LWTG (Novel) Chapter 397


The sleep was brief. After only a few hours of sleep, someone knocked on YuWon's room door.

On the other side of the door, the Bull Demon King was standing.

Without warning, the Bull Demon King gestured for YuWon to get out of bed.

YuWon had an idea of what was happening. Before going to sleep, he had asked the Bull Demon King for a favor.

He didn't expect it to happen so quickly.

He yawned and got up.

YuWon followed the Bull Demon King out of the room. They stopped in the backyard of a nearby tiled house.

"Are we doing it here?"

"Anyway, didn't you say you were training your eyes?"

The Bull Demon King unleashed a movement of his fingers.

He didn't take out the Mixed Iron Rod. However, energy gathered in the Bull Demon King's hand, and YuWon's eyes turned golden.

"Well, you're right."

"Let's begin."


As soon as he replied, YuWon's eyelids closed. In an instant, his vision darkened.

His senses were blocked. He blocked his sight and suppressed the always-alert nerves.

It had been a long time since he had felt this sensation.

Even when he closed his eyes to sleep, he always felt like he could see clearly around him. His senses were so sharp that he could detect even a nearby mouse or insect.

But now, intentionally blocking it, he felt like he was floating in space.

Now, only one thing remained.


From beneath his closed eyelids, YuWon's eyes radiated light.

Thus, his golden eyes gleamed, and a red energy covered them.

[Eyes of Foreknowledge anticipate the future]

[Golden Cinder Eyes reveal falsehood]

After the skill manifested...


Countless scenes appeared over YuWon's eyes.

The Bull Demon King threw punches. First to the neck, then to the chest and the side.

YuWon recognized the true punch among all and reached his hand forward.


The palm of his hand stopped the Bull Demon King's punch. If it had been a full-strength punch, it wouldn't have been easy to stop, but from the start, this wasn't a brawl of brute strength.

With closed eyes.

Blocking all senses.

Depending on the power of the Eyes of Foreknowledge, YuWon blocked the Bull Demon King's punch.

Bang, bang, bang!

The speed gradually increased. The strength also became more powerful.

Amidst the multiple futures passing through his mind, it took time to discern the truth.

"In the chest or the side?"

Two options he couldn't distinguish clearly.

Finally, he had to choose.



A punch hit the side.

YuWon's eyes snapped open. A bit of nausea washed over him, but he held it back with difficulty.

He staggered.

His legs weakened, and his body trembled. He only avoided falling to the ground thanks to managing to stay on his feet with difficulty.

"It seems harder than I thought."

Was it too fast?

The Bull Demon King licked his lips quietly.

The Bull Demon King's response shook YuWon's self-esteem.

"I'll try again."

After taking a breath, YuWon closed his eyes again.

He blocked his senses and relied solely on the Eyes of Foreknowledge. Multiple futures spread before him, and amidst them, he found the truth.

"...it's okay."

The Bull Demon King threw a punch. This was because he thought he could do it as YuWon wanted, having talked so much.

That day...

YuWon received a beating from the Bull Demon King until he lost consciousness.


Three days passed.

The sun rose and set, so it was difficult to know how time passed. The only way to know that the day was progressing was to check the clock from time to time.

Bang, bang!


The Bull Demon King's punch was blocked by YuWon's hand, while the other punch struck empty air.

Although the speed increased, YuWon successfully blocked and dodged the punches.

What initially seemed unnatural had now become quite natural.


Another strike.

The fist hit empty air. The process in which the Bull Demon King extended his punch and YuWon dodged it was as smooth as the flow of water.

"He's starting to react before the punch comes."

He predicted every move. Unless there was a vast difference in skill, this was impossible.

But YuWon was doing it.

"You've become quite skilled, haven't you?"

The Bull Demon King observed YuWon's closed eyes.

He hadn't opened his eyes in over two days.

The question was whether YuWon could open his eyes properly, and moreover, if his senses would return to normal after being strained so much.

"Of course, before that..."



The Bull Demon King's fist dug into YuWon's abdomen.

"I have to deal with other problems first."

He grunted.

His knee bent.

YuWon, who had fallen to the ground, quickly got up. Even though his body was drenched in sweat, and his legs were trembling, getting up was a kind of instinct.

"It's time."

Kim YuWon's eyelids lifted.

His eyes, now revealing their color, shone even more intensely in a golden hue than before.

Those eyes probably knew what he was going to say from now on.

"Although your eyes have grown stronger, we also need to figure out what to do with this fragile body of yours."


YuWon's eyes returned to their original state.

Since it was already a problem he knew well himself, YuWon wasn't surprised by the Bull Demon King's observation.

"Is that so?"

The Bull Demon King nodded.

Although it wasn't a skill he personally used, he had been closely observing YuWon's abilities for the past few days, so he was aware of the strain that the Eyes of Foreknowledge were putting on him.

And furthermore...

"But even if they are just the eyes, you were able to withstand these punches of mine..."

The Bull Demon King furrowed his brow as if it were pathetic.

It felt a bit unfair.

Both his brother Son OhGong and the Bull Demon King himself were considered among the best in physical abilities in the Tower.

Especially the current Bull Demon King didn't lack strength in the Tower, at least in terms of physical strength alone.

So simply enduring the Bull Demon King's punch was an impressive feat in itself.


"You're not wrong."

For several days, Kim YuWon had relied solely on the Eyes of Foreknowledge.

He didn't use Arcane Power to strengthen his body or use Gigantification.

Of course, the Bull Demon King had also done the same.

And the result of facing strength against strength was truly overwhelming.

"That's why you need it."

"Are you talking about that potion?"


"Although you're smarter than OhGong, I'm worried..."

The Bull Demon King, who hesitated for a moment, spoke with a worried expression.

"It seems like it's going to be quite painful."

He sighed.

The Bull Demon King turned.

The last few days of training had started without him having a good rest.

And the remaining time to keep progressing was limited.

"Rest well for at least one day. You'll need that to endure."

One day.

That would probably be the time left until the potion was ready.

Kim YuWon nodded and lay down on the ground. He didn't have enough strength left in his body to get up and walk to his room.

So, he spent a day lying on the floor.


Boggle, boggle-.

Kim YuWon looked at the huge bubbling pot in front of him.

He had come thinking that the potion would be ready, but instead of a potion, there was a boiling tub like scalding lava.

"Is this...?"

"Well, did you think it would be so easy to swallow?"

"Well, of course..."

YuWon started to speak and then stopped.

It was an obvious question. Usually, when people talked about potions, they meant small bottles in jars.

But what was in front of him was enough to swim in.

"Where did you get so many ingredients? You're lucky that this amount came out. Originally, it should have been much more."

It was an accurate observation.

The ingredients YuWon had brought filled an entire large room. It made sense that a potion made from so many ingredients would produce a pot as abundant as that.

But no matter how much he understood it...

"I didn't know that instead of a potion, bone broth would be cooked."

Unless he had mixed all the ingredients and boiled them for a long time, he would have never imagined getting such a large amount.

"How am I supposed to consume all of this?"

Eating all of this would make him explode.

Even if he reluctantly ate it, it would take at least ten days to finish it all.

"You're not going to eat it. Get in."

"Get in?"

"You'll know when you get in. You have to pay attention to two things."

The Goblin King spoke while folding one of his two extended fingers.

"Keep your mind in order, and don't skimp on spending your Points."

Next, the Goblin King nodded toward the tub. "Get in there," he said.

YuWon glanced at the Bull Demon King and the Goblin Servant around the tub.

Three of the top Sorcerers had gathered.

At least in terms of Sorcery, there was no reason to worry.

YuWon walked directly to the bathtub.

As he approached, a repulsive smell hit his nose like a lie. It was black water with no floating impurities.


He first put one foot in.

He didn't feel anything strange, so he jumped directly into the bathtub.


The bathtub was deeper than he expected.

It must have been at least 4 meters deep. Curiously, even inside the water, he could breathe, but once he entered the black water, it felt like he was floating in space.

"A strange sensation."

At first, he didn't feel anything at all. He expected the water to be boiling due to effervescence, but it wasn't.

It felt as if he were simply floating in warm water.

YuWon raised his head to look up.

The Goblin King, the Goblin Servant, and the Bull Demon King.

All three of them were placing their hands on the water's surface.

"Let's begin now."

YuWon nodded.

He had the determination to endure the pain. He also had enough points.

Now was the time.

Buzz, buzz, buzz-.


Through the substances surrounding him, the Sorcery of the three transmitted to YuWon. At the same time, the bubbling potion that had been boiling began to infiltrate YuWon's body.


Kim YuWon's eyes opened wide.

The potion that began to infiltrate his body twisted every muscle of his body. His body strongly rejected the potion, and the large amount of potion being forced by Sorcery twisted YuWon's flesh and bones.

It was the beginning of the "physical enhancement."

[Starting the 'Physical Enhancement Ritual']

['A dragon horn imbued with magic' is seeping into your body]

[A penalty will be applied. The 'Physical Enhancement Ritual' will be interrupted]

[Do you wish to continue the 'Physical Enhancement Ritual' using points?]

[1,012,190 points are required]

From the beginning, 1,000,000 points were needed. YuWon had the feeling that he understood why he had been told not to skimp on points.

The pain that twisted his body, his body rejecting the potion, and the penalties.

YuWon understood the essence of this ritual.

"Points are ultimately the strength that defies the Tower's laws and system. They make the impossible possible, create something from nothing. That's what comes from points."

The physical enhancement potion that Kim YuWon had in his body had been forcibly created in the form of a potion from monster bodies and special materials that originally couldn't become a potion.

But points are the strength that defies the laws and the system.

To continue with this ritual, it was necessary to pay a proper price for defying the laws.

'From the beginning, 1,000,000...'

[You have 141,478,900 points]

He still had a significant amount of points.

It wouldn't be an exaggeration to say that he had earned points for this day, so the choice was natural.

'I use it.'

[You will consume 1,012,190 points.]

[Resuming the 'Physical Enhancement Ritual']

Chak, chak...

His muscles tore and distorted like rice paper. The potion swallowed the screams that were erupting from his teeth.

And so, the ritual began, and it didn't take long.

[Your Arcane Power slightly increases.]

[You are absorbing the properties of the 'dragon horn imbued with Arcane Power.']

[Your endurance increases.]

[Your endurance has increased by 1.]

One of the ingredients YuWon had prepared had completely infiltrated his body.

But this was only the beginning.

[Starting the 'Physical Enhancement Ritual']

[You are absorbing the 'Heart of the Fenrir Wolf King.']

It was only the beginning.


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