LWTG (Novel) Chapter 394


After the Goblin Yangban left, a shadow writhed in front of the Goblin King, who was silently drinking under the moonlight.


The shadow that suddenly rose knelt before the king.

A goblin with a mask that only showed smiling eyes and no mouth, one of the ten goblin masks, the Goblin Servant.

"Do you want a drink too?"

The Goblin King poured liquor into a fist-sized cup. The Goblin Servant took the cup silently and drank.

"Is it good?"

"No. It's bitter."

"Well, well. It seems you're a goblin who doesn't appreciate the taste of liquor."

The Goblin King chuckled and poured himself another drink.

Finally, the Goblin Servant, who had taken a cup out of courtesy, spoke.

"The Yangban and the Peasant have met."


"It seems several masked goblins have become rebellious. The goblins' opinion is the same."

"I guess losing to the Bull Demon was a big shock."

"It's a fact that you've aged quite a bit, hasn't it?"

"Are you serious, kid?"

"So you should start cutting down on your alcohol consumption."

"Why are there so many today trying to ruin the taste of my drink?"

The Goblin King drank without worrying, despite having ruled the goblin world for a long time, his status as king had gradually been diminishing almost imperceptibly.

The Goblin King knew that his followers, including the Goblin Guardians, as well as the Goblin Yangban and the Goblin Peasant, were waiting for the right moment.

"Do you see it that way too? Do you think I'm aging and weakening?"

"Can I tell you the truth?"

"Sometimes you talk as if it's not."

"Yes, you've aged a lot."


With a frowned expression on his face, as if he didn't like it, the Goblin King stopped his hand from reaching for his liquor cup.

"Well, I guess it's time to moderate."

The Goblin King raised his head and looked at the moon.

How many bottles of liquor had he consumed under the pretext of snacking under the moonlight? The amount was incalculable in terms of numbers and quantity.

The Masked Goblins, including the Goblin Yangban and the Goblin Peasant, were just two of the ten who were on the move.

Goblin King: "It seems the others will move as well."

Goblin Servant: "Are you planning something?"

Goblin King: "Plan? What am I planning?"

Goblin Servant: "I mean the fight with the Bull Demon King. If you lost that fight, I'm sure you knew they would move."

The Goblin Servant's question made the Goblin King push the liquor table away with his foot.

"Get this out of here. Thanks to you, the taste of the liquor has been completely ruined."

He avoided the answer.

It wasn't affirmative or negative. But this situation seemed to fit too well to be a coincidence.

Finally, the Goblin Servant took the liquor table outside with the cups, without hearing the answer to his curiosity.

Thus, the Goblin King was left alone without a liquor table.

Recently, he recalled the Goblin Yangban who had come to discuss with him.

"Please don't make foolish choices."

Bull Demon King and Kim YuWon.

Now, two outsiders were in the Goblin Country.

"If you don't want to die."

It was the perfect time to uncover the rotten parts.


A few days later.

Rumors began to circulate.

It was said that a Yokai grave was being created next to the ancestor's tomb.

"Have you heard that?"


"Over there, next to our ancestor's tomb, they say they're creating a tomb for Yokai."

"Yokai? Why are they creating a Yokai grave here?"

"It seems the king made some kind of promise."

"Really? Then we must follow him."

"Still, isn't this wrong? Even if the king allows it, creating a grave for the Yokai who fought against us..."

"Yes, that's true. How many of our ancestors died at the hands of those Yokai?"

"Even so, the king must have his reasons..."

The goblin's opinions were divided.

Those who said they should follow the king's order and those who argued that this was not right, even if the king allowed it.

And from the divided group, those who disagreed with the king were the most determined.

The Graves of the Goblin Country.

In the midst of a vast plain, where the graves of millions of goblins rested, a new place was being created.



An intruder appeared.

"G-Goblin Peasant!"

A goblin with a face covered in white hair.

Among the ten, the Goblin Peasant was known to be the most unruly and confronted the goblins who were building the graves.

"What are you doing here?"

"We are here by the king's order..."

"Building graves for disgusting Yokai."


The Goblin Peasant approached the goblins, exhaling hostility, ready to confront his fellow goblins.

"Whether it's the king's orders or whatever, those who don't stop here must know they will die by my hands."




A long sword was drawn from the Goblin Peasant's waist.


The countdown continued slowly.

The goblins had no doubt that when he counted to three, he would wield his sword against his own race without hesitation.


"Haven't you learned anything at home?"

An unpleasant comment was thrown.

The head of the Goblin Peasant turned. YuWon, who had been meditating while looking at the goblin graves a little further away, turned around.

"In places like this, it's better to show a little more respect than usual."


The rumors had been heard.

There was a human who had entered the Goblin Country along with the Bull Demon King.

It was a name famous enough that even the goblins, who rarely paid attention to external affairs, had heard it.

"So, you're Kim YuWon."

A cold magic emanated from the tip of Baijeongtal's sword.

YuWon began to overlay someone's face on the face of the Goblin Peasant.


That was due to the sensation of momentum and aura.

The Goblin Peasant exuded a similar feeling to Susanoo, one of the Three Precious Children.

Of course, he seemed to be less powerful than Susanoo.

"That guy is one of the Ten," YuWon thought.

He didn't know much about goblins, but he was sure they were much more formidable than he could imagine.

"You better be careful."

A day earlier, before each of them started their work, the Bull Demon King warned YuWon.

"The goblins with 'masks' are all experts similar to High-Rankers or higher."

The "Masked Goblins" were the ten goblins with authority and power who followed the Goblin King. They had so much authority and strength that they could even reject an order from the king if they wished.

The Goblin Peasant in front of him was one of them.

"Is it possible to kill them?"


"But the goblins won't stay still, right?"

"The permission of the Goblin King has been granted."

"It seems that guy intended to do it from the beginning."

"It seems to be the case. The fact that he moved so quickly means there must have been conflicts among the goblins."

He didn't like the situation at all.

Perhaps the Goblin King didn't lose in his fight against the Bull Demon King but simply surrendered.

That could make the other goblins, who had grievances against him, start moving, and it could also win the collaboration of the Bull Demon King.

"Well, thanks to that..."


The sword found its target.

"I'm going to save some points a bit."

It wasn't a bad choice.

Saving points here meant he could invest more points elsewhere.


The Goblin Peasant laughed at YuWon's muttering.

"What good are points if your head falls off?"

"It's not going to fall off, so don't worry unnecessarily."

"You're a rookie who just became a Ranker, and you're getting cocky just because you're a little stronger than others?"

Kim YuWon.

That name sounded familiar to him.

He had heard that an exceptional rookie had risen to the top. An extraordinary individual who was sweeping all the rankings of previous Players.

But that was it.

The Goblin Peasant wasn't interested in the news brought by the goblins who had ventured into the outside world.

It was the same for all the other goblins.

It was natural.

After all, it had nothing to do with them.

"All those who don't know the affairs of the world are the same."


The Goblin Peasant frowned as if asking what the hell he was talking about.

But YuWon had no intention of engaging in a pointless argument with him anymore. Anyway, he wouldn't gain anything more than an unnecessary confrontation here, and he didn't want to tarnish his reputation.


"Do you have confidence in your sword?"

Step by step, YuWon approached the Goblin Peasant, raising the tip of his sword upward.

"Come on, let's have a sword duel."

"This bastard..."

"Talking without personality."

Step by step, Kim YuWon passed by him.

"With inadequate skills..."

The Goblin Peasant, who was swinging his sword, suddenly stopped. He wondered how it had happened, but Kim YuWon's sword passed by his throat.


Drops of blood flowed from his throat.

Growling, the Goblin Peasant gripped his throat with one hand, turning his head to face YuWon.


Then, both of YuWon's eyes turned golden.

A different type of eyes compared to the Golden Cinder Eyes.

It was the first time he was using his Foresight ability in combat.

But unfortunately, if it remained the same as before, it seemed that a single Golden Cinder Eye would be enough.

"Try to do better this time."


The Goblin King's residence.

Hundreds of goblins, including the Goblin Yangban, had gathered in front of him.

"Goblin Yangbang, Goblin Buddhist, Goblin Bridal..."

"Three Masked Ranker Goblins have gathered."

"This isn't a joke, is it?"

They couldn't help but be nervous.

The Goblin King, who hadn't changed for a long time.

The moment to justify himself and demonstrate his strength had finally come.

"The King probably hasn't fully recovered yet."

Just a few days ago.

The Goblin King had been defeated in his battle with the Bull Demon King and had withdrawn to recover.

Since then, he hadn't appeared in public, and the goblins thought he was severely injured.

"What we need to be careful of right now is the Goblin Servant."

"I know his ability very well."

"He's a monster..."

Goblin Servant.

The goblin who wore the servant's mask. He was the most talented among the Ten Masked Goblins.

Despite being the last to receive his mask, he had exceptional skills, and some goblins even speculated that he might actually be a Player.

It was only natural to be on guard.

"Goblin Buddhist, Yangban, both of you will take care of the Goblin Servant."

"So, do you plan to take on the king by yourself?"

"Are the ones you brought in good shape? Five Guardian Goblins are on our side. And soon, the Goblin Peasant will also join..."


It was at that moment...

The main door of the tiled house where the Goblin King resided began to open.

The goblins started to tense up nervously, thinking that the Goblin King was about to come out through that door.


Step, step~.

What came out of the door was not the Goblin King.

Although not as large as the Goblin King, it was a man over two meters tall.

It was the Bull Demon King.

"They're not as many as I thought. I should handle this myself. Tsk."

"What's going on?"

"He's a Yokai, right?"

"Demon Bull?"

The Bull Demon King, who had overthrown the Goblin King, appeared here in perfect condition.

The three Masked Goblins leading the goblins felt that something was amiss.

They were sure that the Goblin King and the Bull Demon King were sworn enemies.

"From now on, I will inform you of the King's judgment on you."

The Bull Demon King snapped his fingers.

And at that moment...



"My body...!"


Hundreds of goblins fell to the ground, unable to withstand the pressure exerted on their bodies, and their bones snapped as they screamed in pain.

There was no special preparation.

The Bull Demon King, with just a snap of his fingers, used Sorcery to control the surrounding space.

"The judgment is..."

So that no one can escape.

"Death penalty."


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