IWDFLSB (Novel) Chapter 85




Terence saw through my heart. I told him a few days ago that I would give up if I couldn't convince Elliot to the end, but when the time came, it was easier said than done.

"But what can I do? If he is sentenced to life imprisonment, Elliot might escape."

Terence calmly responded to my question.

"Escaping from prison is not easy."

"I know. But he has Cassius's strength and wisdom. It might be possible if he takes enough time to try."

Moreover, there was even an eccentric inventor. He might suddenly invent a device like a long-distance transportation device.

"I can't impose my personal morals or wishes on Terence."

There was a high possibility that I would also suffer harm if I treated Elliot half-heartedly.

"So let's do it this way."

Terence remained silent for a moment and then suggested.

"I'll give you three more days."

"... Can you do that?"

"It's possible. Even if Elliot confesses today before His Majesty, the investigation won't end immediately."

"That's right."

The authenticity of the confession would have to be verified, and it would take time to reach a conclusion.

"Meanwhile, we'll keep Elliot here as a prisoner. It won't take much time, but if you want, try to persuade him."

"Yes! I thought that once I went to the imperial palace, Elliot would have to stay there forever."

"I can handle those matters within my authority. His Majesty the Emperor has probably already made his decision, so he really doesn't care where Elliot is."

"I think Liena will be released soon."

"Yes, now that there is justification for dissolving the Iver Merchant Guild, many of His Majesty's concerns will have been alleviated."

"In fact, I have something to tell you about that."

"What is it?"

Terence leaned towards me and brought his ear closer. There was no one nearby, and it seemed unnecessary, but I whispered in his ear. There's nothing wrong with being cautious.

Whispering, every time I spoke, I could see his body tremble slightly, as if I were tickling him. A secret time passed, and his eyes lit up.

"Is that true?"

"It's still just a guess on my part. However, given the personality of the Prince that I learned about in Cassius, I can't ignore the possibility that he's doing that."

"I hate to say this, but it's so absurd..."

"Haha, is it strange after all?"

"No. As strange as it sounds, I believe it."

Terence smiled with a dangerous smile.

"For some reason, I feel like my brother would get away with it if he did something like that."

I honestly thought I was lucky not to be the target of that smile.

"Everything's worth it, so go back to the palace and check it out."

"I'll keep that in mind."

Terence took out his pocket watch from his pocket and looked at the time. It left an impression on me because it was a rather old-fashioned item.

"I guess we should head to the imperial palace soon. Let's bring those who will take Elliot Rudd."

"I'll tell Elliot to get ready."

I opened the door to Elliot's room and told him to get ready to leave. But the response I received was shocking.

"What? Are you telling me to go like this?"


"Do you know how many days I've been wearing the same clothes? Ethel, go quickly and find clean clothes."

"No, what kind of clothes are you talking about? Do you know where you're going now? Stop talking nonsense and get ready."

"Since I'm going to see His Majesty the Emperor, I should dress more neatly. Don't you know that? And I look good in bright clothes. Please take note."

"I'm so surprised that I'm speechless."

I closed the door and talked to Terence, who was still by my side.

"Even if you're irritated, you can't hit him because of the artifact. Tay, be careful too."

Terence had a strange expression. He spoke slowly with a voice that seemed to have a lower temperature than before.

"... It seems like you've become very close while you were here."

"Close? That guy and me?! Where the hell did that happen? When did Elliot try to treat me like a maid? Or when did I become speechless at his absurd request?"

"That was a funny joke."

When I firmly denied it, Terence nodded and said he understood.

"I almost regret it. For the decision I made a moment ago."

All I knew was that I had come to hate Elliot even more than before.

"N-No, I don't want to! Go away!"

In front of the security guards' annex, Elliot fought when he saw Terence trying to get on the same carriage as him. He had strangely felt intimidated from the first time he met Terence today.

Like a herbivore instinctively sensing danger.

"Wow, Your Royal Highness... How can you ride the same carriage as a criminal?"

The members of the investigation team, holding Elliot by both arms and leading him away, also seemed perplexed.

"It's fine. It doesn't matter. Personally, there's something I want to share with him."

However, it seemed that no one dared to stop the prince. Terence got on Elliot's carriage and waved at me.

"What can I say, he's crazy."

I muttered as I watched the carriage drive away.

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