LWTG (Novel) Chapter 398


The potion in which YuWon was immersed was bubbling increasingly stronger.

The unpleasant odor, which seemed to gather all the bad smells in the world, caused the Goblin Servant to furrow his brow. Then, suddenly, he looked at the Bull Demon King and the Goblin King who were still injecting the potion into YuWon's body.

"It's been approximately a day."

One day since the ritual began.

It hadn't been that long.

However, the Goblin Servant, who was conducting the ritual, started to feel his endurance and Arcane Power gradually depleting.

"If you're tired, take a rest."

It was the Bull Demon King's response, who noticed the Goblin Servant's state.

The Goblin Servant was about to say he was fine, but he nodded instead. He had understood that if he insisted stubbornly, he might become a nuisance.

He sat down on the floor and began to breathe calmly.

"Hold out well," the Bull Demon King said before refocusing on the ritual. The Goblin King yawned in boredom.

"This isn't a common job."

No, it definitely wasn't.

What was boiling in the pot was a collection of ingredients that even High-Rankers would have difficulty obtaining, as they came from monsters and divine beings.

Forcing those ingredients to release their power required a large number of points, but external help was also needed.

You never knew what kind of side effects might arise if the potion was mixed incorrectly or if another ritual started during the process.

"Of course..."


The Goblin Servant's gaze went to YuWon, who was submerged in the boiling potion.

"Even that guy enduring this ritual is the same."

The Goblin Servant had already experienced a similar ritual in the past.

Back then, it had been the Goblin King who had helped him. However, at that time, the Physical Enhancement Ritual wasn't as big as it was now.

Having collected so many ingredients was thanks to YuWon's skills, significantly increasing the ritual's burden compared to what the Goblin Servant had experienced.

"I hope he can endure it."

If the person receiving the ritual lost consciousness, the ritual would be meaningless.

No matter how much effort the external Sorcerers put in, if the recipient couldn't accept it, everything would end.

"Hold out well."


[You have absorbed the characteristics of the "Ancient Knight King."]

[Strength increases by 1]

[Endurance increases by 1]

Just as he was beginning to feel mentally exhausted, a message arrived.

Despite everything, he was relieved that there was a reward. If it weren't for this, he might have given up much earlier.

"This is exhausting, really."


He had no trouble breathing.

What made it difficult to breathe was the effect of the potion flowing inside his body. The properties of all the ingredients mixed in the potion were being introduced into his body. Although he gained many statistic points in return, his mental endurance and physical stamina were gradually declining.

If he hadn't been recovering his endurance as statistics from time to time, he would have lost consciousness long ago.

"Is this the twentieth or so?"

Then, how many more were left?

Since he hadn't been counting, he had no idea. YuWon began mentally listing the ingredients he had collected.

But at that moment...

[The 'Heart of Surt' is merging with you]

[A penalty is being applied. The 'Physical Enhancement Ritual' stops]

[You can continue the 'Physical Enhancement Ritual' using points]

[Do you wish to use points?]

[51,248,900 points are required.]


He felt intense pain as if his muscles and flesh were burning. YuWon's eyes opened wide.

"Finally, it's here."

The Heart of Surt was the material YuWon considered the most important when planning the Physical Enhancement Ritual.

He had to focus on it without fail. Failing in this would practically mean wasting half of the ritual.

[You will spend 51,248,900 points]

[Resuming the 'Physical Enhancement Ritual']

In an instant, 50 million points vanished.

But the Heart of Surt was a worthy item.

Even during the Tutorial, YuWon had gained a considerable amount of statistics through the Heart of Surtra.

"This is like the expanded version."

Surtra was one of the many sons of Surt, one of the "Sons of Muspel."

But Surt was different.

If Surtra was one of the many branches of a great tree, Surt was the trunk and the roots.

The heart of this Giant held power that was in a dimension different from the Heart of Surtra that YuWon had consumed in the tutorial.



A pain that felt like his entire body was burning.


YuWon's eyes turned red.

['Golden Cinder Eyes' resists the 'Demon Giant's Fire at its Peak']

['Holy Fire' resists the 'Demon Giant's Fire at its Peak']

['Golden Cinder Eyes' fails to resist the 'Demon Giant's Fire at its Peak']

['Holy Fire'...]

Even though he tried to resist the pain that felt like his whole body was burning, it was impossible to resist it completely.

The potion containing the heart of Surt seeped into his body under the guidance of Sorcery.

Resisting and accepting those flames was YuWon's responsibility.

The pain that had become familiar intensified once again. YuWon twisted his body due to the pain that felt like his body was on fire.

Without a doubt, he would overcome it.

One way or another.


The sky was a bright purple.

A hooded man walked among the fallen leaves on the ground, making his clothes rustle.


The trees, the ground, everything was a Black Woods.

The hooded man murmured as he looked at the woods he was visiting after a long time.

"I always feel uncomfortable here."

Walking into the woods where all the tree leaves were dead and crawled as if trying to ensnare him, Foolish Chaos advanced.

As he approached the dark woods, he had the strange feeling that something was drawing him in. Mediocre creatures would be devoured the moment they set foot in the woods.


Because of them.

A small goat blinked among the black bushes.

Though it still looked like a baby, it was looking at Foolish Chaos while licking its lips.

It was pitiful.

"Come over here."

Foolish Chaos gestured to the goat.


The goat broke through the underbrush and approached Foolish Chaos.

The goat, roughly up to his waist, came closer to Foolish Chaos and suddenly opened a giant mouth.


And in that moment...

"So fleeting."


The goat's body turned into black ashes and scattered.

There was no sound. The ashes drifting in the wind marked the end of the goat.

"Go to a better place."



The surrounding goats began to bleat.

The appearance of an 'enemy' who killed one of their own caused dozens or even hundreds of red eyes to appear everywhere.

And as he looked at those goats.

"There are many of you who will go to a better place."

Foolish Chaos began to move without hesitation.

To kill all the goats he saw in front of him.

But then...


In the distance, another type of bleating was heard.

Chilling, chilling~

A fear that made the body tremble. The heads of the goats turned in the direction of that bleat.

Foolish Chaos also stopped his action.

That was enough.

"You should have done this a long time ago."

With a snort, Foolish Chaos turned and walked towards where the bleat had come from.

The bleat sounded once and then vanished. The goats that had obstructed Foolish Chaos's path hid back in the underbrush, leaving only glimpses of their eyes.

Thus, at the end of his journey through the Black Woods...


A pair of purple eyes met Foolish Chaos.

-Why are you here?

The Black Goat of the Woods with a Thousand Young.

True to that name, it lay deep in the heart of the Black Woods surrounded by goats.

Through the purple eyes, Foolish Chaos's image was reflected.

Gently, Foolish Chaos inclined his head in greeting.

Shub-Nigurath, before him, was one of the few beings with a higher rank than him.

"Long time no see."

-Did you know I would come out if you did this?

"I thought you would because you seem to value your offspring a lot."

"You're good at speaking nonsense. Although you know it's not true."

Shub-Niggurath didn't respond to the empty remarks.

Instead, he slowly rose and began to look at Foolish Chaos.

And around Shub-Niggurath's neck.

"I've heard the stories."

Bite marks could be seen.

"It seems your wounds aren't healing easily."

-It seems it will take quite some time. Oddly, don't you think?

Shub-Niggurath's wounds should have healed in a day if it were his regeneration power. However, Shub-Niggurath's wounds, which had been around for quite some time since he was injured, still hadn't fully healed.

-You knew, didn't you?

Shub-Niggurath's eyes gleamed with a terrifying look.

With a quick movement, the Black Goat of the Woods's face approached Foolish Chaos.

-Was this also part of your plan?

"I needed to confirm it."

-Did you use me as a sacrifice?

"That's why I came to apologize."

Foolish Chaos clasped his hands and lowered his head.

He didn't hesitate to seek forgiveness. He knew what he had done was wrong, but Shub-Niggurath didn't want to fight Foolish Chaos in this situation.

-Indeed. If 'he' is truly alive, then you will have more work cut out for you.

"Thank you for understanding."

Foolish Chaos's head bowed even deeper.

When he came here, he was prepared for at least one of his arms to be torn off. Being in this situation was a relief.

-Leave. If you stay any longer, you might become food for these offspring.


How many times did he have to bow?

Foolish Chaos left behind Shub-Niggurath after giving his final salute and exited the black forest. On the way out, the goat offspring followed him, but he paid them no attention. Messing with them could only anger Shub-Niggurath, who was already calm enough.

So after leaving the Black Woods.

"Shub-Niggurath was wounded..."

Foolish Chaos's mind became complicated.

"He truly was."

In Foolish Chaos's mind, the image of a small child appeared.

A child the size of a palm, laughing with an innocent face.

It didn't seem like anything special at first glance.

But above the child, an existence that Foolish Chaos knew was superimposed.

Someone who should never have appeared before him.

That's why he wanted to confirm it.

His abilities were insufficient. As a lesser manifestation, he couldn't reach Zeus or Kim YuWon at that time.

So Foolish Chaos decided to use Shub-Niggurath.

'I lost a lot because of that...'

His head lifted, and he looked at the purple sky.

"But at least I've confirmed what I needed to."

Shub-Niggurath's throat was torn. There shouldn't be any entity within the Tower capable of inflicting such a wound.

Which meant one thing.

"Oh, our foolish and blind father. Oh, you who are in chaos and ignorance."

An Outer God.

Specifically, the original owner who used to go by the name "Foolish Chaos."

"It seems we are destined to meet again."

Foolish Chaos closed his eyes.

Now he had to prepare to face him once more.


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