LWTG (Novel) Chapter 395


"That big brother, he's really scary when he fights," Son OhGong thought about the Bull Demon King and shivered.

It's astonishing. There's something that scares Son OhGong.

At that moment, YuWon, intrigued, didn't cover Son OhGong's noisy mouth and listened.

"It's not something else that scares. Despite his power and experience, what scares me the most is how his personality suddenly changes."

"His personality?"

"Yes, of course. Normally, he wouldn't hurt a fly and would say things like 'all lives have a purpose.' He pretends to be good in the world, but when he starts to fight, he becomes a different person."

Son OhGong, who always praised the Bull Demon King, especially when it came to fighting, gave him even more praise.

"That big brother was really crazy."


"Ugh, ugh!"


The three Masked Goblins surrounded one of them as they spat blood and breathed heavily.

The other goblins who had come together were in a state of death or unconsciousness.

Not even a few minutes had passed since the battle began.

But what the hell was this oppression and fear?


Before the fight started, this guy seemed as friendly as he could be.

You could even think that the word "gentleman" in this world was only for the Bull Demon King.

But the moment the fight started, the atmosphere of the Bull Demon King changed dramatically.


The Goblin Bridal who was looking at the Bull Demon King swallowed hard.

He remembered the title of the Bull Demon King that was rumored outside the demon land.

King of Great Power.

Until the appearance of Hercules, the Bull Demon King was known to have no rivals in terms of strength.

"D-Damn it..."

But no matter how strong they were, they couldn't help feeling fear in front of this Yokai.


When the Bull Demon King took a step forward, the ground sank, and the three Masked Goblins trembled.

They were scared.

The inevitable reality struck a blow to the pride of the three Masked Goblins.

"Let's go all together."


"When he gives the signal..."

The three lined up.


At that moment, the wind blew past their cheeks.



A fan made of green leaves formed in the hand of the Bull Demon King.

"Iron-Fiber Fan (芭蕉扇)."


A powerful gale swept through the bodies of the three Masked Goblins. Countless blades tore through them as the wind pressure crushed them.

They raised their arms to protect their throats and brandished their swords to try to stop the wind, but it was insufficient.


The goblins were caught in the storm.

Suddenly, the sound of footsteps was heard amidst the wind noise.


A powerful hand closed around a throat.


The wind roared.

The body defied gravity and rose upward. The force was so overwhelming that there was no room to resist.

The Goblin Bridal was stunned as he saw the approaching face.

It was as if a gigantic bull was rushing at him.

Even without the hand holding his throat, he felt his body contorting under the Bull Demon King's momentum.

"It's quite ridiculous when you think about it."


"Grr, grrr..."

Their eyeballs bulged as if they were about to pop out. The mask on their faces couldn't withstand the Bull Demon King's momentum, and cracks appeared.

The Bull Demon King's hand holding the Goblin Bridal's throat tightened.

"Guys like you who once scared me and drove me away from here."


The neck twisted in a strange direction in the Bull Demon King's hand.

After throwing the lifeless Goblin Bridal from his hand, the Bull Demon King looked at the other two Masked Goblins and smiled.

"You've become this weak."


In a similar moment...



The Goblin Peasant, who had blocked YuWon's sword, was sent flying backward.

At the point where their swords clashed, sparks flew, and a long sword line was drawn on the ground. The Goblin Peasant, who had barely managed to regain his balance after dodging the sword in a precarious position, staggered.

"Ugh, ugh..."

He trembled uncontrollably.

He was already running out of breath, and his hands were shaking. He had swung the sword for barely fifteen minutes.

Even so, the Goblin Peasant felt more exhausted than he had ever been.

"If you let your guard down even for a moment, it's over."

He couldn't even stay still in this state.

It was natural.

Even if he stayed still, he had to concentrate his mind on the sword that could come flying at any moment, which naturally drained him.

"Now I understand a little."

What could he understand?


Yuwon swung his sword in the air and looked at the sword's tip with both eyes.

His eyes continued to shine in an intense gold.

"Seeing for more than a second... It's not just a matter of concentration..."

He had an expression that seemed lost in deep thoughts.

The Goblin Peasant, whose eyes had been on the brink, sparkled.

'This is the only opportunity.'

Having gone through numerous battles, he knew.

He knew that if he missed this chance, he couldn't win this fight in the end.


The Goblin Peasant disappeared, and at the same time, his figure reappeared behind YuWon.

In the blink of an eye.

The Goblin Peasant, with intense red energy enveloping his sword, swung it toward YuWon's neck from behind.

But at that moment...

"Exactly. That's it."


Yuwon's golden eyes were reflected in the Goblin Peasant's eyes.

"You can do it, right?"


The action of swinging the Goblin Peasant's sword stopped.

A red line formed vertically on his body.

In the last moment, YuWon's words echoed in his mind.

'Then... up until now...'


His body began to split from side to side.

'I've just been playing into your hands...'


The Goblin Peasant's torn body fell to the ground, blood spilling like a fountain.

Thud, thud...

The torn corpse of the Goblin Peasant fell to the ground. YuWon shook the blood off his sword onto the ground and sheathed it back on his waist.


He sweated on his forehead, and his eyes looked tired.

It was the side effect of using the Eyes of Foreknowledge.

"Harder than I thought..."

The Goblin Peasant was an easy opponent.

Although he was a fighter who ranked around 100 among the Rankers, YuWon had grown enough to defeat even Satan in a fight.

Just the Goblin Peasant alone was no match for him, even if there were two or three of them.

But still...

"It's better to use it moderately."

After the battle.

[Proficiency of Eyes of Foreknowledge has increased by 0.12%]

Proficiency increased slightly.


Yuwon's eyes returned to normal. After opening and closing his eyes, which had turned black several times, his blurred vision returned.

"It's the first time I've used it, but only 0.12%..."

It was more complicated than he thought.

Yuwon stood still for a moment and reviewed the fight with the Goblin Peasant in his mind. He repeated several times the path the Goblin Peasant's sword had traced in his head.

"What is he doing?"

"He's just standing there."

"Isn't this amazing? The Goblin Peasant died."

The words of others made YuWon snap out of his thoughts suddenly.


He could go over everything later. Now, the first thing was to deal with the annoying tasks at once.

Changing direction, YuWon continued walking toward Goblin City.

That should have finished the problem at the tomb.

What was left was Bull Demon King's responsibility.

"It looks like this is over."


It was a short period that didn't even last half a day.

The brief rebellion triggered by the four Masked Goblins holding hands passed without causing any change in the Goblin Country.

YuWon headed straight to the residence of the Bull Demon King.

The Bull Demon King was having a quiet conversation with the Goblin King.

"Have you come?"

A casual greeting.

YuWon thought maybe he had just gone for a walk. Similarly, the Bull Demon King seemed quite calm despite having killed many goblins.

"Nothing happened?"

"No. The goblins came, but now everything is under control."


That meant this was the face of someone who had killed hundreds of goblins.

At that moment, Son OhGong's words came to mind.

"That guy was really crazy."

'So that's what he meant.'

Now, finally, it seemed he understood the meaning of those words, and YuWon nodded.

"Why are you like this?"

"It's nothing."

"You two seem to get along quite well."

Tik, tik~

The Goblin King filled a cup with liquor in front of the Bull Demon King.


Although the cup was for liquor, what he poured was not liquor.


The herbal aroma slid gently into his nose, comforting him. Until a few days ago, the Goblin King would have drunk liquor in one gulp, but he suddenly started drinking tea instead of liquor.

"We get along well; in a way, we're like brothers."


As if asking if it was true, the Goblin King looked at YuWon.

YuWon raised his hand.

"Not yet."

"Whose statement is correct?"

The Bull Demon King laughed heartily.

A reaction of the "So what?" type.

The Bull Demon King's laughter made the Goblin King look at him disdainfully.

"Despite your age, you still enjoy forming a family."

The Bull Demon King had been searching for a family for a long time.

Neither the Goblin King who raised him nor the goblins who ostracized him because he was of a different race.

What he was looking for was a true family that was solely his.

"Come and sit. I've already prepared the cups."

"Thank you, I appreciate it."


YuWon sat down, and the Bull Demon King poured a cup of properly prepared tea. After sipping the tea, YuWon raised his head and alternated his gaze between the Bull Demon King and the Goblin King.

"I feel like I'm in Jotunheim."

"Then I guess this place is Alfheim for me."

"Haha! Well, actually, you're the youngest."

"Don't call me the youngest. Then, wouldn't it be like Son OhGong's younger brother?"

"Was that the issue?"

There was a moment of casual conversation.

Mainly, it was the Bull Demon King who was talking.

Most of the conversation revolved around Son OhGong. YuWon had heard about Son OhGong's past story, while the Goblin King kept frowning continuously due to the tasteless tea.

While they talked...

"I heard that goblins are good with numbers."

YuWon refilled his cup with freshly brewed tea and opened his mouth to the Goblin King.

"Is that true?"


The answer came immediately.

"A merchant must be good with numbers."

There didn't seem to be any lies.

No matter how blinded goblins were by points, they were never cheats.

If they had debts, they would pay them without fail, and if they had to collect a debt, they would collect it without fail.

That was the rule of goblins.

"Then this debt will be accounted for in the next account."

"By the way, you said there were two matters."

One of the two matters, the Eyes of Foreknowledge, had already been acquired.

Now only one remained.

"I intend to give separate compensation to this guy, the Bull Demon King, later. And also to you..."

"It's already enough for me, so take care of this guy."

"Really? Then the calculation will be different."

The Goblin King nodded as if he had made a decision after a brief thought.

If they added up the debt he had with the Bull Demon King, there probably wouldn't be much they couldn't handle.

"Alright. What is your matter? Just say it. We're willing to hear anything you have to say because we can handle it all."

The Goblin King was willing to consider almost any request.

Of course, if it was something too difficult, they would have to charge an additional fee.


"A Physical Enhancement Potion."

YuWon's words almost made the Goblin King drop the cup he had in his hand.

"I heard it can be made here."


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