IWDFLSB (Novel) Chapter 88




"Your Majesty! You can't do that!"

The empress exclaimed in shock. Mikhail also had a serious expression but said nothing.

"From now on, Mikhail Petus Asteroth will have the status of First Prince, as before being installed as Crown Prince, and later, the decision will be made on who will assume the position of Crown Prince. That's all."

The emperor finished speaking in silence and turned towards the exit. The empress hurriedly followed the emperor.

"I don't exactly know what's going on, but reconsider it! How can you so easily abolish the position of Crown Prince of an empire?"

"It wasn't easy. It was a difficult decision."

"Mikhail is the legitimate successor of Your Majesty! Even if he makes a mistake, isn't it right to overlook it at least once?"

"He has done so several times."

"Dominic! You must not fall for that wicked bastard's trick!"

"Keep your manners, empress!"

The emperor stopped and looked coldly at the empress.

"If you make another rude comment about my son, calling him wicked, I won't stay silent."

"Are you on that guy's side now?"

"I won't ask you to consider him your son, so I ask you to show the minimum courtesy."

With those last words, the emperor walked away without looking at his wife anymore. The empress staggered back to her original position.

"What's happening? What exactly was His Majesty talking about just now?"

While looking at Terence, she was asking her son.

"...Mother, your complexion isn't good. For now, go back to your palace and rest a bit."

"Is rest an issue now? What's that story about the crown prince taking care of the convenience of the suspects?"

"Why don't you check it yourself?"

Terence took the key from the guard beside him and opened the closed door of the room. There was no way Mikhail could stop him.

"Oh, my God!"

The empress gasped at the sight inside the room, which did not look like a prison at all.


Liena came out of the room and was embraced by her lover.

"How hurt must you be? Your Majesty was too much! How could he do that to you?"

"Liena, I..."

"It's okay if you don't say anything. Because I know how your heart feels."

The empress asked, pointing to Liena.

"Could it be that the crown prince made this room like this? For that girl, Liena..."

The son who received the question was busy embracing his lover, so Terence answered on his behalf. He also kindly provided additional explanations.

"That's right. Moreover, the guards were attending to Princess Cassius."


The empress, holding her neck, fell backward, probably due to excessive mental shock in a short period. Terence instantly helped her up.


"Your Majesty the Empress!"

Then Mikhail and the empress's maids took hold of the empress's body, making a fuss, as if they had thrown dirty soil on her.

Finally, a maid carried the empress, and the empress and her entourage left.

"I guess His Majesty didn't want his son to carry her?"

Mikhail immediately responded to Terence's words.

"Your interference is useless."

"Aren't you speaking too casually?"

"Is it good to bring down my mother? I was naive to think, even for a moment, that somehow we could live as a family."


Terence's mouth was drawn in a line, but his eyes were dry and without a smile.

"I don't know why it's my fault."

"I'm sure I said it last time. If you touch me again, I won't be able to treat you as a brother."

"He did."

"I heard you brought my father here. And that saddened Liena. We're enemies from now on."

When Mikhail showed hostility, Liena, who was by his side, opened her eyes wide and looked at Terence. The two people seemed so different from each other that Terence wasn't particularly angry.

"Whatever you say. I'm busy."

"Just a moment! I need to see Elliot Rudd. Allow me to visit him."

Terence looked at Liena. It was clear that the reason Mikhail wanted to see Elliot was because of that woman. Is he planning to play the role of a messenger pigeon?

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