come from the future due to the Clock Movement, didn't pay much attention to such matters. It was common for information that was still unknown in the present to become known to many people over time.

The Goblin King looked at YuWon with a furrowed brow, as if thinking about something. In the face of this thoughtful expression, YuWon asked:

"I heard that goblins would do anything if given enough points. Is that right?"

"Well, that's true, but..."

"Then please do it."

"It seems you know some things, but not everything. It's not something we can do right away. We would need to gather various hard-to-find materials from scattered places in the tower..."

YuWon took something from his inventory and tossed it to the ground.

A round jewel.

"The Lich King's Chalice of Life."

Thud, thud...

"A fragment of bone from the Knight King. Fenrir's heart. Dragon horns..."

Materials emerged one after another from his inventory, enough to fill more than half of the spacious room.

"How did you get all of this?"

Each of the items that appeared were the necessary ingredients for the "Physical Enhancement Potion" mentioned by YuWon.

From the corpses of boss-level monsters scattered all over the upper parts of the Tower to rare potions hidden somewhere, and even magical items like the Lich King's Chalice of Life.

No, in fact, these materials were much better than what they had initially considered. The issue wasn't whether they knew the materials for the potion, but how to obtain them. Even if they knew the ingredients, getting them was a separate problem.

It was already astonishing that he had obtained these materials, some of which were difficult to acquire.

"I gathered them little by little."

"If you have enough points, making a Physical Enhancement Potion is an option."

Back in the future, the story of the goblins came up during a meeting.

A colleague who had been silent throughout the meeting raised his hand and said:

"Getting the ingredients can be a bit of a hassle, but..."

"The Physical Enhancement Potion?"

"What's that?"

It was a story everyone was hearing for the first time, but the skill and rank of the Ranker who spoke were not common to be ignored.

They found out it came from the Goblin Country in that very meeting room.

"...The ingredients seem to be complicated."

"If we want to get all that, we'll have to climb from the first floor while paying attention to the ingredients."

"Most things can be found on the upper floors. It would be better to get dragon horns if possible..."

"But that would take a long time. Is it worth the effort?"

Opinions diverged.

As a result, colleagues reached a conclusion.

"If Arcane Power is lacking, look for dragons to get the essence of a Dragon King. If something else is lacking, look for goblins."

That concluded the discussion.

Of course, it was a story without realism.

"Indeed, one thing is lacking in Arcane Power, but what if one doesn't have the body to support it?"

"Yes, that's true. Then it would be labeled as a completely useless character."

"Useless? What does 'useless' mean?"

"A character that has utterly failed."

Common players often lacked Arcane Power.

Body strengthening naturally occurred as they leveled up, and training methods through discipline were also quite established.

But it wasn't the same with Arcane Power.

Even if you had Kim YuWon and Son OhGong, who naturally had an excess of talent for Arcane Power, they didn't have enough Arcane Power.

Although there were cases where the resistance statistic couldn't keep up with strength or where the reflex statistic couldn't keep up with agility, it rarely happened that the body couldn't bear the excess of Arcane Power.

'I really didn't expect it to be like this.'

It was something that had been memorized just in case.

Ultimately, the one lacking much more was this body that couldn't bear the excess of Arcane Power.


Kim YuWon raised his head and looked at the ceiling for a moment.

Above the head of the Goblin King.

Someone was hidden without revealing their appearance.

'So, after losing the bet, you were here all along, huh?'

A High-Ranker who suddenly appeared in the Tower.

YuWon wondered where he came from and what he was doing, but it turned out he had been tied to the Goblin Country all along.

Momentarily, he showed interest in his old colleague.

"What do you think?"

Kim YuWon asked again while looking at the Goblin King, who seemed momentarily puzzled.

"Can you do this with this?"


Kim YuWon was led to a room thanks to the Goblin King's consideration.

Inside a spacious tiled-roof house, Kim YuWon received a room large enough to comfortably accommodate at least five people and began to unpack his belongings before taking a shower.

After the fight with the Goblin Peasant, his body was covered in dust and dirt, so he comfortably heated up before lying down on the bed. During the past few days, which had passed with nothing to do, today had been a rather productive day.

YuWon closed his eyes.

Then, before coming here, the fight with the Goblin Peasant came back to his mind.


Swords clashed.

Even though he knew, he intentionally clashed.

'Anticipating the direction of the sword strike and clashing...'

YuWon intentionally clashed his sword following the Goblin Peasant's sword.

It was an exercise to use the Eyes of Foreknowledge.


The Goblin Peasant's sword appeared before Kim YuWon's eyes.

It wasn't about seeing the sword's trajectory. Kim YuWon literally saw where the Goblin Peasant's sword strike was going, seeing his movement.

Among countless trajectories.

It was the true sword of the Goblin Peasant.

'Instead of relying on the senses, especially sight, it seems safer, but...'

Kim YuWon had won against the Goblin Peasant.

However, it wasn't a satisfying fight.

"That would be enough with my senses maximized with the Sensory Field."

Sensory Field, an ability that read all movements in a certain space.

It was an ability that, although similar to Golden Cinder Eyes, had an effect that went beyond raising reflexes like Golden Cinder Eyes.

In the fight with the Goblin Peasant, it was enough to read his movements as usual with the Sensory Field and Golden Cinder Eyes.

Excess is as bad as deficiency.


YuWon tightly closed his eyes, which were still full of fatigue.

'Proficiency is a problem, but the bigger problem is the body.'

Arcane Power was sufficient.

Thanks to Danpung, Kim YuWon had acquired dozens of Arcane Power statistics that were originally not in his plan.

Unlike other things, at least when it came to Arcane Power statistics, he didn't lag behind Odin or Son OhGong.

The problem was elsewhere.

'My statistics other than Arcane Power remain the same.'

Originally, there wouldn't have been such an asymmetry.

Arcane Power was a statistic known to be the most difficult to increase among the five statistics that included strength and agility.

It could be said that Arcane Power was a gift from heaven.

'It was a fight that only wasted my stamina for no reason.'

It became clear what was missing.

The skill level could gradually increase over time.

While moments of inspiration and revelation were important, the safest way to increase skill was undoubtedly to constantly use the abilities.

So, what remained was just one thing.

"The Physical Enhancement Potion."

He could only increase statistics other than Arcane Power.


The fragrant aroma of tea.

The Goblin Servant looked at the Goblin King, who held a considerably large cup.

"What are you thinking?"

"I didn't know you were such an ill-suited companion for tea."

"Do you want me to punch you?"

"Fine, never mind. A punch won't be enough to end it all."

The Goblin Servant extended his hand. He was very aware of the Goblin King's power. If he punched you, your head would probably fly off without a problem.

Then the Goblin King raised the cup again.

Although it was a cup, what it contained was tea with a bit of alcohol. He hadn't completely given up alcohol yet, and he couldn't endure without drinking something.

The Goblin Servant, unable to bear the awkward situation, finally spoke.

"Your first defeat must have been quite shocking."


The cup fell on the table.

No matter how heavy the cup was, it made a solid sound when it fell.

"I started drinking alcohol when I was seventeen."

The Goblin King spoke dramatically, as if in a movie, while refilling his tea cup.

"Within my body, alcohol has accumulated tremendously. It seems it will take some time to get it out."

"You've thought it through."

"Old age is really strange."

"You, who don't age, must be happy."

The Goblin King, who had been laughing for a moment, took a big sip from his cup and asked:

"Kim YuWon, he wants a Physical Enhancement Potion."

"I've heard that too."

"You've taken it too, haven't you?"

The Goblin Servant nodded.

An affirmative silence. The Goblin King, with a pensive expression, muttered as he savored his tea cup again.

"Are you willing to listen?"

"He has enough points, that's for sure."

"It seems like he's really rich."

"If it's just about points, I have more than him and Odin. And unlike you, who are compensating for the lack of points with your body, he doesn't need to do that."

150 million points.

For most Rankers, that amount was an unattainable dream.

There was an enormous difference between the points the Goblin Servant had when he first arrived in the Goblin Country and this amount.

"But that guy..."

"What about him?"

"I have the feeling he knows me."


In terms of time, it didn't make sense.

YuWon had entered this Tower only a few years ago. On the other hand, the Goblin Servant hadn't left the Goblin Country for thousands of years.

The two had never crossed paths. Originally, YuWon shouldn't even have known about the existence of the Goblin Servant.

But how...?

"I don't know..."

After thinking for a moment, the Goblin King, who scratched his head in a complicated manner, raised his tea cup again.

There was no answer, no matter how much he thought. It was an unnecessary waste of time.

Now he had to solve the problem in front of him immediately.

"Leave the construction of the tomb to the Goblin Jester, and you'll see me tomorrow."

"Are you planning to start right away?"

"One day is enough to prepare. After all, if Sorcery goes wrong, it will be a big problem."

"Is it just the two of us?"

"The mediocre ones can stay out. You, me, and the Bull Demon King are enough."

The Goblin Servant nodded.

Of course.

With the Bull Demon King, the Tower's top Sorcerer, and the creator of Sorcery, the Goblin King, in addition to the Goblin Servant himself, there was no room for other goblins.

"I'll be tired for a while."

The process of melting ingredients with Sorcery and turning them into potions didn't get completed in one or two days. Furthermore, the task of infusing those potions into the user's body was quite complicated. Therefore, just thinking about doing that tedious work already made the Goblin Servant feel exhausted.


Strangely, the Goblin King seemed to have expectations rather than complaints.

"Even if you're tired, it will probably be quite fun."

"What kind of fun are you talking about?"

"There were so many ingredients that I couldn't verify them all properly before, that's what I mean."

The countless ingredients that YuWon had brought out.

After checking them, the Goblin King felt that he had finally recovered from sobriety for the first time in a long time.

"There were quite valuable ingredients mixed in."

Thinking that something amazing might come out of this.


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